Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Rain Day

A full on rain this morning with an extra strange dimming down of my apartment to have me keep the lights on until at least 1030h. I see that the construction activity (read, reverberating and resonant noise source), has erupted outside. The ever-stalking boom trucks (overhead service boom to access overheight fixtures) has arrived on the job as well. Regular readers will know that they even cluster these vehicles, two or three sometimes (on stand-by, har, har), seemingly for gangstalking formations. And at least once, they had one 4' overhead "attending" to a traffic light control that I happened to be passing under on my once regular walking beat. Not that there was any noted disfunction an hour beforehand, nor was there any added features afterward. All traffic controls in this city have been converted to LED lighting long ago, and these light sources seem to have an extra radiance and/or brightness flare about them, especially of late. All the city buses have LED tail lights, and there are some odd jumpy segmented beams coming off them, as if it is a chopped beam source, especially noted when the bus pulls away.

My new eyeglasses have arrived today, and so I will likely venture out and get them. These are progressive lenses, meaning that a seeing close in prescription has been blended into the seeing far away prescription. Bifocals without the line in them in other words. And as this is a first time with this new close-in lens, it should make for great perp exploitation and fuckery; they love to hammer my vision, and this might serve as an excuse to do this on a full time basis instead of the transient vision fuckery I rountinely get, often with simultaneous external noise, internal head noise of no ostensible cause, and fake touches and jabs on my fingertips, feet, knees, and inside my arms. Just another confluence of strange phenomenon.

My new glasses are giving me "trouble", read, perp fuckery, in that the right side goes out of focus much more that the left side. I suspect that I will be revisiting the optician a few more times like for so many new things get sabotaged as the perps cannot deal with it for whatever reason. They had five white trades vans parked outside the optician, some with the Fuckwit sitting in the driver's seat for the entire time. I would of passed them by when approaching and departing the store as well as having them visible through the glass while getting them fitted. One of the trades vans was parked in mid-street and unattended even, such is the intensified white truck/van clustering that began yesterday, as noted in the posting then. I had my usual horde of males and other Unfavoreds wander around in much greater density than normal, and they even put on a negro to sweep ahead of me entering the optician's.

I had the same blonde lady fuss over me as last time in fitting the glasses, and for whatever reason, the perps had me in a bummed out mood for no reason whatsover. Again, an three strong Asian contingent came to stand at the front counter like last time, and another seeming assistant was on "just sit there" duty, making sure to stay stock/stalk still. My seat had been pre-warmed by the seeming store assistant who I think is the same woman I helped at the Sierra Club last year, but the perps have fogged my recall of her and making sure it is uncertain when this never happened before. I never forgot a face until mid 2006 when they first fucked this capability and it hasn't been the same since. Just before I was to depart the opticians, and just like a bad detective movie, two middle age males in long raincoats arrived together, only 10 seconds before I exited through the same door myself. One was in a fedora hat which is rare in this town that someone less than 70 y.o. would wear such a thing unless it was for campy purposes. The one in the hat put on a purposely fake smile while while I was glancing at him, but it wasn't directed at me thankfully. I don't why the perps put on these little fake acts for me to see and instantly dismiss as just more of their jerking around. One fake act was in the summer when the perp pretended to bang his head on the overhead handrail on the bus; he totally missed banging his head, but made it into a big deal anyway.

The two walk block back to my place after visiting the optician was even more gangstalker densified; the faux businessmen and then the "just stand theres" who weren't there 10 minutes earlier. Other Unfavoreds were granny pairs in clashing orange and red Goretex parkas, one pair in each direction and same gaudy color combination, then more male "gut-struts", making sure that I saw their large gut hanging out past their raincoat when they ordinairily should of buttoned it up to hide it, and then the red kerchief adorned dude in dull black clothing 10' ahead of me who managed to know when to speed up his pace when I sped mine up to pass him, and stayed ahead of me the entire latter block. I had a red eyeglass cleaning cloth in my take-home bag from the optician, so perhaps the assholes were attempting some kind of color calibration from it.

So, I expect plenty of gangstalking action tonight when to/froe-ing from my one hour cleaner job at the local Mazda dealership as these new glasses seem to be major bait. No doubt more things will also "go wrong" on the job tonight. Last night I was early, and lo, if the boss man was late, and needed to be let in at the door I was cleaning at the time. More of these inside/outside passages/gangstalking scenarios. And anytime I look outside from the building, why, there are redcoated gangstalkers passing by in the car lot.

I wasn't too surprised to see my regular elevator gangstalking Asian dude when outbound to the car dealership cleaning job. I was a little surprised to see a three dude loitering act at the door, and many others on the way. Then at the car dealership I had a two dude conference at the sink I needed to use to fill the bucket, and then when they filtered out, why another black clothed dude "needed" to get by me on the way to the mechanic's washroom, easily the most disgusting one. He came from the Service area and walked further to get to a fugly washroom, all to pass by while filling the freaking mop bucket. What is so exciting about that, save that it is made of brown colored plastic? Both are hot harassment subjects; the color brown and all plastics, especially in my proximity and travelling at speed.

I had plenty of perp fuckery tonight; these little quarter coin sized pieces of paper kept flying off the paper towel roll once I ripped a piece off. And then this piece had to be dealt with in a different manner, say put in the plastic garbage bag in advance of the rest of it being put there once used for the glass door cleaning. The perps also had me "forget" to do a garbage can upstairs of the Service area, one I hadn't forgotten on my own. The refilling of the washroom pink colored soap for the dispenser went all wrong as there was a leak in the bottle, a designed one as it happened to allow air to replace the used soap. This was all news to me, and hence a bunch of it went down the sink where I was filling it. Then the boss man tells me I have two more bathrooms to mop as "part of my job", the first time he has let me in on this in close to two weeks. He follows it up with his usual rejoinder, "I was doing it for you". Lets see, I think this is the second time this little vignette has played out and it fits the pattern of incrementally increasing job description by de facto retroactive application of "responsibility". Big joke that, but it fits the pattern and that includes keeping me out of the loop. Funny, I didn't see it described in the janitorial duties. But I did clean some extra ugly corners of the lino, and am wondering if mopping is doing nothing more than dispersing filth so it cannot be visually detected. I am not a professionally trained cleaner, so I won't get into this one.

And the perps did play havoc with my vision tonight with the new glasses; all manner of aberations and double vision games along with some applied low level head pain that was clogging my thoughts, also remotely controlled.

I got a strong posse tailing me on the way home, in the rain, and then in the local supermarket. One woman followed me for three quarters of my trip through the store and kept visiting the locations that I was at. Then they arranged a four-way swarm at the chicken counter in the intersection of two major aisles, and thankfully they had a free checkout so I could get the fuck out there, only to be heavily covered for the last 150' back to my apartment. And lo, if the not-so-secret Asian Man, per above, who "joined me" when outbound, wasn't in place on my floor when I exited the elevator on my return. Talk about good gangstalking service, this strange dude has become my pet Fuckwit almost. Based on last night's two blonde boys gangstalking with their seeming parents, and this dude and the profusion of male gangstalkers including today's gangster-like dudes at the optician (per above), it seems that the perps are on a major remedial drive to rehabilitate males as I regard them in subconsciously. They are of the Unfavored demographic groups, but their frequency had been ramped up in recent months, and it seems that cute boys in blonde hair are being used as some kind of leverage that is associated with attractive blonde women. So goes the perps games after 6.5 years of life-rape, pissing around with blonde boys in dim-lit conditions as a surrogates for attractive blonde females if I read last night's gangstalking games correctly. In other words, the perps are sucking wind, and cannot figure out how they seem to have traumatized me in my developmental years which were given a memory wipe. Or at least, that is how it seems, and the perp activity has been relatively consistent as to gangstalkers from Favored and Unfavored demographic groups, the former usually being an entre to the latter.

And with two outings today, and with the first during a lull in the rain, and the latter being rained upon for the homebound leg of my outing, that the perps are also ramping up exposure to rain. Just about always they have me venture outside before or after a rainfall, with the exception of a very light "fairy rain". The "fairy rain games were last week, and today it has been mostly raining with the exception of my outings, save the last part of the second one. I don't know what their problem is with respect to rainfall and why they have metered out my exposure to it with such carefulness over the past six years. One winter, 2004 to 2005, they seemed to arrange such little precipitation that the skihills didn't even get sufficient snow to operate. I know it is a big stretch to think that weather can be arranged, but in fact, the link to the work of Trevor James Constable of Rain Engineering suggests it is eminently doable. Mainly, I notice the weather patterns and it consistently fits with what I am doing at the time, and over six years, I have become accustomed to this being another part of my much harassed existence. We never had so many "fairy rains" in this town before, and when they start happening each time I exited a certain store, three times in succession over two weeks, I became attuned to the weather manipulation possibilities. I sense there is a big payoff for the perps if they can figure out their wet weather problems as they very much like to have water around me as it enhances the success of their remotely applied energetics activities. Hence, being on a swim team for 15 years, three times per week. Now, they don't let me swim at all, and will remotely invoke a panic attack if I do. Other stunt have included opening up a fire hydrant for no reason and having the water spurt 10' into the street, flicking water around me on the floor while shaving, adding water drops on me after towel dry while shaving, and various other splashings, "drop hops" that fly up from the toilet on never-before trajectories, vehicle washing games when I owned a vehicle, and others that don't come to mind.

I am still feeling disoriented from these new glasses and there are some increasing problems as to how they are to fit. I had a custom pair of cable temples added to the last pair and that solved all the games of them slipping down my nose, or falling off my face. That remedy worked well, and now I will likely attempt the same solution, though I note that the retailer of these eyeglasses add-ons has closed down. Perhaps this will become a web search for the same objective, something the perps like me to do; undertake the same task with differing methods.

Time to call this one done for the day and hopefully tomorrow will bring less visual impairment games. I have a sense that these games go worse over the day which suggests that the perps learned how to emulate them with direct-to-visual-cortex manipulations, something I knew they could do since 2007.

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