Monday, December 29, 2008

Birdseed In The Rain + 12-30-2008 updates

A Sunday night stayover at my perp abetting parent's place last night, and following the departure of my brother, sister-in-law and neice that morning. They slept in the bedroom that I slept in last night, which is my old bedroom of teenage years and also one my mother sleeps in during the week. They cannot put enough surrogates in my bed so to speak. And last night's TV watching evening seating arrangements were changed up; my father's Alzheimers act did more pacing and skulking in the adjacent hallway, often out of sight, and my mother sat beside me on the couch most uncharacteristically for the last hour of TV watching. It was also interesting that a brown plastic tray of brown chocolates was placed beside me for the 60 Minutes full one hour show dedicated to Barack Obama interviews. That the perps have a brown color fixation has been long journalled in this blog, but putting reference colors next to me while watching brown colored skinned individuals is new. Then the CBC Sunday night news came on, also in a recap format with a blonde woman in red reading the news and the red and white motif of the show. And this was the time my mother brought in the hazel and walnuts each in a red plastic mesh bags that were purchased on this past September's outing to the Okanagan wine country. Enough color symmetry for one evening and onto an early 2230h bedtime last night. (Red is also a favorite harassment/gangstaking color).

And I shouldn't of been too surprised that, yet again, an oven rack was placed in the garage and in place as a surrogate Air Loom "stalking" device to cover our arrival in the vehicle and the process of getting out of the vehicle and inside the house, a prime transition harassment scenario. Regular readers will recall from a week ago that my father was running around with the oven rack that had been cleaned overnight in the shower stall prior to my Monday shower, and was extensivley "handling it" (purportedly cleaning it for over 10 minutes, har, har) in the doorway of the house, then in the garage and then in the dining room, effectively chasing me around respectively from the extensive driveway snow removal activity, removing of my boots, and finally sitting down after the exercise. Oven racks as Air Looms, who would of suspected the perps to be so fucking blatant?

So it was this morning when I was set to go back to my place that my mother had a birdseed feeder that needed a new block of birdseed that had to be placed inside a green plastic mesh bag, and that forced a visit outside to retrieve the feeder some 10' up in the tree. That it was begining to rain wasn't too unusual as my imminent departures are often accompanied by rainfall, and this was a backyard "warmup" session it seemed. The birdseed came off the block and scattered in the kitchen to my mother's indifference, as she has a much higher tolerance for mess than I do.

I don't care for messes and the perps like to bring this to my attention much of the time, often in the form of crumb inundations that come from nowhere and arrive the instant my attention is diverted from placing each morning's toast onto my plate. And now the perps are getting to be particular, inundating me with fine brown crumbs at first and then coarser white bread crumbs later while eating the one slice of toast with peanut butter and jam on it. Once they even arranged for one loaf of bread to have the back of each slice gouged out so that not only did it offer varying thicknesses, but also served as a putative source for a large amount of crumbs. Having each slice carved out on the back refutes all the bread crumb game cover stories to date, and the prior arranged crumb and associated holes were of the "through the loaf" variety, but having the back of each slice scooped out suggests a "per slice" manipulation.

While driving into downtown this morning in my parent's vehicle I had my usual posse of color coordinated vehicles; they even put on a consort of navy blue colored vehicles ahead. There was three navy blue colored vehicles in file ahead of me in the same lane, then a silver-grey vehicle, and and then a navy blue vehicle directly in front of me. That makes four same colored blue vehicles in the same lane leading me and one seeming reference color, silver-grey. There was a black colored vehicle in the adjacent lane beside the first blue vehicle in front of me, and a white vehicle behind me in the same lane. Can I call this color coordinated and greytone referenced vehicle posse without fear of some Fuckwit claiming otherwise? I suppose I will wait to see what comments come in. And for the record, I did have a navy blue shirt on and my mother had a navy blue anorak, like a Goretex job with the teflon membrane.

When my perp abetting parents picked me up yesterday I had a Fuckwit seen-before gangstalker exit the elevator in a dark brown outfit, and then two more same brown color dressed Fuckwits on the street before the end of this residential block, and it all might be that my navy blue coat was next to a same colored brown raincoat in my closet, one I never wear for unknown reasons. The color of objects and their respective juxtapositions is coming under increasingly greater scrutiny of late, and it might be that the perps are finally starting to get the results they are looking for after 6.5 years of unmitigated life rape.

A succession of well-timed phone calls tonight; one when I was about to investigate a possible once colleague on Linked-In, then another that prompted an email search for a phone number, then another non-call (no one there), and then again with an in-town TI who got cut off as I was about to look up an address for her. The perps have managed this very scenario as to what part of the address is online, and what is in my print-out and have me flip constantly between the two of them to get this all figured out as the TI contact phone number seemed to be incorrect. All instignated by this seeming in-town TI contact who cannot get to her email and wants to bring another envelope to me, and then have me forward it on to someone else. Get all that? And did I mention that the yellow envelopes are a garden variety gangstalker prop? I have never seen so many Fuckwits running around (often literally) with white and/or yellow envelopes "to mail" in my my life as in recent months in this city thick with operatives and shills.

And I shall call this one done for the day, even if I have missed out on recounting much of it, being mostly a dull shut-in Monday, post-drop off since 1100h this morning. Even my in-town brother has me sending emails on his behalf, pleading computer and email ludditism. I never know what to believe, and find more interest in how so many of these interactions are similar; as a go-between, contacting someone for somebody else either via (yellow) envelope or email or looking them up online. Just what is it that the perps are after they had to schedule four calls tonight, two of which were cut off?

And lo, if my TI colleague didn't come by to get the above mentioned address in person (because the phone number wasn't correct) and we engage in a conversation when she plants her backpack upon this very seat that I have sat in all day, waves a yellow envelope about, needs stamps (adhesives are also a big perp interest), gives me some coins in partial payment, needs to write my desk, has a fushcia hair bob that pops in and out of view as she waves her head about and relates more TI woe, which all could be legit. And I also had to write down something on her phone bill, and she used my phone to complain to the phone company that her phone wasn't working. I also got to see some strange pictures that seemed legit; bright orbs in the sky from no seeming source. I once wondered about those solitary TI's who won't talk to anyone but now I don't; one cannot really be sure of the motives of anyone save their body of work (blogs, writings etc.), and that they may even be legit and are controlled to seem like they are not, intervening at just the right time with a full gamut of subtle incursions.

Was there enough consistency with past gangstalker feints in this event? The yellow envelopes again, using my phone after I had used it, replicating handwriting addresses on paper at the same place and manner as I had done it only 20 minutes earlier, and the sending of paper printouts to this same person again. All these are replications of last week' go-between duty, except without the visiting TI at my desk as regular readers and TI's would be familiar with.

[Postscript, 12-30-2008; the instignating event, the seeming incorrect phone number that I passed onto the local TI has been changed and the person who supplied it to me, a TI out of town, didn't think to mention this when I emailed her in advance of mediating this TI contact. And a prior instignating event was that the local TI has her email obstructed. Get all that? When too many little things go "wrong", e.g. email function, wrong phone numbers, no supplied phone number, phone service, it spells SET UP].

And did I mention that Mondays are high incursion and fuckery days? I must of somewhere, as they follow the stayover at my parent's place and all the gangstalking and feints that go down bathed in the magnetic irradiation off their CRT television, my once per week immersion in viewing this manipulative medium, never mind the collection of colors (per above), and Unfavored subjects.

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