Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Daytime Lighting Needed Near Noon

The ongoing imposed experimentation with the ambient light levels continues, this time at nearly noon. A new round of snow has begun falling on the wet streets and this has served as the excuse to darken down my apartment. Normally, in this E. facing apartment the darkening down games begin at 1500h in the afternoon, still too early in the day for even this near Solstice time of year. But for some reason, the assholes have decided to jerk around with the ambient lighting, and while doing so they messed with the brightness of this LCD display, and at the instant I found the contrast too obnoxious and yelled at them, the fridge made a knocking sound. (All my fridges of the past six years have a repetoire of odd noises, now at least 20 for the current one, and knocking with the compressor off or on is the one noise that has followed me for the last four residence locations).

Now, the overhead clunking has erupted while the assholes played more games. They started me out with a 10 hour sleep, partially dream invaded with unpleasant imagery of scorpions all over an apartment building, and awakened me to then have my in-town brother phone for yet another request for me to email someone on his behalf as he can't seem to understand email, so he says. That meant standing on the plastic office mat in my underwear while taking notes on the new yellow Post-it pad page, and then listening to his rant about modern technology and that garage sale sponsors should be availible on the phone right away, just for him. I told him that with that insistent outlook he should of been a money or stock trader, and then he tells me that the Toronto Stock Exchange suffered a "glitch" and that it was shutdown this morning. Not that I am a stock trader, or even observer these days, but the seeming script seemed way too pat. I am not suggesting the perps shutdown the TSE, all for a snide comment to be made for me to listen to, but is just seems that there are far too many of these "concidences" going on. Perhaps the script got created this morning after the stock market shutdown, rather than being arranged in the days or weeks ahead.

More interuptions timed with the ambient lighting games; first, bookmarking a web site, and then a forced pee, and by then the ambient lighting conditions had brightened up and so I turned off the hallway light that shines on my right side when at my desk. And lo, if the phone didn't ring just then before I got to the kitchen light coming from my left side. I answer the phone and it is the continuation of the ongoing hijinks over applying for technology training monies after an imposed hiatus (read, disability, har, har) for six years, soon to be seven, and I was given a Monday appointment for Jan. 05, 2009. That precipitated getting my 2009 diary after the phone call and transferring three 2009 appointments into the new diary. And then the assholes jerked my perceptions as to an appointment date, and I was obliged to phone and correct that, except that they had me "mistake" 02-2009 for 01-2009 all to create another useless phone call and the all too familiar "can you hold" delay games, also to have me listen to the muzak for 30 seconds or so. And while the person was off the phone, why, all of a sudden, I was allowed to figure out that the perps sent me to the wrong month in the diary, and all was solved, and then I had to explain that to the person who was very polite and likely was in on the mindfuck gig in the first place. Now, back to imposed dimness again, the snow having stopped, and the outside noise parade of beepings, diesel engines, garbage trucks, air pressure releases and others to ramp up.

Just before lunch, another round of ambient lighting games; first me turning the lights off (though right and left side were separated by 10 minutes per above mentioned phone call timing), then ambient light dimming and then this LCD display brightness was turned up to create unpleasant contrast, to then force me to put the lights on again to reduce the light contrast between this display and the rest of the room. Or, there might be some kind of other irradiation coming off this LCD, but at any rate, it and the phone are becoming more evident intrusions as I web surf, my one major allowed activity.

The perps put on some strange nightime lighting that they woke me up to see; this highly grainy appearance to everything. This stunt has been going on for years, and I don't know quite what they get from it, save testing my rods and cone cells in my eyes. Other imposed games in the night were to have me dreaming about scorpions, something I don't ever encounter, and I cannot imagine what that was all about. There was the meat aerial games as well, and the usual multiple iteration cycles for whatever reason. And another extra two hours of sleep as well, something that has almost become routine for the past week.

Ahh... fucking printing games again. How I missed them and now, with a new cartridge, why, it isn't printing and my address book won't even print at all. The endless game of being jerked with; extra blank sheets to send through the printer again, partial printings, blue lights emanating from the printer for some reason, and the coup de gras, fishing the packaging out of the garbage and putting the leaky ink cartridge back in and taking it back to the computer store with a high density gangstalker swarm abounding at every turn. It was too easy yesterday; I took the cartridge in and was promised 24h service and I got 2h service. Such good deeds don't go unfucked with for long. Adversity, in boundless measures at significantly greater frequencies than anyone else attempting to do the same things must prevail for the sickos. Been there, done that; go fuck your own kind for once.

And lo, if the ink cartridges weren't in stock, so I got a replacement one there in the store. In fact, there is a 2' x 6' section of printer cartridges on the wall, which wasn't what they told me yesterday; bring in a cartridge and get a replacement in 24hr. Fucking bizarre, and my gangstalking posse was all over me, especially when heading back to my place.

And more red dressed Fuckwits (gangstalkers) out in the snow tonight. It came on about 1600h and is still continuing. I even had a furniture moving act exiting the building before I arrived tonight, after my 1.5 hr cleaning job and a stop-by shopping at the LD store. One dude with a table and his girlfriend with a 6' paneled divider/soji screen. The perps had me with a soji screen once and then had me trash it. That was five years ago, and I have no idea if this represents some kind of progress or just more dicking around with endless permutations of colors and materials.

I am being rendered into dysthymic state; not much interested in anything of late, including the job search that was going on for so long. And if blog posting begins to trail off, you will know why; basic mind-fuckery.

More "cleaning out" of saved bookmarks that have some bearing on this harassment/nonconsensual human experimentation. I don't get Bohm's explicate and implicit order, but it isn't the whole picture; what this article says is that mind and matter are connected by conscious energy, and that this is in the form of holographic waveforms (whatever that is). It fits the harassment pattern in that TI's are involuntary subjects used to remotely detect infolded wave energies that apply to specific thoughts, cognitive elements, knowledge and actions, all the things are brains are doing. And if the perps dig deep enough, they will find the common energetic waveform parameters of all consciousness. Or, at least, that is what I think the insane assholes are up to and lack the gumption to front for this insidious treachery.

More links to drop into this blog while cleaning out my saved bookmarks. Can we get enough of the sun and Earth magnetic and energetic interaction stories of late? Here are two more to join the perp's interest of late; they seem to want me to study about the magnetosphere, cosmic rays, neutrinos, and the like. And as I type this, the sirens have come on and are somehow getting through my earmuffs. A giant breach in the Earth's magnetic field as discovered by NASA, aka, Never A Straight Answer; your basic strangely supressive government organization. And too, more sun-Earth interactions and a nine day "Earth breathing" cycle that has been discovered; "new satellite observations have revealed a previously unknown rhythmic expansion and contraction of Earth's atmosphere on a nine-day cycle". It is very plain to me that the perps have a profound interest in the time of day, and/or lighting conditions while I undertake the same tasks each day, and that they manipulate my existence to have me do the same things earlier or later in the day. They also have put on plenty of extra gangstalkers on Solstice days, and demonstrate awareness of moon phases as well. The latter is reported by other TI's, but as they constantly clue me out as to what the moon phases are on any given day, I cannot speak to this reported correlation.

On the neutrino cause, a cosmic particle that the perps informed me of, there is a cubic kilometer of neutrino sensors going to be established in the Antarctic icepack. This makes it a neutrino observatory, and it is buried 1450m so that only the neutrinos that are passing through the Earth are going to register on the sensors, not atmospheric sourced ones.They are also going to create a surface sensor array to then register the latter neutrinos, the ones from the sun and other galaxies. Again, I don't why the perps want me to know about this, but it is interesting that neutrinos are so ubiquitous that 50 trillion of them pass through us each second, but don't mention the ether word lest the scientific belief systems become perturbed.

Little did I know that this city, Victoria, BC, Canada has a reputation for Satanic abuse; "Victoria, British Columbia is recognized as being the second most prominent area for Satanic Cult activities in the world. Geneva, Switzerland is reported to be the world's most active center" at this link. It is late in the day and I cannot vouch for this website as I haven't been through it all yet. But I do find it interesting of late that so many of the gangstalkers of late have their hoodies on, and ensure that it completely envelopes the head from most of the profile and rear views that seem to "happen", read, staged with remote control of my attention faculties.

This one is done for the day, and now to ponder what fuckery is going to erupt in bed or in my dreams tonight.

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