Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Noise Train

A near continuous train of noise came on about 0700h and until I got up at 0800h. The routine is that I plug my ears and then they come back with more noise immediately following the release of my fingers. And also, they are adding in more ear thwacking noise, as if there was a sudden suction release and then a pop sound, usually in both ears, even if one is plugged with the pillow and back of my wrist (head down on pillow side), and the other is plugged with a finger. And no matter how gently I release my fingers, they inflict these sudden popping thwacks to my ears, even if my fingers aren't on my ears. It is all part of the game; something like Microsoft's strategy; embrace, extend and exploit. In practical terms, it means create the cause (noise), then the putative solution (plug ears), extend the noise fuckery games (add on thwacking noise every time) and thereby exploit for another iteration.

When up and about, the outside traffic noise suddenly abates, and the above entire train of noise stops, save the odd strategic continuation, often with brown colored foods in my mouth or recounting past harassment stunts and the responsible players and Fuckwits of the day. Once online, there are varying ramp ups of noise, then I wear the earmuffs, then some noise gets punched through, then I take them off and plug my ears again, and somewhere in all these interations of this cycle I get a phone call, a method to then apply an electromagnetic device to my ear and mouth. And so the cycle goes for the morning.

Though today, my brother called and indicated that he needs more leaf raking, so I expect that I will be off to help out, then do the bus trip back into town with my attendant freakshow with the odd "starter blonde" and then the Fuckwit dudes with their cell phones, save the odd one who strangely doesn't get on the bus after waiting for it. All the while at my brother's place the noisescape will continue; usually more aircraft noise and motorcycle noise along with sirens to keep me company raking leaves. This should be the final round, and it is interesting that it is scripted the second day with my new eyeglasses on. I wonder what visual distortion fuckery will be in store for me in these circumstances.

Back from raking leaves this afternoon, and the one hour cleaner job at 1745h. The leaf raking task ended up being wet from extracting leaves from garden plants and beds, and that was the excuse for the perps to then dye my hands yellow as if it came from inside of the gloves I was wearing. More color games, and I still cannot get it off. Needless to say, there were plenty of yellow dressed gangstalkers on my walk to the local bus stop near his place, and then yellow vehicles acccompanying the bus into downtown. When my brother picked me up I made use of his vehicle to transport this PC to a nearby computer store to get the memory installed. I had attempted to install it myself, but lo, if it just didn't work. The perps still won't let me do any repairs on the PC, but this time they sucked me into attempting and then shut the PC down. Only when I removed the memory I installed did this PC run again. So... it cost me $40 in labor for that excursion on top of the $25 I paid for OCZ memory, assuming the $25 rebate check arrives. The memory sticks spent at least six days sitting around on the shelf immediately above this PC, so I suspect that was also part of the perp's big interest in their heavy gangstalking coverage today. And also, the PC was at the shop all the time I was away, so that concordance might of also been of perp interest as well.

When I took the PC to the computer store the gangstalking action was all over; three same red vehicles parked together when I got out of the building, my brother fussing over the PC and ensuring it was bounded by a blue plastic recycle box on one side, and a cardboard box on another, all to make sure it wouldn't slide around in his van. We only had to go some 200', but as he does the perps' bidding, he puts on extra obsessive carefulness. And it was truly a freakshow on the gangstalking circuit; that short drive to the computer store and then afterward. I have never seen so many shiftless males wandering about, not seeming to have a day job, and at least a third of them wearing the color red in some manner; as a hat, coat, backpack, shoes, you name it, the men have gone red in this town.

So when I returned via bus, and walked to the computer store I had my gangstalking freakshow again; my lead-ahead gangstalker entered the store ahead of me and did a "just stand there" routine, and once I paid for the repair and was humpfing the PC on the street, the gangstalking action was heightened all the more. I had the regular shiftless males of this building, at least six of them, lined up and walking along, doing their gangstalking along with other vagrants and near-bums and their shopping carts filled with plastic bags. I was also witness to a six-abreast configuration, equi-spaced line of gangstalkers the width of the crosswalk proceeding on the walk signal; it is rare that I see this amount of coordination, but there they were, crossing the street ahead of me, and then one of them crossed behind them and came to "join me" by standing behind me at the adjacent orthogonal pedestrian crossing. This purposeful standing behind me is getting irksome to say the least.

The cleaning job took the "usual" 75 minutes, and the boss man had given up telling me it can be done in an hour or less. I moving fast all the time, and I cannot even get close. When I had finished the mopping in the upstairs bathrooms, the last thing I do, he was sitting in the service area on the customer seating. I told him that I had just finished the mopping and that I was done, and all I had to do was empty the mop bucket, put the cleaning kit away, and switch out the lights. So after a minute or so of wheeling the mop bucket to the sink, he calls out to me and tells me not to empty the bucket. So why the fuck didn't he tell me when I was near him, and before I moved it away? Anyhow, I bring the bucket back and he gave me a lesson on handling the mop and told me I had to do this one area once per week. Somehow he knew I had not mopped it, repeating his unerring detection of another area that hadn't been mopped, and had missed until then. And lo, if he didn't also "know" that I "forgot" (read, was mind-fucked as I hadn't forgotten until tonight) to take out the recycle garbage out to the bins. And then he tells me that I "forgot" to refill the toilet paper roll in the mechanic's washroom last night, also something I had been regularly checking. So this job is devolving into being mentally sabotaged while he "finds out" these imposed "lapses" that are remotely applied. I just don't forget that much, especially when there is a physical component to it, as well as the kinesthetic actions of observing and replacing if need be. With this kind of shit going down every day on the job, it makes me wonder when I will be allowed to compentently undertake my duties. Obviously, error and oversight of the pre-harassment days wasn't enough fuckups for them, and so they create more for me to deal with. Maybe the summertime daffodil bulb picking wasn't so bad after all (save the loonies as coworkers). And I suspect that there will be a repeat of this job in 2009; I learned that the cleaning job will have its hours moved back with daylight savings time, enabling me to keep both jobs with time for a quick dinner between them. This is going to be a long haul of harassment; easily two more years with the assholes pounding on me if their agenda is nearly as long as it seems.

More sirens as I type this, but large motorcycle noise is always worse, at least for me. And I heard plenty of them when raking leaves today. Time to call this one done and ponder what ludicrousness will unfold tomorrow when I go to an induction session about a social program to supply training.

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