Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peanut Butter Run

I went outside for a short grocery shopping to get the national Saturday newspaper and a few things I was low on, one being peanut butter. That it is both brown colored and contains digestible oils means it is of intense perp interest. I had quite a posse with me, and they even put on a Fuckwit from my former swim club. This was the same dude who "decided" to swim with us much slower folk in the adjacent lane when he normally swims in the fast lane. It was a Sunday night and there was a paucity of other swimmers, and lo, if this dude didn't swim down the center lane doing his own routine in a bi-directional lane where we swim up one side and down the other. In other words, the rules weren't for him, and he even arranged a collision with me. I always wondered why didn't the coach admonish this act of flagrant defiance of club swim rules, and of course, the perps arranged it. He wasn't the only assigned swim club "basher", as there has been at least one in each of the two clubs I swam with.

I had my dudes around me at the checkout when on the grocery shopping tript; it seems that this is the new checkout regimen for gangstalkers. This wasn't too different than last night when my brothers and my father closed in on me at the supper table, before dinner was served. And so it was last night with the First Feral Family Boxing Day dinner, chasing me from one room to the next with these coordinated crowding acts, at least three as I recall. The perps cannot get enough of their fuckers in close to me and of course it cannot be just one person as that would entail interpersonal interaction which is not allowed. That they have me socially isolated is without question, and it fits the pattern of other TI's.

So it would seem that the perps are attempting to emulate the state of being in a crowd, and had my two brothers and father in on the act with my back to the wall. At one point during this they let me sound off on gangstalkers, and then had me accuse my father of being the fucking bastard who consented to a life of harassment and abuse. Just as I finished saying that, he turned around and gave me the stare as I was staring at him. Not only did he have exceptional hearing to pick up what I said as it wasn't loud enough to be heard at that distance IMHO, he had his timing down pat while I was staring at him, the Fuckwit Quisling of all time, consigning me to this abuse from birth. Anyhow, it was another example of why I don't buy into his supposed dementia act, as these setups and the timing are nearly always perfect. He did his gangstalking with his coat on in the house, and oddly, no one insisted that he take it off. And lo, if he didn't have a wide brimmed common gangstalking hat with him that he kept in his hands. I suppose I should call it "hat stalking" as one of my brothers was in a white ball cap and then left it behind his chair, the inside of it facing the dinner table. Presumably it was some kind of surrogate for his head and for whatever energetics it may have had. The perps have me loathing white ballcaps of late and I don't know what the significance of that is, except to note it is yet another intrusion upon my own predilections and need'nt interest any other party as it is totally harmless, assuming there is a subconcious reaction the perps are fishing for by presenting them so often.

While grocery shopping I got the second consecutive gangstalking/obstruction at the coffee grinding machine. This time a red-orange anoraked Fuckwit doing the pop-up and the headspin while I was looking at him to see if he was legitimately making use of the device. (He wasn't, and then hung around to lead me out of the store five minutes later). The perps continue to want me to make an attempt to get my selected coffee ground up, but have arranged for a Fuckwit gangstalker to be obstructing it when I want to use it. I don't why they are doing this now, but doing it at late evening hours and now daylit hours seems to be part of the game, never mind the Redcoat obstruction.

I am getting extensive plasma fuckery on this new 22" LCD panel; various off-horizontal bands of yellows and purples are in a constant flux along with the blackish filamentous masers that are now always visible in some form. Which might be the reason they decided I needed a new bigger monitor, all the more to flash in my face.

An evening of troving through saved bookmarks passed by, often with some odd Windows/Firefox behavior such as the bookmark folder/category being supplied instead of me choosing it. This happened at least five times, and the second part of the process is to delete the bookmark from the Unsorted folder after it being bookmarked in an appropriate classified folder. And lo, if "someone" hadn't deleted the very bookmark I was to delete before I could return to the bookmark manager page. Most fascinating to have this "done for me", and correctly even. Small wonders never cease.

It is time to call this one done and post this, dull as it has been.

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