Monday, December 22, 2008

Slush On

A very late start to my daily blogging endeavor, and especially that it is a Monday when I return from staying at the home of the perp abetting parents Sunday night. All that in-family gangstalking, including my supposed demetia afflicted father (an act I am sure) doing an Air Loom stunt by wandering around with the oven racks and ensuring he got good coverage in my various activities this morning. Supposedly, he is too lunched to do anything, but he started cleaning the oven racks as they had soaked overnight in the bathtub, the very same location where I had a shower just after they were pulled out. So... after having said shower I helped my mother flip and haul matresses about in preparation for my out-of-town brother, sister-in-law and neice to arrive tomorrow, and then shovelled snow from the driveway for the second time in two days. I had cleared the driveway the evening before, and it took at least two hours for the heavy snow that it was, nearly 12". Today, there was an additional 5" to remove, and even my mother came out to help, in a sort-of gangstalking optimized way. And when about 90% done, my father opens the front door and is cleaning the oven racks "for some reason". There wasn't any legitimate rationale, and so it appeared to be blatant gangstalking moves, per the Air Loom Gang, a 200 year old gangstalking and harassment case where the perpetrators used a portion of a loom, the metal wires set in a wood frame. Then when I put away the shovel in the garage, the supposed dementia act walked across the front of the house (outside) to then "expose" me to the oven rack in his hand. Then when in the house, this supposed dementia patient then passes by with the oven rack yet again. Finally I retreated to the living room and closed the doors and that was the end of the Oven Rack Fuck.

This all started last night when my mother "needed" to clean the oven with its self-cleaning feature, and it "needed" to be pulled out from the counter and placed in the middle of the kitchen to do its self-cleaning, and add an aroma of smoke into the household air, all the way up the bedroom, even if the door was closed and the window cracked open some. I get my once-per-week TV viewing at my parents place; local news for an hour, Vancouver news from Global and the blonde meteorologist that they like me to see and hear, 60 Minutes, Doc Martin, CBC Sunday Night news program and then fill in the blanks. In the lastmost case it was the last 30 minutes of Five Easy Pieces with a very young Jack Nicholson. I couldn't get the gist of this movie, save that it was bleak. Then onto bed where I got fucked into a 10 hour sleep again, and then into the above mentioned oven rack chase.

This was the second Monday in succession where I had snow removal duties at my parent's place, and then proceeded on the city bus freakshow in the afternoon, and again, it was packed to the gills with the driver not stopping for many passengers/gangstalkers.

I got my bright clashing red and orange dressed Fuckwit woman in the seat in front of me just like last time, and my seatmate, when the "surge" of gangstalkers decided to finally populate the empty seat beside me, put on a brown down coated dude who proceeded to take his coat off, then his sweater, and kept his dark navy shirt on thankfully. Then he got out his book and began reading but keeping his closest arm extended into the seat space in front of us. Talk about silly, perverse and socially rude, this dude had it all. These extened arm stunts have gone on in the past, and normally are arranged for shorter durations. Then about a minute before my stop he gets a cell phone call, and when I ask him to excuse me to get into the aisle, he proceeds me still on his phone call, packing his clothes he removed, and proceeds out of the bus ahead of me. I haven't had a so blatant "fellow traveller" as this, but as Mondays are Big Fuckover days, and the perps are less interested in maintaining a cover story, this was the new blatant version of the Fellow Traveller stunt. Once off the bus that wasn't the end of the asshole. He caught up to me at the nearest pedestrain traffic signal, now fully dressed, and proceeded across the two orthogonal crosswalks ahead of me.

And as it "so happened" the rest of the gang was all over the three blocks it was to walk back to my place. This isn't exactly a high street where I live, only grocery store, drug store, Starbucks and a few restaurants. But no matter, the freakshow was out in abundance including the motorized wheelchair act, now on the roadway instead of stalking me on the sidewalk.

There were also large numbers of gangstalkers out when heading to the one hour cleaning job that I am doing, heavy on the plastic bag toting as a primer for the plastic bag handling I do as part of the job.

There has been a bunch of other games and fuckery as well; an extended phone call with a supposed local TI who isn't terribly convincing, timed for when I got all my clothes put away after getting back, a high Fuckover and Harassment moment. Other games were apparent when doing yesterday's and today's snow shoveling when at the edge of the concrete driveway and the ashphalt roadway outside my parent's place. The perps cannot get enough gangstalking assholes and vehicles near me at the concrete-ashphalt interface as I call it. Most road surfaces in this city are asphalt and sidewalks are concrete. Regular readers will know that I have blogged about the perps long standing extra attention (gangstalkers, extra-conventional gravitic fuckery, mindfuck stunts) when in the presence of petroleum products (tankers, gasoline filling via hose, Vasoline (parked on the windowsill at my parent's place for no observed need, etc.)). And so it is with asphalt; the sickos cannot get enough of me transitioning from one surface material (concrete or asphalt usually) to another. Hence, the predominance of supposed homeless acts that are sleeping on these surfaces when I pass by.

Some revelling in conspiracy here; this fascinatong piece "Inside The L(aurel)C(anyon): The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation Part I". A tale that seems well researched and casts a rather shady picture of our 1960's rock scene, hippies and the antiwar movement that all spilled into later decades, and even now. It is even scary how there were, and still are, so many military associations with the rock scene's founders and major players. And too, possibly associated goings on in major crime stories, the Manson Family murders, Sharon Tate being the most known. I haven't finished reading it all, and I am making an exception in being drawn into Illuminati stories. My reluctance is just that the topic of controlling bloodlines and secret societies is so huge that I don't want to go there as I have plenty enough on my plate. The reality is that I might be headed into the "Illuminati scene" by way of their possible association with overarching control of governments (e.g. TI harassment cuts across boundaries of countries, races and languages), and of manipulation of historical events (e.g. FDR locking up his naval advisor to ensure the US forces were unaware that Pearl Harbor was about to be attacked).

Late, the next day now, but the above link goes for over 10 parts and is fascinating in its complexity and the social web of show and music business and military families. This one is done for yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Wow! From just that post I can see your stalking protocol is similar to mine! I get the same type of stalking in public! I thought when I became an aware target especially a blogger, they would lay of the OS but they don't. I am literally surrounded by perps everywhere I go so it seems the entire city is a perp. My family treated me like crap as well to the point I decided they "were not my family". Now, I know, it was because they were under the control of the freaks and had no choice. I believe my parents would have shown me love not perp bullcrap if we had been "free". I think a mentally deficient person can be used as a perp. There is a mentally challeneged (developmental) person I used to see that perped me all the time. If your father has dementia he may be being led such as a small child is led, via V2k, to do various things. As a matter of fact he may be even more susceptible to the perps now that his mind is affected. I had a grandmother of my ex-friend say something VERY hurtful to me when she was supposedly in the very end throes of her problem (in a nusing home), so I'm not shocked.

Man, I could write a book on the bus harassment, but I guess you don't want a book...I love your sarcastic references to all things perp related as well, sounds like the author David Foster Wallce, he was sarcastic like that, too. I finally got ONE book of his out of the lib. There has been a run on them of late.

Have a Happy Holiday


AJH said...

Thanks for the comment and affirmation as to the gangstalking action being very similar to my own.

I reckon that the perps have a few more years of their color games (of vehicular and ambulatory gangstalkers) to go. They are still obsessed with placing reds in front of brown colors. (Could that be the analog for flesh in front of one's bowels perhaps?)

My immediate family is thick with the harassment action, and constantly engage in perp stunts and the rest of the goings on. I assume that I am being controlled to accept their involvement because if it was left to me I would have nothing to do with the assholes. I call them the First Feral Family, as it seems that they are a vital part of the harassment games, and that the magnitude of it all is just mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just had to mention that on my flight back from out of state, a perp sat across the aisle from me in the window seat and stretched her legs out over three seats, conveniently waving and wiggling her feet in my line of vision the ENTIRE flight. But before that, she had been coughing and clearing her throat unconvincingly every few seconds.

Since I had successfully ignored that, she had to come up with a new tactic. And sure enough, when we queued up to exit the plane, she tried to shove her way past me, even though I had stood up first and was occupying the aisle. This was before the doors had been opened and the line had started to move, so there was no where for her to shove to!

I just gave her a dirty look and she instantly looked away. I think I may have scared her a bit and she knew she was out of line. But what I can't get over, is how I can pick them out when they annoy, and sure enough they follow through with more overt harassment afterwards, PROVING its not in my imagination! Anyway, just wanted to verify the limb stretching attacks.

AJH said...

Yes, they do like to do their stretching around their selected victims, bending over and pointing their ass at one (a TI that is) is very common. The faux coughing is also a giveaway. But they also like to make themselves a little obvious so they can be spotted, and I don't know why except to say in my case that the moment of discovery (of a perp) is often noisestalked, a sure tip off of elevated perp interest.