Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lost With Groceries

A busy day; working five hours raking leaves at my in-town brother's place, and then my one hour cleaning job, both duly gangstalked per usual. More on that in a bit.

And the title refers to a couple walking toward the supermarket each with two white loaded plastic bags in hand, reversing direction opposite me at the intersection, and then walking the direction they came from, leading past the apartment building I live in. Freaking bizarre for someone doing local grocery shopping.

And it has been a day of plastic bags, and all the benefits that may confer to my tormentor assholes. Raking leaves involved plastic bins, and then 4x used plastic garbage bags to put the leaves in. The same plastic bags, and no matter how ripped up, they get reused. And then again, stretching black plastic garbage bags at the Mazda dealership when cleaning tonight. I had at least three herds of gangstalkers when transitiing from my place to the car dealership, all wanting to get more plastic interaction energetics from me while passing by. And even when I had finished, I had my array of freaks who were also toting white plastic bags, some full of plastic bottles to take back for recycling. One was wearing an identical black coat as mine, leading ahead of me for a block.

And too, it was red vehicle day inside the service area at the Mazda car dealership when I was cleaning there. The showrooms still have white and silver-grey colored vehicles, but I don't get to clean there much, only the service and parts areas. And too, a silver-grey Mazda minivan was on the hoist and was raised about 2'. Soo.... when I got out, I walked beside white and silver-grey Mazdas lined up in the lot, and then when I turned 90 degrees to walk on the sidewalk, why, there was a cherry red Volvo 245 parked on the left, and on the right, two cherry red Mazdas, a white Mazda and then two dark red Mazdas. The red vehicle gauntlet. The significance of the Volvo is that I owned a silver-grey 245 (wagon) for 15 years until 2006, the last four of which being the most intense vehicular gangstalking and harassment of all time IMHO. They would even fire maser and plasma beams at my from nearby vehicles while driving, some into the back of my eyes. I reckon my Volvo should be in the Hall of Shame for Spys as the most tailed vehicle of all time.

Prior to setting off to the cleaning job at the car dealership I had a 15 minute phone call from a recruiter, and also asking the expectable questions about where I have been for the last six years, and why I left my job in Seattle. I had to tell him something honest, and that I was beamed with head pain which was always defeatable by being proximate to metal or else inside a vehicle, and that I couldn't do anything, let alone work. And that some of the same fuckers were tailing me in obscure places in each city, here and Seattle, and some of them within a week. One was at the 24 Hour Fitness with me at 0400h in Seattle, and then two years later shows up as a palsy wheelchair case at my apartment building. It is all about cranking on me with more electromagnetic devices, and I am positive there is something for the perps to gain from me while on the phone. On the bus, I had my cell-phoning Fuckwit right behind me, making out that he had to hawk his last items to get enough bus fare. Fucking bullshit. Another of the five dudes at this bus stop, the one with the bicycle, didn't get on, and there is only one bus on this route, so what was that all about? Just another weird who waits at the bus stop, and then buggers off for no apparent reason.

And the perps bled the shit out of me this morning, and defeated the action of the stepic pencil to staunch the bloodletting. I was doing a full frontal shaving with a new safety razor blade after my shower this morning, and then the perps created about 8 bleeding spots in my pubic hair region that kept on bleeding, even after three attempts to end this with the stepic pencil. I have never, ever, known a steptic pencil not to work until this harassment started in 04-2002. And of course, the assholes added deep red venous blood on these lesions, and it made for a real mess when mixed with the brighter oxygenated blood which would be normal at the skin surface. I want to emphasize these are not shaving cuts as the lesions are round or ovoid, and a modern razor blade in its handle is damn hard to cut one's self with. The variance of color of the venous blood from the aterial (oxygenated) blood might be one of the reasons the assholes keep pissing around with two shades of red, per above red colored vehicle gangstalking gauntlet at the Mazda dealership tonight. (It won't be the last time either).

I am not sure what to do about the imposed bleeding fuckery, as it has been going on nearly every day now; stop shaving the area that gets the bloodletting, or maintain my practice and swear at the assholes louder. I can experiment, and see if changing the shaving routine will help, but chances are they will move up the bloodletting zone higher up, on my tummy. Last night's nut shaving in the bathtub was heavily noisestalked; talk about an invasion of privacy, and the timing was tied to my actions as well, and I will spare the details.

Tonight, while beginning cleaning at the Mazda dealership I was told the owner was there, and he might have been the well dressed man who made a pointless visitation to the service area about five minutes later while I was cleaning the coffee area. The perps like me to be gangstalked by business owners, and that is true for the two grocery stores that I frequented in the past five years, as well as for one apartment building I resided in. A "Meet the Owner" gangstalking in effect, aka, a Visit the Victim for the ruling class. This pisses me off more than the abundant kiddie gangstalking I get, knowing that I am being selected like some kind of zoo animal to be viewed from the free area outside the imposed cage that the perps have put around me and informed everyone of. Bring on a bat to the face of the Fuckwit that decided to involve me in this humiliating vignette; I won't settle for anything less.

A siren cascade as I look over a TI group forum's postings. They even put on a 1960's style of siren, and some other variants and whooping noise. A "siren moment" as I call them; others are "motorcycle moment", "helicopter moment" and a few more.

And while raking leaves at my brother's place today, I saw that the commercial helicopter and float plane service from Vancouver to Victoria was rerouted for me to see and hear the aircraft. In doing this, they were flying commercial aircraft over a military base for chrissakes; so much for the high security needs these days as abuse and noisestalking comes first in this town, make no mistake. On the bus back from my in-town brother's place I saw two military dressed Fuckwits; it is rare to seem them at all, and after last year's always-after-yoga-class military gangstalking, I have to ponder what in the fuck they are doing this for. If I was in the Indian Lake Project as one of the child subjects between 1956 to 1959, and one picture has a child that resembles me, then I just might have a negative view, even a subconscious trauma association with military dressed personnel. Hmmm, another Unfavored demographic group perhaps? The assholes zapped me last night while in bed with a simultaneous thudding noise from above, all to rile me up and have them yelling at them. Did I ever mention how much I fucking loathe being zapped? Never mind the fucking cowards applying this abuse from a remote location.

An interesting video, 77 min. titled, Anti-gravity for Dummies aka, Anti-Gravity, Free Energy and the Technology of the New World Order by Stan Deyo. I think I get it, and it makes sense in that the perps are constantly attempting to create vortices with vehicles, or part vortices, as well as setting up temperature differences with frozen or hot items. I don't get into the NWO stuff, as my focus isn't the Governance by the Thems, it is about getting the gravity fucking assholes out of my life for the rest of it, starting now.

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