Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eleven Hour Sleeps

I have always slept eight hours in "normal" time, pre-overt harassment. And now, for whatever reason, these 10.5 to 11 hour sleeps are "happening" routinely. This was the time of year I got tagged with longer sleeps, say nine hours, but these extended snoozes until 1000h are absurd, never mind the imposed vivid dreams and meat aerial games that are also part of the show.

Though, in the midst of this string of extended sleep hours, there was a 0700h get-up time, a normal eight hours for no apparent reason. One wonders what the grand plan is in all of this, and when they will be left alone for good. And they will someday, that is my bottom line; mindfuck scum gone for good.

As part of the show they riled me up extra this morning with various provocations; pulling objects from my hand, flicking hot water from the kettle on the outside of the coffee pot, having me look in the wrong cupboard, crumb inundations with my one piece of toast in two sizes,- first small crumb inundation which later became a large crumb inundation as I continued to eat my peanut butter and jam on toast. And they also increased the hassle and my "reactions" to fuckery while spreading these on the toast, like they do every morning; the peanut butter, sticky as it is, somehow drops off the knife, then won't spread and lifts off, then they won't allow the knife to be cleaned of peanut butter before using it in the jam. Then the jam which was set into its normal gel state when first opened suddenly became liquid after the first time and that engenders more jam flicking, spilling and slopping, an endless game of fuckery for some asshole who oversees these extra-conventional gravitic intrusions, and of course, won't allow the jam to be cleaned off the knife before it is put down. The perps bat nearly 100% in riling me up while applying peanut butter and jam, and it is no doubt related to their preoccupation with these two colors separately and together. I reckon that this is an emulation of certain body substances and their juxtapositions and it is no exception that the perps also like to arrange brown and yellow colors in the same manner; adjacent, and then one on top of the other. And they have been at this for over 5.5 years since release from illegal incarceration and appear to be content with putzing along at this incremental rate rather than declaring their nonconsensual human experimentation agenda and getting on with expediting it in a cooperative fashion that would probably take weeks instead of years of life-trashing fuckery.

I see that my Blogger picture uploading capability is still inoperable and hence no pictures until the perps allow this feature to work. I am allowed to make links, another button stripped of its icon, but not pictures. Video upload works, but I have no videos.

I am off to my weekly First Feral Family visitation on the heels my brother, sister-in-law and neice leaving today. No doubt all the furniture movement on account of accomodating them will be of prime perp interest, but I don't really get into it all that much, tending to leave the speculative mindfuck games to the specialists.

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