Monday, December 01, 2008

A Mixed Up Monday

Mondays are the days I return from a stayover at my parent's place and are usually the day that many other incursions are arranged. And today, a Monday, a few more additional changes were scripted; no shower or shave while there, running a load of firewood to a friend who has MS, dropping my mother off at the dentist, a 1130h shower, shave and entirely new set of clothes when back at my place, a doctor's appointment in the afternoon that was on the same route as when I walked back from my mother's dental appointment plus the usual profusion of gangstalking vehicles and ambulatory males, one of whom tailed me for some 15 minutes into downtown at my same breakneck walking speed.

And no online activity until nearly 1500h, something else the perps manage on occasion, a late day first time log on to the PC and the regular web sites that I visit. Naturally, the plasma, maser and noise action has been increased, and even the doctor's visit was encumbered with the "medical student", the same dude that was loitering in the waiting area for at least two visitations, and then he "happens" to be a medical student to join in the office consult. And get this, he asked me about the nature of the gangstalkers when he was in fact gangtalking me in the waiting room! And of course my recall was deleted and that didn't "come to mind" as I was responding to his questions about gangstalker behavior. Funny how the dead obvious associations just don't happen like they once did.

Even the Coca Cola gangstalking delivery truck paid a "visit" while I was in the doctor's office. This same truck, in red and white, making no end of odd appearances all over my driving and walking route, just "happened" to be outside the doctor's office when I was in there, backing out, and then pulling ahead. It also "happened" that I noticed it, and was a perfect segue into telling them about the profusion of red and white colors, particularly vehicles backing up, red and white lights ablaze. And, even the doctor thought it was most odd that this same Coca Cola truck was parked at a gas station when I was headed N. bound for a three hour hike, and was still in place when I was travelling the same route S. bound. That is one heck of a "delivery", over three hours at one location, all to "feature itself", and of course, to continue as that mobile red and white vehicle (with silver-grey bare aluminum) housing brown colored substances. And if I was really conspiratorial minded, I would suggest that maybe the entire cola thing is for the perps to continue their long running fixation with brown colors. Now, it seems, no matter the centuries of pursuit (see below), they decided to intensify their nonconsensual remotely applied research agenda, and focus their objectives attainment by ragging the shit, literally sometimes, out of me and other TI's.

I am back from my fourth night on the supposed one hour cleaning job; my "speed" was up and I got it done in one hour 10 minutes, "down from" one hour 30 minutes. Then I helped the boss out on his side for 15 minutes. Close to 1.5 hours for one hour's pay. But as my progress has so rapidly "sped up" it suggests the perps were fucking with my watch and he was also chiming in, telling me my watch was correct when it wasn't. Something weird is going on with respect to the job duration, and furthermore, they want me to know about it. The last working day had one clock out by 10 minutes, and the planted notion was that there were some games going on, except that he "affirmed" my watch as correct. I have long noted that all concepts related to time are under near constant noise and phenomenon stalking, meaning it is of particular interest to the perps, and this is just one more stunt to raise this harassment theme to a greater level.

And of course, the perp's favorite substance to fuck with, plastics, feature prominently in this janitorial job; removing the plastic bags from garbage cans, placing a new one in from the stack in the bottom of the garbage can, and dragging a large plastic bag around to put all the little plastic bags in, and on and on it goes. Plastic bag heaven for the World SS, the same blithering idiots that likely oversaw all the plastics pollution since the get go, and have totally fucked up in allowing this to happen. The consistent theme of this topic is that the ingestion of plastics of varying kinds causes unpredictable effects at the submolecular level. And as these substances are dispersed all over our body, including one's brain -the object of study, the role of plastics causes problems for the World SS to remotely detect one's bioenergetics. Here are the same assholes who seem to have a meddling hand in nearly every advance in technology and associated government oversight (it seems), and who are now finding that these substances, even found in polar bear's blood, are an impasse to completing their covert studies of human energetics, including, but not limited to, mind control. And also, as these same assholes seem to have been covertly monitoring me from birth, they likely monitored every breath I have ever taken (a stretch, to be sure), and now they continue to make my life utter fucking hell because they fucked up. They should of been harassing the fuck out of their chosen subjects/victims begining over 100 years ago before there was plastic pollutants. They were harassing victims 200 years ago, per the book, The Air Loom Gang, so why did they choose to putz around and then arrange more adverse circumstances for the attainment of their covert agenda? The ineptitude just boggles the mind, and don't get me started on another major fuckup of theirs, traumatizations that are another impasse to their remotely applied neural meddling/fuckery. Every six weeks or so they have me go through this little tirade about their ineptitude.

I always did wonder why in the fuck that two neighbors in succession in two different cities, were burning plastic garbage. I couldn't get a break from this beligerent behavior, and there now seems to be an overarching issue; the World SS arranged it to be so, and was attempting to correlate my "response" between two widely different geographic locations, Nelson and Victoria BC, the latter where I currently reside. My mother was also flicking black plastic bags around in an "attempt" to be helping with the firewood hauling we did this morning. All the erratic and wacky behaviors of colleagues and others makes a whole lot more sense in light of the World SS arranging these events which have a lot of commonality with the ones that are arranged in this intensified overt harassment existence they have cast me into.

And while on the topic of plastics, here is a link about them that I "came across" (read, was planted). The perps seem to be beating on these themes of late, and as part of it, some new discoveries get their day in the sun. Fast Molecular Rearrangements Hold Key To Plastic’s Toughness; "From the most fundamental perspective, we're trying to understand why pulling on a glass allows it to flow". That means, plastics are like glass, an amorphous structure and not a crystalline one like metals and most solid objects. And too, I am sure there are some localized energetic effects from pulling on plastics, given the number of times I have to stretch them over the garbage cans in the course of my janitorial duties. Who would of thunk it, coming down to this. And no less, they had my resignation speech all planned for today, and the boss man gave me a complement when he found out I had removed a floor stain he thought was set in the floor for good. I don't quite get how he needs to come in on Sundays to finish up on dusting. He takes over an hour to do his portion, and it seems the whole job is underbid or something.

Some more pictures to fill out this posting; this one was taken from my parent's place, and has all the makings of six very similarly colored vehicles, silver-grey or white, lined up on the left side and facing the camera, with a two tone brown pickup truck parked at an orthogonal angle in the shade. Very crafty brown color games it would seem. And two more like colored vehicles, with the closer one on the right likely a light metallic blue color.

Basic three red colored vehicles in file; I think we have seen this in many variants before. Two of the reds are the same color, and a slightly redder one at the end of the file of three of them on the left.

My black underwear that got pilled with funny white colored fluff that could not be removed. Hence, a new round of underwear, same kind as the last, and all the shenanigans that entailed, the most of which was getting the waistband lowered by 2.5 inches at additional cost of $10/pair. The perps planted all kinds of aspersions over the rather high waist until I finally relented and had the waistband lowered when they were still in the new packaging. The seamstress didn't seem too surprised by the request.

Taken 11-09-2008; a cute "bookending" of a larger white trades van, the mainstay gangstalking vehicle, with a same red smaller two door hatchback on either end. Then a lead mid-grey parked vehicle with a same grey colored vehicle in transit in the opposite direction. The two dweebes in the picture walking on the sidewalk seem to be in a fairly normal pose, nothing too odd about them.

Taken 11-11-2008, 1210:42h, the same day of a Rememberance Day parade along this very route, shortly before or after. The perps put one of my very favorite cars in the picture, the Audi TT, pre-2008 model where they messed it up, in silver-grey, stopped at the stop line, closest lane. The file of the blue, white, and then two silver-grey vehicles is parked.

Around the corner fromt the picture above, are some more grey scale vehicles; in the rightmost parking stalls from left to right are black, white, black, white and a silver-grey colored vehicles. Another non-random configuration IMHO.

Taken 11-26-2008, from the same location, my apartment. The closest two vehicles are in motion, the white trades van and a silver-grey sedan. And behind them from left to right, parked in file are a grey commercial delivery van (operative in driver's seat even), and two silver grey vehicles. Perhaps someone else can see more symmetry in these, though it is interesting how all these same viewpoint pictures "happened" to be on the same SD card in the camera.

This one is done for today, and my noisestalking has just started up to accompany me on the final Save and Publish commands like nearly every night these days.

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