Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Beserkness

A bit late to write up all the beserk goings on today, but it is a typical Monday in that they seem to want to leverage whatever they determine from my Sunday night stayover with the First Feral Family and apply it to elsewhere. That includes visiting downtown with my mother, this apartment, and now the one hour daily cleaning job at a local car dealership.

They started out with five large white panelled commercial trucks packed around the first traffic light when I drove into town in my parents' vehicle, my mother as the only passenger. They even had two of the five vehicles illegally parked in a through traffic lane, my mother doing the blow-off routine that it was a "break down" (of the vehicles). Then they pinched down S. bound Shelbourne, the major four lane bidirectional artery to one lane. Then they did this again on Pandora St, the next arterial, W. bound, three lanes down to one. Then the regular parkade that I park in was painted for the first time; all vertical surfaces and ceilings were white now, and there was some checkerboard graphics added for signage on some walls. I had to admit, it did look nice, and beat that fugly concrete surface. I also noted that they upgraded the elevator motors (or gears) to make them a whole lot faster. This didn't stop the time honored dumbfuck stunt of one middle aged gangstalker attempting to get into the elevator before we got out. I have never experienced this particular act of public rudeness until 2004 when I moved to an apartment buiding with a elevator. Not even the Fuckwits at the hospital tried this stunt.

Other stunts were to put a negro operative to jaywalk at a very busy intersection immediately in front of our vehicle when there was very little space as it was. I don't get it as to why all these Fuckwits jaywalk 20' from a crosswalk on a six lane meeting four lane arterial roadway intersection, and they "end up" in front of the vehicle I am in. And it would seem that this was yet another member of the Unfavored freakshow that "needed" to be featured on front of both me and my mother simultaneously through the windshield of a vehicle. All those details are important for the perps, as to what the subject was seen through, what type of window and color of glass etc. and represents yet more permutations of the ongoing fuckery/freakshow which is endless, if six years of it can be considered to be equivalent, and any TI would agree.

There was plenty of other ambulatory gangstalker games going on, one standby is that they have someone walk between us, my mother obliging my taking a wayward path so the Fuckwith can walk between us. It is getting tired to say the least, watching all the usual feints and fuck games. Another is cardboard box stalking; one "staff member" of the department store bringing a 4" stack of them in with her to "join us" (read, gangstalk) in the elevator. I noticed that the chocolates and biscuits (cookies to us North Americans) were packaged in a new livery of colors; black, white and mid-grey, not too different than the usual grey scale color tones I get in formation around me in either ambulatory or vehicular form. I suppose the perps need to dress up brown colors and get these base grey scale colors next to chocolate, their seeming brown color reference material they mind-fuck me into purchasing and consuming at unaffordable expense.

I was allowed to burrow down for the afternoon online at my place, and then went out for another round of ambulatory gangstalking when headed to my daily one hour cleaning job. The big deal seems to be displaying red colors at night, particularly after exiting a building. This was true enough after I finished the cleaning job and was walking back, and all the more so when I stopped at the LD store to purchase bar soap as I was out. The assholes skunked me again, eliminating my top three choices, and so I had to go with Ivory brand which I rarely do as it wears down so fast. In the LD store they pulled a major checkout obstruction, and then kept cycling red dressed gangstalkers near me with a brown dressed male immediately behind me in the line. He had two (seeming) sons, both blonde and in white, black and grey colored clothes. Once I got out, some of my red dressed gangstalkers were proximate outside, making a reprise gangstalking with differing light conditons. And more of the shiftless males wandering around with no seeming reason except to show off their red and grey colored backpacks in the dim light. Then, at the last turn before heading down the stairs, a blonde woman in the dim light on her knees, and once I passed her by, her blonde 3 y.o. son was 20' away and perversely running along a section of concrete that overlooked the stairway I took to get back to street level. And about a minute later, some child screaming started up, all to be heard with ambulatory gangstalkers ahead and behind me with red clothing. I didn't get my usual escort through the front doors of this apartment building, but I had enough of being followed by Redcoats. There were plenty of red vehicles out as well, and I suppose they were attempting to leverage the fact that there was one red vehicle inside the car dealership shop and many white and silver-grey ones. The inside/outside red color continuity seems to be a big problem for my tormentors. As always, why don't they summon the gumption and front for their nonconsensual human experimentation so it gets expedited in months instead of years? That has to be the most beserk part of the entire foundation of this unmitigated life rape, and I cannot comprehend why they have everyone convinced of this. I may have answered that question in my other posting today, Gravitic Musings.


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