Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Ceiling Pounding

That is the holiday "spirit" so to speak when in the circumstances of a TI, noisestalking being predominant this Christmas Day morning. A thundering overhead pounding (this being a concrete and steel constructed apartment block, 12" thick between floors), came on directly overhead when in the kitchen at breakfast, and then again the instant the first wafer of chocolate was placed in my mouth of the 100g bar they like me to have three times per day. Regular readers will know that the perps are fixated by all things colored brown, especially bodily contents of that color, and when brown food is only 1'' away from the brain when in one's mouth, and said operatives are involved in mind control research, why, it a joyous occasion to make thundering noise to then track the color interaction while said vibrations (noise) are still resonating through one's skull. This is not a seasonal skirmish/celebratory event by any means; it only serves to show that Dec. 25 is yet another day of fucking abuse and harassment, like any other since 04-15-2002.

And lo, if my in-town brother didn't time his rare phone call to wish me merry Christmas (oddly, for him) and cue up some possible travel arrangements to the home of the First Feral Family for later today exactly when the last piece of breakfast chocolate was dissolving in my mouth. I maintain that electromagnetic devices can be co-opted for remote use to detect bioenergetic interactions, and this is borne out by the strategic timing of every phone call at high harassment interest moments for the past six years. The perps seem to be able to remotely detect bioelectromagnetic interactions with that of the telephone and its associated make-up of electrical parts, plastics, metals, wires and of course, color, also of intense perp interest. Which might explain why three landline telephones have "expired" for no reason since overt harassment began. And too, the cell phoning Fuckwit gangstalkers that blatantly follow me about, especially through transitions in travel direction (in vehicle or walking), from mode of transport (e.g. getting off the city bus, exiting or entering vehicles), or egress from buildings.

And if my out-town-brother, sister-in-law and neice are visiting, whom I saw yesterday for dinner and a ride to and from, then it only means that the harassment, abetted by them, is of continuing at full steam ahead. There were some mighty curious goings on when it was time to go; while putting my coat on I was "herded" (personal space encroaching brother and compelling "need" to move away, into the living room where the TV was on, and my mother had immediately (and uncharacteristically) appropriated where I had been sitting for the past two hours). And a strange silence and seeming complicitness, where the script seemed to either fall flat, or some kind of allowed cognitive awareness was allowed to ponder this sudden familial silence.

Another ongoing food interest of the perps was sharing tree nuts last night, the ones purchased in Cawston, BC when on September's week outing with the First Feral parents. I suspect the perps apparent interest in geographic origins, of anything or anybody, might have something to do with this. That is, we family members ingest nuts from a specific geographic location that was visited by three family members and the perps attempt some kind of energetic correlation among all of us, including those that didn't eat any.

It is time to post this for today, as I will be getting a ride in less than an hour to join in the family Christmas events, such as they will be contrived and scripted. Last night my brother was sitting beside me on the couch and had the unerring knack for inserting his head in the line of sight just when talking to his wife, someone whom I can talk to in greater breadth and depth than the rest of them, even if an in-law. This head blocking has also taken place at bus stops when looking for the incoming bus a woman was doing the same thing, and more notably this past summer when on the daffodil bulb picking crew and talking to the foreman, the rare person on the crew I was conversant with. I don't know why the perps do head blocking, but it might be likely that as our heads serve as a fount of etheric energies, it just might be a way to insert more interference energies along with changing one's visual field.

And as I typed the above paragraph a round of new-today noisestalking erupted, so even mentioning the "ether" word begets a first-today round of imposed typo/keystroke dithering. Who would be interested in that I wonder. It is time for tea and chocolate, and no doubt all of this is arranged for maximal First Feral Family gangstalking possibilities for the reasons the SS (Surepticious Sickos) find so fixating. And I am sure that Santa won't grant my wish to take a baseball bat to an SS abettor after screaming in their face as to their feckless quisling behavior, but that would mean the perps wouldn't be controlling me, and they couldn't allow that to happen, could they?

I can be sure of being controlled anytime I put my fingers to my ears and with this greater bone/skull contact, it sounds like a radio room in a military installation, all the low volume level cheeping, beeping and static. Only on the odd occasion do I get a sudden shift in ear-ringing frequecies when listening normally, no applied fingers to my ears.


Anonymous said...

Well I hope you had a good holiday, such as it was. My 'vampire' perp family drank heartily this season and were sad to see me leave, but only because it meant their energy meal was disappearing. I only managed 3 days out of state, which felt like 3 weeks!

One can only take so much of the razor sharp tasteless and offensive 'jokes' and stories tailored precisely to make one feel at their lowest ebb.

I have some serious re-charging to do at home this weekend. Hope you are well.


AJH said...

My perp abetting family does not make any jokes that could be interpreted as victim insensitive. But they do like to drop the very words that I use in my vocabulary, either in this blog or in my speech. I never verbalize "Alzheimer's act" among my family to portray my father's behavior, even though I am quite certain that is what it is. While visiting tonight, I closed the door of the room I and others were in to block out his parading and posing 10' from the doorway. My ex jumped on me as to why I closed the door, and after I told her (without insinuating my perspective on my father's condition) she got all huffy telling me that his condition wasn't an "act". So how did she happen to mention that very word and the concept that I reference when I hadn't brought it forth, or have any history of doing so? (Unless she is reading this blog of course, which I doubt.)

And of course I wasn't allowed to recall the specific instance where he was totally verbally and cognitively responsive that occured about three weeks ago.

It is all very interesting to say the least, and an evening of Feral Family gangstalking is plenty enough, never mind these set-ups to ream me out for undeclared perspective.