Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New LCD Panel

The big excitement for the perps was the arrival and fraught set up of my new 22" LCD panel. As I type this, the snow shovel banging is continuing, and before that it was a supposed steer skid tractor to move the snow about. The latter seemed like a noise event, as I never saw it working and looked a number of times. The sirens also came on to join in, at least two cascades. Most of the elevated noise levels were the "usual" kind; overhead pounding that tracked me from desk to kitchen when having tea and chocolate after the install, then heavy duty vehicles were idling outside, then 15 seagull were careening about in flight with a full noise repetoire, a file of 10 or so gangstalkers was on the sidewalk on the snow with one of them walking by the group, thumpy "neighbor" stereo noise also joined the fray, outside male voices and a few others that cannot be recalled.

As usual, it was a nonstop hassle to put this new monitor together; cables became tight, the instructions were terrible and didn't follow the Windows standard, and the entire process of keeping me hyperalert while another jerkaround comes along is just too tempting for the assholes to pass up. That is the way it goes with the Fuckwits; everything new has to be a hassle, and even routines get totally jerked with. And this new LCD monitor is huge compared to a 15" predecessor, and intensely bright as well, with the native menu commands seeming to be mysteriously disfunctional. Bigger than Christmas it would seem, this new monitor, and offering all manner of stunt opportunities by way of stretching the fonts, adding in extra whitespace, then coloring the whitespace a light blue, and last, but not least, a big oversized 1/2" long blue on/off switch that is brightly lighted all the time. With a blue glow to the PC switch, and now this one on the LCD panel, they seem to be adding more bright colors into my peripherial vision as constant references. The good thing is no more horizontal scrolling; this has become a huge pain in the ass, and many of the regular websites had increased their text display width to create this hassle of late. I will have to see how all this goes, and I am sure acquiring new progressive lens eyeglasses about two weeks ago also fits some kind of related agenda with respect to this monitor display, associated text display and the rest of it. And too, with no digital display, that might be the next upgrade some day, hopefully when I can afford it this time. An acquisitional gloat, in part, all the above I am ashamed to say as some TI's don't have a regular place to call home, never mind the bling to fill it. Such is Christmas in TI Land; it is a indulgence for the complicit and the ignorant compared to these circumstances of constant duress.

Another siren cascade as I am about to blog off for now, through the earmuffs even.

More games and stunts tonight at my one hour per day job; the paper towel rolls somehow tumbled down on me and slightly sprained my right thumb, bringing back an injury they arranged in 1964 by way of brotherly rambunciousness. Only a slight sprain tonight, and matches my right small toe sprain that came from nowhere yesterday. The boss man finally let me in on the intensity of the work he was expecting, rather than rattling on as to how the job would only take 45 minutes when it took 75 minutes. This is a car dealership and it affords all the props the perps have been using for the last six years, specifically vehicular gangstalking. I have long noted the one component of the vehicular gangstalkers as the "Ladder Patrol" as they are often packing an excess of ladders on vehicles that are not even of a commercial nature, and often in sequential configurations that also involve varying ladder stringer compositions and colors. There are wood ladders, aluminum, non conductive fiberglass in yellow and an orange-red color. And for the last three days in the Service shop there has been a deep metallic red colored Mazda Tribute, same as a Ford Escape (parent's have this vehicle), with a pair of yellow fiberglass stringered ladders on it. The first night they even put one ladder exactly over the yellow painted concrete which denotes a caution area for a steeper slope in the concrete floor. Mighty accurate placement to say the least, and for the last two work evenings plus an off-day in between, both ladders have been on the roof rack, one cantilivered off the rear of the Tribute by 6'. It would seem to be another (oddly) extended "service job" on a common gangstalk vehicle color and configuration that just doesn't match the expectable (mine at least) reality of a busy downtown car dealership. There will be more yellow fiberglass stringered ladders parking outside my apartment soon, if the past is prologue.

All the automotive black body panel parts are ususally wrapped in brown paper or cardboard and many are rotated around in the parts section in differing orthogonal orientations along with the strange but persistent presence of two grocery shopping carts, the faux vagrant on-sidewalk "vehicle" of choice to deliver black plastic bags full of recycling returns, pop cans, plastic bottles etc. Regular readers will know that the perps are consumed with presenting brown colors and that they seem to view corrugated cardboard as their greatest leverage in impressing my (seeming) subconcious with the neutrality of this particular brown hue. A primer on the perp's brown color fixation is here. And yes, I did extra lugging of cardboard boxes today at work, and not forgetting that this very LCD panel is fresh from being packed in a brown cardboard box with white styrofoam inserts. An all-out brown cardboard show that was later eclipsed by the blondes.

They put on at least a dozen blonde women on my 10 minute walk back from the car dealership; through the window of a restuarant, a pair on the street doing seeming shopping, one just "hanging around" in the same dark and unpopulated corner as one last week in the same circumstances with her young son, both most strange that any woman would put themselves in this situation, putzing around in the dark on the periphery of downtown. And a final blonde driving from a parking lot to cross my path some 8' in front of me. Then an Asian show at my apartment; two coming out when I was entering, and then another showed up on my tail on his cell phone, and takes the adjacent elevator at nearly the same time I was taking one. The elevator control logic has been changed of late to have both open on the main floor when only one would open for all passengers. Thankfully, he wasn't exiting when I got to my floor, though who knows what is going on the instant I exit the situation. And for those irregular readers, brown skin tones are as much as part of the "brown stalking" as cardboard boxes; see the above linked posting to the right to get up to speed on this if you wish. (The role of blondes as gangstalkers, that is, attractive female blondes even in dimly lit situations and/or fleeting glances, seems to be as "starter stalkers", or as I usually refer to them as members of the few Favored demographic groups which often precede Unfavored groups, the latter partially characterized by brown skin tones). I don't mean to incite any kind of racial friction, but only relate this as a matter of observation that may have some basis as long ago traumatizations that remain in my subconcious, the reason these varying "brown elicitations" are arranged and/or paraded in my proximity. (See the lastmost link for a possible perp rationale).

Time to call this one done for now, and wonder what else the Fuckwits brought me for Christmas, that illusion/delusion that has long been dispensed with as most TI's can attest.

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