Saturday, December 13, 2008

Towel Mopping

Isn't it interesting that I have been doing some mopping as part of this janitorial job for an hour each day at a car dealership and that I ended up mopping the bathroom floor with towels? Yessir, the toilet wasn't obviously blocked and lo, if water didn't come spilling over the top again and put the bathroom floor at least 1/4" deep in water. Clean water this time, no backflushed brown water thankfully. And so, the new extra fluffy towels became useful in soaking up the water. One off-white color towel, one mid-blue towel and one navy blue towel that didn't get used; all to be laundered when the washing machine became free. As I wanted to launder the towels right away, I wasn't too surprised that the washing machine "happened" to be busy, thereby creating an extra trip in the hallway for nothing. And so when I did get the washing machine free, and was packing the wet towels in the hallway, why, a Plastic Bag Man was standing at the elevators as I went by, swinging his plastic bags through the space I was to walk through. Been there, done that. For the uninitiated, the Plastic Bag Men, or Women, are gangstalkers who are packing plastic bags in unusual circumstances; e.g. to the grocery store, from a direction where there is no grocery store, miles from any concievable grocery store and the like. I get gangstalked by so many plastic clothed (e.g. Goretex) or plastic bearing gangstalkers that this is a long running theme in my harassment scope.

And unusually, the incessant noise from outside, and even the hallways and faux neighbors has been muted today. We are to get snow later tonight, according to the forecast, so perhaps this is "warm up" of impending greater quietness that is scheduled for tonight and tomorrow.

I did a downtown visit earlier to the ATM and then to the grocery store. It always interesting to see what the gangstalker scene is, and the prominent freaks of the ever present freakshow of Unfavored demographic groups. I see more garish colors today; reds and oranges together, fugly carmine red berets, more red coats with orange packs and vice versa, and then a touque job that tailed me a block ahead of the grocery store, three times in differing locations in the store, and then once more when I was outside on my way back to my apartment. Said male touqued gangstalker had a blue jacket and a partial blue touque with concentric bands of red and yellow at the top. Like a target on top of this head. I haven't ever seen something so gaudy with more mainstream colors in a touque before, but it might have been one of those color leveraging gangstalkers again. This where they use a more pleasant color, even a Favored one, and then put Unfavored colors next to it, either as other garments or spun in the fabric. This is similar to blonde leveraging; taking an attractive female blonde haired woman and pairing her up with fugly males; thuggy boys, rude dudes, negroes, vagrants and others from the Unfavored demographic groups.

Just part of the show, all these freakshow specimens that keep reoccuring each time I step outside. I even had a total blatant gangstalker waiting at the apartment door, and doing nothing but stand there some 12" from the glass and not even offering the usual door service I often get. This same Fuckwit pretends to be a halfwit, and that was his cover story while hanging around behind me in the laundry room two days ago, again, doing nothing while I extracted my laundry from the dryer. This replicated the methods of another gangstalker about a week and a half earlier. Once I got through the apartment building door, and the halfwit stepping aside to allow me to pass through, why, there was the apartment manager also in the lobby, walking toward me and giving me nowhere to go but walking between these two fucking acts. And I am on record in mentioning that building egress is one of the most highly gangstalked locations, right up there with checkouts.

I am back from the cleaning job and had my usual red dressed gangstalkers about, not to mention a profusion of red vehicles around the garage door where exited. Another weird one from the boss man tonight. I usually arrive 5 minutes early to retrieve the mop bucket and fill it up and add detergent to it. When I arrived early a salesman let me in the front door and the boss man was already there, doing cleaning in one of the sales area offices. I say hello and he answers and I proceed onto getting the mop bucket, but it wasn't there. I did some scouting around, but didn't go in and out of the vehicles crowded around where the fill hose was. Later, when doing the mechanic's washroom I find the bucket stuckbenind a silver-grey pickup and unfilled. So I began to fill it up and the boss man "happens" to come by, and tells me I didn't fill the bucket (at the outset when arriving to work). I tell him I couldn't find it, even though coming early, and he goes "oh".

And of course I wasn't allowed to ask him if he had moved it there (per mindfucking), left it unfilled, and then proceeded to not tell me about having moved it when I arrived. I cannot think why anyone else would move it as it being a Saturday, there aren't that many people in the Service area where it was. This is another example of being set up, and then getting jerked around as to asking the essential questions as to who relocated the mop bucket, and if it was him, why didn't he tell me when I arrived, and why is he asking me about it later when he was the likely perpetrator of hiding it and not filling it up. Just plain fucking bizarre bullshit, and I am never allowed to effectively defend myself and get the causal asshole disrobed, metaphorically speaking.

I had my usual ambulatory posse on my way to work and back again, heavy on red clothing and hats. The Christmas hat wearing has become frequent, and I suppose it is a prime time for adding these oft-presented color combinations in unusual juxtapositions. And it was beginning to snow, and it will probably stick on the ground as it is cold enough. An Arctic front with a north wind is the current weather pattern.

The noisescape has erupted with a burst of sirens and hallway male voices while I was monitor shopping. The horizontal scrolling on this 15" monitor is getting to be tiresome, and it is likely the perps don't need to play with this anymore, as websites assume a wider format monitor. Both Amazon and IMDB are now spread wider, and are very inconvenient to read with horizontal scrolling back and forth on each line of text. It might "happen" that I decide to purchase on online tonight. I am getting sabotaged in my comparison shopping as the mouse is getting to be slowed down with some kind of mistiming of my action to pointer movement on screen. I am also getting the knee twisting torture which is extremely annoying, so it is either purchase online, or logoff and be done with websurfing tonight. The bottom line is that I cannot figure out the essential differences between LCD monitors going by the specifications as they are nearly all identical.

At any rate, time to call this one done.

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