Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wall Pounding

wall pounding and tapping has started up, and managed to get through the earmuffs that I had on. Anytime the perps want a specific noise heard through hearing protection, they can arrange it. Even the faint noises can "somehow" get through if they deem it neccessary. I suspect the earmuffs are a method to arrange for sounds to be heard in deeper neural structures. First is a campaign to create the noise as familiar without hearing protection, and then create annoyance noises to have me put the hearing protection, and lo, if the familiar noise doesn't later slip past the hearing protection. Apply and reinterate, for years now.

More wacko dreams in the night again; my unpleasant dream failsafe capabilities have been defeated this year, and now these dream intrusions can be sustained for far longer and much more vividly than ever happened before 2008. Take that to your doctor and have him explain it, which I did. He made a note in his chart, and asked another question. A life-long (54 years) normal neural mechanism/response suddenly stops working in conjunction with dreams of a nature and duration that never occured before. Hmm, why is it me that is only asking the questions?

Now, overhead pounding has started up for some reason, possibly to get through the hearing protective earmuffs that I am wearing. Earlier, there was incessant diesel engine noise, and that has returned once the earmuffs have been taken off. Regular readers will know that if the above partment was like any other, it would have carpeted floors overhead, and yet the pounding suggests that is not the case. I wonder where this would go if I complained to the building manager. Nowhere, like any other apartment complaint with supposed neighbors. If this apartment is managed like the last four, and it does seem that way, there are no real neighbors as the building has been emptied in advance of my tenancy. This also seemed true for the three places that I lived in Seattle from 1999 to 2002.

I see that Rachael O. is getting extremely pissed at the harassment and gangstalking as detailed on her blog posting. She writes like I sound when dealing with perp jerkarounds in this apartment usually, though they are pulling them at my one hour cleaning job. Adding dirt back onto just-cleaned carpets and floors seems to be fun for them. I cannot imagine the mindset of the cretins that plan and perpetrate these inanities, but it gets extremely wearing to say the least. Cranking someone's angst for over five years all the time is decidedly sadistic and fucking depraved. One of my rage-ification lines, (actually, likely supplied by the perps themselves) is "your have fucked me enough, go and fuck your own kind for once". In her unfortuneate case, she has to deal with childhood abuse that she knows of, and the downstream traumatizations from it. I have no major recalled childhood traumatizations, but seemingly I was given recall deletion, possibly before trauma reactions became stored, but this is no Get Out of Jail Free card, as there is subconscious recollections that the perps cannot yet dislodge and then fuck with (delete). Which it seems, is why I get this fucking freakshow of gangstalkers and setups, all to stimulate subconscious recall which I assume the perps can remotely detect, as I cannot. So it seems that part of the program of adult abuse, harassment and gangstalking is childhood abuse and traumatization. Like, they don't get it; go fuck your own kind and leave TI's alone, every last one of them. And let them take a baseball bat to dozen of prime Fuckwits that have been messing with them.

Instead, what do I get? More laterally flying food and water droplets that magically scoot sideways through no applied force from me. Today's lunch making was an example; I am grating cheese over the tortilla in the fry pan and have the grater about 2" above the surface of the tortilla for grated cheese to drop directly below into a heap. Not good enough for the Fuckwits apparently; one grated chunck of cheese flys sideways by 2' to land on the window sill. Later small chunks of cheese "arrive" under my fingertips, another one "happens" to fall off onto the floor, and so it goes; cheese contact sampling for remote energetics interaction it would seem. Cheese is a big deal for the Fuckwits, just like bread, or more likely, the gluten in bread.

The water flicking is also getting stupider; as I am about to start shaving my face and am wringing out the face cloth, water shoots out and contacts the can of shaving foam and leaving a trail of water from it to the edge of the sink. This is a method to retain the properties of the water at the outset of shaving and its direct interaction with the shaving foam can. I reckon they will compare this energetics interaction to that of the foam applied directly to my face with the water applied from the same face cloth. And water flickings are showing up all over, and in places that make no sense as there wasn't water nearby. I reckon the runny nose fuckery, usually in concert with eating or drinking brown colored foods or liquids is also part of this same water placement inanity.

I had yoga earlier today, my once per week class that gets so much attention on the street after I get out and return back to my place. The perps continue to wobble me while doing balances, and I can feel them pushing me with their forcefield games, as my balance isn't that bad. And of course, a new balance pose gets extra applied fuckery to force my feet back onto the mat.

Whenever I get out of yoga there is always an immediate flush of some stunt from the perp's repetoire; today it was following me with a male gangstalker with two mid-blue colored plastic bins, one nested into the other, but skewed to expose more of the top bin. He erupted from a stairwell when I was walking by in the opposite direction, he turned 180 degrees behind me and then jaywalked to then parallel me for 40' and then "ended up" meeting me at the corner again after I had turned 90 degrees and crossed the street. It seemed that the fucker was making his turn immediately behind me while I had turned 90 degrees on the other side of the street about 30 seconds before him. Anyhow, he made out he was delivering them to a street parked commercial van and that was the end of that stunt. Then the posse of vagrants and fuckwits came on, backlit for the most part and with shade/lighting games to ensure that they were seen only in highlighted features, not the full natural light conditions. Suffice to say, many of them were wearing red, and on their cell phones.

Send a prayer for Rachael O. whose angst is so very apparent, and that she find freedom from her tormentors. Calling this one done, even if I haven't related the full measure of the jerkarounds and bizarre public behaviors of my captors.

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