Saturday, December 06, 2008

Crossing My T's For Me

I just finished writing in my handwritten journal, and yet another invasive event occured for the first time; they created a small slash of ink exactly where I was to cross the letter "t", effectively a pre-emptive partial letter stroke. Not only can they fuck someone out of crossing "t"s after the fact, but also place them in advance of exactly where it is to take place. They were about one letter ahead of me when this little horizontal slash of same blue color ink "arrived" in position to be joined to the upright part that I was to make and join them up.

I did the same thing as yesterday; taking the bus to my parents' place and effectively babysitting my father and his dementia act, with the odd interaction, usually him babbling on about something. He lays it on pretty thick, so I reckon it is a big act, all for the perp gain around their interest in words, sounds, sylables and the like, both in receptive and spoken form. Like I said in yesterday's blog posting, his persona has become utterly pathetic, acting as if he has Alzheimer's or if it is for real. I haven't quite figured it out, and maybe today's timely smirking by him suggests it is an act, though he could me mind controlled, and now their capabilities are so finely tunable, one wouldn't even remember if they were temporarily controlled or not.

He has this agitated act/symptom where he pointlessly wanders about, usually in orthogonal directions, often re-tracking his path, and withthe unerring ability to be in place where I want to walk to, forcing me to walk by, or to be just ahead or behind me in crossing my path. Call it sticky gangstalking, as I never get it this bad when outside, not even from the Fuckwits on the daffodil bulb picking crew this past summer.

Another one of his traits is to play peekaboo; standing behind a wall portion and then partially reveal himself in increments, often with his back toward me. My resolution on this stupid shit is either to see all of him or none of him, which often forces me to move forward or back in my seat. I am sure all the moving about serves the perps purposes no matter who is doing it, hence the bizarre public gangstalkers who start running in mid-street in suits, heels etc. it doesn't matter, even if a bus stop is nowhere nearby.

My reaction of the past two days when he gets into peekaboo mode is to take my reading material with me and head to my former bedroom and read a book. Even there was no respite, because as soon as a forced pee came on, he was in place, gangstalking me upon exit of the room. And when I came back he was still there, on sentry duty for me to walk past again. No doubt he stood over top of where I had been lying on the bed while I was in the bathroom. Then he attempts to make conversation as an excuse to stand around longer after I go and lie on the bed again to resume reading. Fucking pathetic this First Feral Family gangstalking, he being the epitome of it. And I get to do this again tomorrow for three days in succession with a stayover. It would seem that the past two days of visitations have been a warm-up for a regular Sunday visitation.

And so when I set off to the parents' place via the city bus, I had a posse of five gangstalkers around me at the bus stop. One was a "follower" from two blocks away who somehow held up her journey by five minutes or so as she was on my tail and would of arrived immediately after me. Then she puts on this smirk as she passes by to do the all-time routine gangstalker move, stand at the bus stop pole and pretend to study the schedule. And additionally, a bus stopped, and out steps a woman I had visited only five days earlier, and puts on the chat by first mentioning what a coincidence it was, and adding "bizarre", a word I use plenty. And she was explaining things with her finger in the air, and lo, if the said finger didn't have a 3" plastic cast on it. When I dropped off the firewood for the colleague who has MS on Monday, she was there and hanging around me doing what seemed to be gangstalk duty. The firewood delivery was a big deal with all the municipal vehicles that suddenly arrived after I parked the vehicle, one being the suck-truck for leaf pickup duty.

I am back from my cleaning job, a one hour per six days a week activity, with plenty of mindfucks to then have the boss man chastise me on something. Tonight it was the light switches again; the assholes fucked me into "forgetting" to turn off one bank of lights next to another one that I did remember. This kind of recall dropout shit never happened before, and is one more example as to how I get fucked with and the level of detail the sickos apply.

And more extra conventional fuckery too; I had just finished cleaning the lid of the toilet when some blackish fluffy substance erupted 2' over it and descended onto the lid. All to spoil my cleaning job as well as another black/white color marker they so like to have.

And in another stunt, they created this goo in a garbage can that magically latched onto my latex gloves, and made sure the only way to extricate my hands was to leave the gloves behind. So a new pair was put on in mid-job. Then when doing the later floor mopping, a latex glove finger erupted where the mop was, which incurred picking it up and putting it into the garbage that had been earlier cleaned out. But of course they wouldn't let me in on where that piece of latex came from, and it was only 20 minutes later that they had me look at my hand and find the middle left finger of the latex glove missing. So, in other words, they instantly ripped the glove off the finger, nullified any sensation there, and had me with a bare finger for the latter 10 minutes on the job. This would seem to be a continuation of past glove finger ripping and hole-ing, their method to incrementally expose me to whatever substances and materials are present, and see if they can model the energetic interaction by remotely applied methods. I predict that there will be much more finger ripping "happening", and that it will be in larger shapes, different fingers and multiple fingers. Just a continuation of this past summer's glove finger ripping where it would "happen" while I was on a break, the gloves placed aside.

On a similar note, when I was swimming with a team, the silicone caps were said to last a whole season. But in my case, they would last only about four to six swims and magically rip apart. Yet another example of being a "hard luck case" by way of intrusionistic imposition in serving some Fuckwits' research agenda on the interaction of silicone with one's head. They still haven't got that one figured out, as they had me purchase a silicone half mask "for work" (that never materialized), and it is still sitting in my closet. No doubt more silicone interaction testing will be scripted in 2009. But it does make me wonder if the SS (Surrepticious Sickos) weren't behind all the leaking silicone breast implants and the trail of health, emotional and financial wreckage it caused.

My take on the perp's influence and capabilities is that they oversee industries and the pollutant problems that are created to serve some kind of covert research agenda. And after some decades and they are still stymied, they then create situations that are worse and don't give a shit as to how much grief they cause. The asbestos pollutant problems were said to be known in the 1920's and the industries blew it off and kept polluting until the 1980's when there was overwhelming evidence of the lung cancer problem it was creating. By way of examples in the course of this continuing harassment, I have come to conclude that there is very little going on in this world that is happenchance, and especially when it comes to public health.

I was reading film review blogs, something I did daily, but of late have left it to a weekly surf. And changing up the frequency of routines, more often or less often is one exciting event for the perps. All manner of snap, crackle, pop noise simulating creaky shoulder joints that didn't move, overhead pounding as a new web page displayed, and other noise and vibrational intrusions while troving familar ground. And too, the perps are excited about forcing me to wear earmuffs to block out annoying sounds, and then crank up the noise such that the earmuffs "become" ineffectual, and as a consequence, I plug my ears with my fingers. This latter solution must be something highly desired; just about always a noise starts up within five seconds of taking the earmuffs off, and plugging my ears. It would seem some kind of plastics interaction energetics is sought, and having me wear hearing protection for an hour with faint popping sounds, elevated background hiss and others that "happen" is just the ticket for the SS.

Enough of today, and time to anticipate what degree of sleeplessness will be imposed.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if you've ever had some of these experiences:

Doppelgangers-people who look like you, placed noticeably wherever you go? Highly embarassing and unsettling.

People touching you/leaning on you on the bus or subway, seemingly unaware they're doing it, but its obviously rude?

A high-pitched, sucking sound caused by people drawing air thinly through their teeth. It creates a uniquely irritant insectile sound?

Baby prams blocking exits and entrances and taking up the sidewalk. Or alternatively, wheeled directly into your path as you walk?

Ever looked into the eyes of a perp? They look guilty, every time.

When two perps converge who seemingly didn't know each other but the second one starts chatting with the first one after you were initially annoyed by the first one?

They always seem to know where to find their next energy meal, don't they?

Two perps got me on the train home last week. A mother/daughter act with lots of xmas shopping packages. They crammed themselves into a small four seater with me even though (thank god, and bizzarely) they were only riding one stop.

I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep since they love to make eye contact and have you notice them. The daughter was really trying hard to make eye contact, before I closed my eyes.

(Children are wonderfully co-opted by this force sometimes, even infants who shrilly scream for no apparent reason on public transportation!)

While my eyes were closed, the mother made that irritant, insectile sound with her teeth, the sound I've come to recognize as "them" because every time someone makes that sound, it turns out to be a perp.

Of course I opened my eyes in amazement and looked at her because up until that point I had been determined to ignore them, but she managed to make me open my eyes! Satanically clever, wouldn't you say?

Sure enough, I kid you not, she was LOOKING at me when I opened my eyes! I actually caught one (for once) IN the ACT of deliberately trying to annoy. She looked away guiltily too! It never fails to amaze.

AJH said...

Yes, most of those experiences are familiar, even in the past week or so. The one that I don't get is doppelgangers that look like me. I get them looking like actors, famous people, usually ones that I admire. And I get the staring routine; someone who is prepared by staring at me when I suddenly look at them by turning around for example. The children who yell for no reason is another common occurence, one tonight even (12-08-2008).

You must be a real TI, and I am wondering who you are if you don't mind me asking. (Use email if you like).