Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two Outings

A two event outings today, then a later (1730h) 10 minute walk to the car dealership to do my one hour of cleaning, more like 1.5 though, to get plenty of exposure time to toilets, cardboard boxes and paper wrapped parts (brown colors both over black colored car body parts), vacuum cleaners, mopping (boss man's mop is green, mine is red), the ever ubiquitous plastic bags and last, but not least, new and used vehicles. I cannot think of a better perp setup that offers so much exposure to the objects and colors they are so fixated for and have me exposed to, if not even touch at length. The latex gloves also get attention by a mysterious dark yellow "showing up" on them from no known source.

I went to the ATM this morning to deposit yesterday's paychecks; one for the half month, and then another as a Christmas bonus. The perps seem content to keep me in the hole on my line of credit, and perhaps this is a way to prompt me to sign up for the dreaded farm work this spring, begining in Febuary, picking daffodil flowers with the thieves. It is a piece rate job, by the cut flower, and one has to guard one's pickings, belongings and tools all the while doing the job in often cold and wet conditions. I was well briefed on the details when doing the bulb picking job this summer. I hope it doesn't come to that, but one never knows what the perps have in mind, and what their specific objectives are as they vary.

I had my posse of redcoats while out, and one in particular was on a charity drive, at the same location I happened to pass by on this afternoon's outing to the computer store to get more black ink for the printer. This person's outfit has white markings on in the form of a Red Cross outline, and like all things red, there has been plenty more activity in planting this color in my face. The TV I saw at my parent's place two days ago (Sunday) had plenty of extra red shading and augmentation, and then after my parents departed for bed, I got to see Salma Hayek in Desparado for some 30 minutes before I gave up on it. Is there anyone more beautiful than her? I thought it interesting that during the imposed incarceration period of this harassment in 2003, the film Frida came out with Salma Hayek, and I saw it then and loved it. Anyhow, I have no idea as to if she is a particular theme in this harassment or not, and I am sure she is totally oblivious to it in any event. Pardon my riffing here.

Yesterday's blonde woman in front of me on the bus was selectively blocking red dressed passengers in front of her. She would move from side to side so the same redcoat Fuckwit could be in view on the right or left side of the blonde woman's head. More of this energetic penumbric shadow games to indulge in some techno-talk. I call it "blonde aura", where the Unfavored person/color is placed behind the Favored person/color. Regular readers will know that I am frequently assigned an introductory attractive blonde woman gangstalker who is then replaced, or associated with other less desireable Unfavored specimens. Today, on the street, they put a East Indian male (two Unfavored classes) 4' from a Favored attractive blonde woman at the opposite end of the crosswalk while waiting for the pedestrian signal to change. If I don't care for certain demographic groups, and never make any kind of bigoted or otherwise offensive behaviors, then why do I have a beserk collection of Fuckwits around me all the time, and when online, arranging the same Unfavored demographic group members to be in the etheric penumbra of the Favored. Whatever the problem is for the perps isn't mine, and I totally resent being hounded by this freakshow, never mind that all my predilections and personal habits are known to a huge community of players whose seeming task it is to stimulate some kind of deep subconscious reaction.

Other color related fuckery was this morning when I went to a particular specialty candy store to get some marzipan for my daughter at Christmas. I had already been skunked at two stores, and of course there was plenty of chocolate there too. A brown skinned woman gangstalker entered the store to loiter while I finished my transaction, but that wasn't enough; as soon as I exited the store a coffee bearing Caucasian woman swooped in to then tail me on my next journey leg. Coffee bearing perps seems to be a method of a maintaining a portable brown color near me, often with addtional members of the Coffee Corps headed in differing directions. And I suppose, the fact that I have coffee each morning might also have something to do with this, as they might be attempting to replicate some kind of brown color interaction they can detect when I have breakfast each morning. I don't fucking care, I want to be left alone and compensated for this fucking hell that someone cast me into through no action of my own. I will refrain from detailing the litany of fuckups that seems to constitute major research/harassment themes, colors and material types, but it all points to fucking criminal ineptitude, in full measure with the criminal nature of this surveillance, thought/mind manipulations and harassment by gangstalkers and the constant adversity that is imposed by extra-conventional gravitic games.

More loafing online after the cleaning job. The streets were full of gangstalkers when I set off, and I suppose the excitement was that I had a yellow colored envelope in my pocket after stopping in at the computer shop as an ink cartridge was availible. I was told that it would be in tomorrow, and lo, if I didn't get a call at 1630h to tell me that it had come in. I asked when they closed, and they said it would be 1730h, which made it perfect for the perps to have me go and get the refilled ink cartridge in its yellow envelope, and then with it stuffed in my pocket, the swarms of Fuckwits were abounding. These yellow envelopes are highly featured by gangstalkers as a seeming prop for a standard color and material (paper). There has been no end of them packing yellow envelopes of late, even more than the absurd "banana stalking".

And I noted on the city bus yesterday that the perp were putting on many Yellowcab taxis, at least 10 on this one arterial. And part of the fuckery was to have the side of the bus evenly sprayed with a dirt slurry so the true colors and full shapes were not visible through the glass. I also noted three yellow vehicles on the same side of the street yesterday, seeming to be part of a distance dependent testing as I walked toward them, all on the same block. An accelerated yellow color testing of late, and of course the hikey-bikey Fuckwits are out in their bright yellow "safety" clothing.

Tonight, the perps jerked my ass around bigtime by planting these very small (less than 3mm) disks of bright holographic laser etching on the floor that was about to be cleaned. The assholes made them out to be jewels, per planted notion at first, but no, and then proceeded to jerk me around and foil my grasp in picking them up. Eventually I was allowed to pick them up with wet toilet paper, consuming more time while the mop was ready for its initial use. The plan seemed to be to prevent me from mopping right away and slow me up over this fucking little game.

Then another weird stunt; I arrive at the front door of the car delearship and this seeming sales dude gives me this big stare and asks if there is anything he could do for me. I tell him I am part of the janitorial staff and that I needed to let someone know I was here so the alarm won't get set. Then he says, "right, we met". No, we hadn't met, and you made out that you didn't know who I was.

Then the boss man got into one of his faux snit acts; he tells me that I didn't fill the mop bucket up, and I tell him that I did. He reiterates his statement, and I repeat what I said, and then he "happens" to see it out the window exactly where it is always placed when filled. (Except when he hides it of course). No apology, nothing. So what was the point of that blatant belligerence? All to tell me his a fucking ornery asshole when he wants to be? Been there, done that.

Continuing on my theme of which discovery is the best candidate for being the ether, another study has found that there is a surrounding plasma cloak to the Earth, and there are rotational considerations (day and night). The perp's beserkness of having me doing the same things in the day and night suggests they are indeed aware of this discovery by us mortals, and that they are far ahead in using this plasma field to jerk subjects around remotely, hence the high magnetic fields around me.

More brutal news; I have on occasion noted that the perps like to piss on a party. That is, plan some grievous intervention at a normally happy event for a grouping of people. Hence, the rather odd frequency of the supposedly inadvertent atrocities of US forces (usually) bombing or shooting up wedding parties in Afganistan. I am sure they do their due diligence, but somehow, events go all wrong, and a large number of once festive people are struck with a ferocious tragedy. And so, we have a local version where the company president get shot at the staff Christmas party. A tragic event of the first order, that is thankfully rare in this country owing to our restrictions on the ownership of handguns and firearms. I won't go as far to state that the perps were involved, but they do at least revel in these kinds of events. They like me to know about it by noisestalking me as I read these gruesome stories. What they get out of me when I am presented with such horrific and despairing outcomes I don't know, but I would not be surprised that they had a hand in fomenting the players and conflict.

I am doing my bookmarked links clean up, hence these rather disparate paragraphs as I blog on. This article by Eliot Spitzer contends that the Bush administration attempted to block enactment of predatory lender laws in every state that was attempting to deal with this issue. Hence, suggesting the current mortgage crisis in the US was manufactured to a large degree. I don't doubt that conclusion, but why would the Bush people be so rabid about promoting bad lending practices. As one age told a conference where I was in attendance, "when someone behaves irrationally they either are irrational, or else someone else is jerking their chain in fulfillment of unknown agendas". Take your pick; has the Bush administration taken anything on that made sense? Start with the Iraq war and go from there.

I am done for another day; I hope these off harassment ramblings are of interest to all of you in blogland, the few that stop by if my Google statistics are to believed.

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