Sunday, December 21, 2008

Short Post

I will be setting off in the new snow from last night via city bus to my parent's place shortly, hence nothing too much to divulge. And now, a forced pee break........

And also, a blood spot erupted from the left side of my face, in that long familiar location of similar stunts, 1" from the left corner of my mouth, and that entailed the use of the steptic pencil to staunch any more force bleeding.

And back to the forced pee break; even starting to write a blog posting is an exciting moment for the perps, and hence a forced pee to disrupt this effort at a key moment for them. And too, the ambient lighting was substantially dimmer when I got out of the bathroom some 3 minutes later. It has been a cloudy day so far, and there was no change in outside weather conditions to account for this imposed "dim down", a feature of most afternoons at this time of year it seems. And that I have my earmuffs on to prevent hearing this whine noise that has erupted, the putative reason being that it is running water in (faux) neighbor's pipes, a notion long repudiated by the nature of the noise, its timing, and re-occurence in at least the last five residence locations, along with the strange use patterns, e.g. on-off, cycling multiple times. I don't know of any sane individual who would run their kitchen water faucet that way. This same noise erupted from the other side of the apartment just before retrieving the laundry from the laundry room, covering me inside at this PC before I shut it down, my egress in the hallway in both directions, and during the sorting, folding and placement in my drawer. Regular readers will know that the perps are fixated upon laundry, and have plotted many stunts and games as part of the exercise, and have gone as far as to support my out-of-town brother in running commercial laundromats.

Other laundry excitement for the perps was that they had me wake up after an extended and imposed 10.5 hour sleep, and the timing was such that the after I finished folding and sorting laundry it was time for lunch. This "happens" about 90% of the time on laundry days, having a meal immediately following doing laundry in the morning. And it so happened last night that I "forgot" to have dinner last night after I got back from the cleaning job at the car dealership. Normally, my stomach reminds me of such events like anyone else, but in these constrained and directed circumstances hunger is not allowed to present itself especially when food intake perturbs the perp's remote energetics studies upon me and all my thoughts and autonomous physiological processes.

Time to call this one done.

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