Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Blue Force for Financial Transactions

A busy morning with an informational interview and then onto Iris to order new glasses. As usual, the perps had me walking around elsewhere until finding the unmarked office of the software recruiting firm. The interview went OK, and it was more about the requirements of the training upgrade funding source to be than expecting to get a foot in the door jobwise. Six years out of working in technology is a long time, perhaps even two product change generations, if not more.

Then onto the optician's to view the eyeglasses that were going on sale this month. More correctly, there is a $100 "cash back", aka rebate, a strange way of discounting as there ever was. The entire rebate nonsense has got a bad name as the rebates are slow on coming, if at all. That was my experience when working in Seattle; some rebates never materialized. And as I had the perps covertly lurking in the background then, I still wonder what this is all about, as surely they had to be behind it.

After a suitable wait for the sales person, seeming to be only active one plus a woman in a tarty mid-blue shiny outfit with a short skirt and black and white cowboy boots, I finally recieved the sales assistant's attention. She, whom I had met before, is a middle aged blonde, attractive, save her smile for reasons I cannot quite define. I recall that she had crooked teeth, but I noticed that they were straight, whiter and tidy this time. I had her doting on me, not that I minded, and ended up ordering the progressive lenses and minimal frames so they won't be highly visible on my face. These are the same frame design as Sarah Palin's, but at less half the cost. There were some payment shenanigans, as I attempted to pay with my debit card that was rejected, and then paid with my charge card. My mother is going to subsidize the purchase a my Christmas present. The perps haven't let me build up any cash since last working the farming job in September. And just before the transactions were initiated another blonde woman customer arrives, and shortly afterward, a woman with a mid-blue scarf splayed across her chest arrived as well. This was the same hue and reflective fabric look as that of the other store assistant, the one in the ridiculous cowboy boots.

Regular readers might remember that the "Blue Force" has arrived for at least two financical transactions and buying decisions since September. They "arrived" for my decision as to which pair of safety toed boots to purchase (assuming it was me, and that it wasn't scripted), and kept walking around afterward, these two dudes who pretended not to know each other, and kept passing back and forth at the location I made the buying decision. Then, two weeks ago when helping my mother purchase a new phone set, two more blue dressed gangstalkers were loitering around, one in advance, and another immediately following the decision moment. I haven't figured out why the perps are so rabid about financial transactions, but they are, no matter the method or location; by check, online credit card, debit card, rebate mail out perhaps, and of course at the supermarket, clothing store and online. They also like to separate the acquisition decision from the location; when attempting to purchase the phone set for my mother, there was only one left in stock and no manual or box, so we left the store and went to Office Depot. There, the same phone set was also on sale, and it was then, with some orchestrated delays by my mother, she purchased the phone set.

At the optician's today, I got the reflective mid-blue dressed babe in the background, complemented by a big blue scarf of a purported customer arriving at payment time. And too, the woman sales assistant I was dealing with was blonde, the hair color of the first woman waiting customer. Curiously, they also put a East Indian dude to loiter around and almost revert into a senrry, so dumbstruck he was, by no seeming cause. Early in my visit to the optician they also had an red coated Asian woman doing the faux customer act, likely as some kind of reference or introductory color for calibration of some kind.

I have visited this particular eyeglasses store at least a half dozen times in the past year needing to replenish my lens cleaner as well as getting new nose pads for my current pair of glasses. (The perps dye the nosepads green in an incremental manner, as if this substance was some kind of oxidation, which it isn't, as the glasses are made of titanium. The dye "erupts" inside the nosepad and cannot be removed. I have never seen anyone's elses' glasses nosepads go green, so it must be some perp fuckery to apply some localized color near my eyes for their color reference games. This same substance also once "showed up" on the side of my Volvo for a few months, going back some 12 years or more.) This eyeglasses store has been the location of an number of way cute women sales assistants; interestingly, I knew at least two from other walks of life, and my recall of them was totally dithered so I was not allowed to recognize them at the time, and only hours later. As I have said, I never, ever, forget a face, and there has been two such incidents at this store. One past woman saleswoman/shill was a former neighbor of mine, a dancer by trade at the time, and then here she is, an optician's assistant. The second woman was a blonde woman I had met a year ago a few times in the course of volunteering at the Sierra Club. Funny how neither of them said anything about recognizing me, and as mentioned, my never-fail recall of facial features was fucked with so to not recognize them at the time.

So I reckon, this was the "big event" the perps had been leading up to; getting a series of visitations to the store over the past year, some with known associated individuals as store staff with recognition dithering applied to me, and then have me finally get on with ordering glasses, something I have put off for the past 10 years. There was two large commercial delivery trucks outside for the event, one a reflective metal, the other white. Some of the oncoming gangstalkers were wearing the same color of blue, and there additional red colored vehicles added on the street, and someone standing at the corner in a red shirt, not intending to cross at the crosswalks, but doing sentry duty. And lo, if another gangstalker wasn't wearing the same red hue and passing by, crossing the street.

Other likely perp excitement earlier today was their force play over a switch between bottles of olive oil when cooking the tortillas. The end of the first bottle coincided with cooking the first tortilla on both sides, and the start of the new bottle was with cooking the second tortilla in my ever regular diet (twice per day). This is big news, as they haven't attempted this in over five years of cooking the same foods the same way. Similarly, they have been arranging for a toilet paper roll swapover while taking a crap, twice in succession when needing a new roll. Not too exciting news for me though, as it means that after six years of abusive life-rape, this is where the assholes are at, fucking with differing lots, same package/brand eating mostly the same food, day after day. Regular readers might recall past olive oil flicking stunts of the perps, and in 2004 or 2005 they pulled a grocery plastic bag from my hand containing only olive oil and smashed it onto the ashphalt surface I was walking upon. Thereafter a big oil splat was in place for me to pass by to my vehicle.

It is cleaning time again, my one hour per day job for which I also get messed around as to how long it is taking. I was ready to quit after Saturday, attempting to get 115 minutes of work done in 60 minutes, and lo, if there wasn't a big "improvement" yesterday, now down to 75 minutes. Which suggests my watch was fucked with along with the boss chiming in to tell me it was "correct". I wonder what the next gig is, and when it is; the perps seem to be warming me up to the prospect of employment, but aren't ready to have me work fulltime at one location.

There were five gangstalkers waiting for me at my building entrance when I returned from the cleaning job at the local Mazda dealership. And of course, there, they can put vehicles all around me, new and used, and in whatever color they want, and even elevate them on the hoists. Tonight, a red Mazda was featured and raised about 5' on the hoist with two black colored ones parked in the service bays. And lo, if there wasn't a red Mazda gangstalking vehicle with two black pickups ahead of it, and a black sedan behind it, all four of them making the same turn at an intersection some 80' from my apartment building. Another red Mazda was parked facing the opposite direction as I was walking that last leg, and lo, if there wasn't five gangstalkers in front of the building, like greeters Two were on sentry duty leaning against respective buildings either side of the entry area, another at the door, and two oncoming dudes. Talk about coverage, the assholes were all over me tonight.

Other excitement for the assholes might have been that I wore my runners for the first time today at 1700h, my earlier town activities were in my dress shoes and nice slacks. They were a green grey color, and yes, there was an inordinant number of loitering Fuckwits wearing various shades of green while transiting from the interview to the optician.

And I see that the perps blocked me from using my debit card when I had plenty of line of credit to pay for the eyeglasses, and so I had to go through a second transaction to pay with my credit card. Funny how all these events keep "erupting" over paying for something. I also had two gangstalkers on me when mailing my rebate request envelope earlier. Should my mail have any financial contents I can be sure that a gangstalker is hanging around the mailbox too. They can't get enough of it, and routinely fuck me around when I was paying by check in the mail. Thank goodness those days are over and I am allowed to pay online like I was doing until they took out my PC in 2002-3.

More covetous reading about high end stereo equipment for the last two hours, not that I am in the market, and that my music listening is highly constrained to say the least. About once per two months I get a music listening evening, and then nothing for a long time. I haven't yet figured out why I get directed to look at the stereo gear; there are a few theories though. The perps like me to read about such equipment as well as other things as if I want to own it, which is fiscally impossible. There is the bookmarking aspect which they like to noisestalk, and there is the predominant box shapes that they like me to view. Like I say, I cannot figure it out and it is an idle way to pass the time.

Two days ago, when watching 60 Minutes at my parent's place, the perps turned me into an emotional wreck when viewing the story of Monica Brown, an 18 year old who won the Silver Star for combat duty valor. I don't normally react to these kinds of stories, but the perps have been jerking with me so that I do, and made me teary over it. But the interesting coincidence component of this is in the name; Brown is my mother's maiden name, and by itself that isn't a big deal as it is a fairly common name. I haven't mentioned anything to date about the Monica name, but it has been prominently featured in the harassment mind games, as well as having me "happen" to read words such as "moniker", "Santa Monica" with a lot more frequency than pre-overt harassment normality. I will leave it at that, but it is at least interesting to have one person's first and last name embody two largely separate strands of names that have some bearing on my entire harassment show. I will leave it at that for now, and call this one done for the day.

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