Friday, December 05, 2008

Rebate Jerkarounds

And now a new game going down, the infamous rebate jerkarounds, this one much more blatant than past ones. Rebates are getting a bad name and for good reason; they don't deliver, or else the conditions are so strict that the rebate doesn't apply once the fine print is read, usually after purchase. So I avoid them like the plague after being fucked with and not recieving at least two rebates before overt harassment onset, 04-2002. And if one adopts the model that nothing that happens in my life is anything but scripted, then it would seem that rebate jerkarounds are nothing but a perp scam.

And so it was today, after opening the parcel, and then looking up the rebate form, the assholes have changed the date conditions on the rebate after the fact. The date range for valid rebates was Nov. 15 to Dec. 16, and since ordering in late November, why, the valid date range "changed" to Dec. 01 to Dec. 16. Unless my complaint reaches empathetic ears, I am screwed out of $20 thanks to OCZ playing fuck-me games. But of course they are only bit players in promoting the perps' interests, but for now, it will be the last fucking time that I buy OCZ anything (computer components).

The entire objective of the above was to get me pissed off and thereby primed for gangstalking when headed to the bus. Then another round of fuckery unfolded as the installed memory "didn't work". I went through at least three reboots over the day, and pulled out the new memory, and lo, this PC is working. So perhaps I got fucked into purchasing the wrong kind, or that it "needs" to be installed by someone else and it will magically work for them. It happens that ways all the time, and the perps don't let me install anything on the PC and so it has to be taken to a shop for the most basic things. The PC shenanigans got me pissed off before heading out to the one hour cleaning job at the Mazda dealership.

Then there, they sabotaged me again by having me walk away from a filling bucket. I either turned it off and they turned the faucet back on, or else they fucked me in some way thinking that happened. All to create a water mess for 20' of shop floor and get a fine coating of grease on the mop. So much for cleaning with it. I came into work 10 minutes early and got started 5 minutes late just to get me pissed off again. The boss man puts on this silent snit act, making himself very unapproachable, and this appears to be the governing interpersonal dynamic. Some of my regular contacts are jerks, and some are OK. If in the latter class, the association time is cut down and the person moves on, or I just don't get to meet them as often.

A fucking ugly day it has been, and in between I went to my perp-abetting parent's place and did the seeming neccessary babysitting job for my Alzheimers (acting) father. He lays on the puggled act very thick sometimes, and makes sure I notice that he is overdoing it. His big act was to come to lunch, eat the soup and not eat anything else, pretending he didn't know the verb to eat, nor to sit. It is fucking pathetic anyway you cut it; knowing to make himself to be that useless (acting), or being that useless for real. His apparent inability to cognitively understand the concept of eating and lunch incurred a later clean up by and for me to put the uneaten food back with the rest of it in the fridge. The sickos must need me to do this for some reason, as they must be experimenting on hundreds of cooperating shills and operatives in parallel somewhere.

On the bus on the way back it was full, and I had a regular freakshow in rotation in front of me. I did get a seat, and even moved to another one, and got some shit staring at me like he was pained to be sitting across from me. What in the fuck was that about? There were the usual short term travellers, only going three to five bus stops that didn't make any sense, various quasi-vagrants putting on the male long hair (Unfavored) and the big hat (Unfavored) show. And what is with all these males wearing red nowm including ball caps; it is getting stupid, and this even extends to pinks, orange pinks and that infernal carmine red color which I cannot stand.

I get to do a near repeat of this tomorrow; another babysit job on the play acting First Feral Father, the one that consigns his first born to be surveilled and life raped from the get go, just covertly. Then, 47 years later, he signs on again for overt intensified life rape and emotionally bails out by making himself seem to have dementia. No wonder I cannot stand the cowardly asshole, and I haven't got into the abuse part of it, nor the imposed learning difficulties that were evident in 1960 grade-wide testing. He never told me about these test results that he surely knew about as they were repeated in 1962 with the same outcome. And I will never forgive the First Feral Family parents as long as I have the freedom to do so for their participation in that heinous sandbagging of my cognitive function. I am getting the clunking and extreme typo sabotage to rage-ified levels, so it is time to leave this alone for now.

I dropped a comment at On Gangstalking by Rachael O. which references a recent article on this topic by Sarah Kershaw of the NY Times. Here are my comments about the article which I had addressed in an earlier blog posting. Perhaps the comments below are more succint in keeping the record straight as to what transpired in the interview.
The Kershaw article was a unobjective hack job of the worst kind; it was blatantly intended to discredit the TI community.

I was interviewed for about an hour on the phone with Sarah Kershaw. I gave her my 2002 to 2003 harassment history as it was the most turbulent, and it is likely that she is referring to me in this quote:

"including one man who said he had been hospitalized in psychiatric wards".

I told her the same doctor recanted his diagnoses two years later and said I was "being persecuted". I told her the debilitating head pain beams at that time were always blockable by metals, especially inside vehicles. I told her that the hospital gave me back the huge quantity of my medications that were said to have created the "problem". I told her that since the harassment began in 04-2002 there was an immediate change in public behaviour around me, aka ambulatory and vehicular gangstalking. I told her there were anomalous (400x normal) magnetic fields around me measured on an industrial gaussmeter in late 2002, and that this localized environment would be optimum to control plasma beams and masers which were in evidence since 04-2002. I also told her that delusions are singular, and if more than one patient has the same "delusion" in most of its detail as another patient, then it defies any clinical cause. This, I learned from a doctor who encountered this firsthand and came to the conclusion of covert nonconsensual human experimentation.

And there were other facts that I portrayed in the interview about organized harassment by unconventional means. And that she could see some of the evidence in the photographic form on my blog, this one ( She said she would call back to get the rest of the story and she didn't. Which suggests zero to none investigative journalism but instead, a hack job with a forgone conclusion dressed up with fluffy quotes from shrinks.

Just my opinion of course, but I was surprised that the NY Times was taking this topic on given their connections to the status quo. Anyhow, perhaps any TI publicity is good at this stage of the game. But it won't be Sarah Kershaw or the NY Times breaking this story anytime soon.
Just to keep the record straight, she didn't actually misquote me or slant my story in anyway, and there is only one possible reference to me which I identified above.

Time to call this ugly day done and ponder what kind of sleep deprivation games might continue today's fuckery and visitation to the home of the First Feral Family.

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