Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas in Virtual Prison

I just had this deleted on me between browser tab changes so here it goes again; the John Prine song, Christmas in Prison comes to mind after being fucked with in terms of knowin where the store is that I set off for to purchase a gift certificate my daughter for Christmas. The only fucking Christmas shopping I do, and the assholes fucked my identically as last year in the same circumstances.This is the way it seems when one is not allowed to find the store one set out for, and there are all the freaks of the Unfavored demographic groups that have come out to accompany me along with the strange aggregations of vehicles. I am still at my apartment, and I was not taken anywhere and nor was I in contact with any LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) or such like.

A day full of arranged sirens, noises of no known (or seen sources), the odd overhead clunking or pounding, protracted brake squealings and many others. They even put on the 1960's siren sound with the modern day version as part of a multi-siren cascade. As is nearly always the case, no actual vehicles were seen or detected as the source, and an abrupt end to all of them, which may have been timed to a web page change, I cannot recall exactly, probably because recollection of these details is getting dithered all the more of late. Part of the designed cluelessness they keep me in, as if a lifetime wasn't enough.

And too, they have been infuriating me more, aka rage-ification, and let me yell louder and longer. Usually they constrict my throat so I don't get good yelling volume, but today, they want louder ragings. And always in response to some dumbshit stunt; the shaving bleeding fuckery hit new levels of annoyance by blocking the steptic pencil from working twice in succession; a literal bloody mess. Any doable alternative to prevent this, like not shaving in this location they keep creating lesions in, is not allowed and doesn't "come to mind".

Then another skunk trip to downtown where they had me looking in the wrong location for this store, and had me give up with no alternate choices allowed. It was a full-on freakshow; though the shiftless males seemed to be in abundance. They even did a shiftless male Fuckwit emerging from the mailbox area as I walked in the building's front door, and then, only 6' away, out comes a blonde from the elevators looking extremely pissed and grim, and in true gangstalker style, gives me the stare for some bizarre reason. So in effect, the shiftless male in a mid-grey jacket passes me on the right side, and the blonde on the left side. The "split couple" gangstalking ploy, except these were made out to be disparate Fuckwits.

I am getting some extreme head pains as I am writing this, and yelling at the assholes isn't helping this time. A blogging cessation for now.

I have just finished my afternoon tea, with chocolate, and I note that a "suck truck" has arrived outside on the street and is making a horrific noise. It is located at the sewerline manhole that the perps like to visit every so often, which I suspect, is connected to this here apartment building. Was it not that they put this on when I had returned from seven days away, and after taking my first crap in the toilet since getting back, that they had the "suck truck" on the job then, and for at least two days plus other goings on at the same manhole. And don't forget, they ripped up most of the adjacent block's street to lay in new sewer pipes and then buried them under 2' of concrete and then put the road base gravel on top of that, to then compact it and then finally pave. Regular readers will know that the perps are constantly preoccupied with my bodily wastes, and the attendant colors. Hence, the imposed "need" for chocolate three times per day. They cannot get enough of it in close to neural structures which would be one's mouth. Eating is nearly always noisestalked, and often the chocolate inside my mouth will be rotated by no apparent forces. And for those that want to skip the long story, when the perps first invaded my apartment in Seattle in 04-2002, they blocked the toilet with a balloon, and I had to buy a plumber's snake to get it unplugged. And ever since then, the chances of blocking the toilet have gone up to at least 60% of the time. And there has been many other consistent events associated with taking a crap, and I won't get into all that.

More PC problems, now recovery, and I added a spyware program that gives me results that I don't understand, or more like, aren't allowed to understand as that state of heightened cognitive awareness (attempting to figure something out) is a prime harassment state. All my life, learning problems, and this shit is still going on. Worse, it is managed for by a covert entity.

Picture time for some relief.

Taken 11-30-2008, 1342h 03sec. On the street partially seen through the balcony rail, three red vehicles (two parked in file, one nearly opposite them and heading the other direction. Four silver grey vehicles, two parked in file behind the two red ones, and two on the other side in motion. (The rightmost silver-grey vehicle is a little darker grey). And a city bus in the typical white and red livery, although the perps (likely) changed it to a white with a blue and green line in them, not seen here.

Taken 11-30-2008, 1342h 11sec. Yet more silver-grey vehicles are following, heading right to left in the closest lane, and a light metallic blue color vehicle was added in as well. This light metallic blue seems to be used as a "starter blue color" when the perps are attempting to get some kind of blue response/energy detection or whatever the hell they are after. Of interest, this light metallic blue color is the same as my parent's Peugot they had for some 12 years.

Crumb games! You will have to believe me on this one, that I did not set this up, as the perps would routinely create shaking hands to prevent me from doing this and unjustly blaming them. All day long I get inundated with crumbs, lint and dog hairs and here is an example where they created chocolate crumbs from the piece that was removed from the edge and arrayed in file progressing from smallest to biggest. I would never think of doing something so utterly fucking stupid, but here it is, and I am sure that it was arrranged to be photo bait as part of the script. While aiming the camera, and before the picture was taken, a red (plasma?) light came forth from the camera and shone on this very scene. And of course I ate the chocolate after the picture was taken, so I am sure there was some value for the perps for me to eat chocolate crumbs, and chocolate sections that had been immersed in red light for about two seconds. Presumably they could remotely detect the difference between the eaten chocolate (before this picture) and the red lighted chocolate (after this picture was taken).

Another "trust me"; the two most disbelieved words in a TI's vocabulary. This is taken at a bus stop, and invariably there is some paint on the ground near where I sit, and in this case red for their later red color games when on the bus.

While at the bus stop I also got my "pals" coming to play vagrant dudes, totally consumed with looking the other way at nothing exceptional. In the far background there are three redi-mix concrete delivery trucks at a new building site, and given the amount of redi-mix trucks that tail me, aka, "redi-mix truck stalking", I am sure they were helping the perp cause in some way. Other interesting, but almost ordinary events are having two silver-grey vehicles at orthogonal angles (one broadside behind the tree), and a yellow cab with a yellow-green Smart car beside it. No "smoking gun" oddities in this picture, only a slice of the action that repeats much of the time.

Calling this one done for today.


Anonymous said...

No, its not the CIA, more like the AIA (Alien Intelligence Agency).

And that IS strange about the chocolate crumbs. As for sirens, I used to get those coming out of my work building every day in 2007 when my encounters with all this began. It didn't matter what time of day, there would always be fire trucks or emergency vehicles screaming down the block.

And yet, this hasn't happened at all in 2008! Very strange, now that I think about it.

I got a perp doppelganger 'accompanying' me home on Saturday after I did shopping. Followed me all the way from a bustop on the other side of town for a 15 minute ride, got off same time as me, at the same corner, walked up the hill with me, JUST behind me the entire time! And wouldn't you know it, ended up going into the same building as me. My building.

Never saw her before in my life. Its just so annoying! I think it may have happened because I made eye contact with her at the bustop. For some strange reason I can always sense one in a crowd of people, and then sure enough, that one person who rubbed me the wrong way ends up sitting next to me or in some way shadowing me for some time after.

I've had the ones who tail me for blocks too, no matter where I happen to go, even unexpectedly.

The doppelganger perp even had identical pacakges as me (a large shopping bag in each hand). It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

AJH said...

I have some choice names I use for the "Thems", most of them profane. They like it when I refer to them, and noisestalk me at the moment of deciding which name I will use.

The identical packages incident hasn't happened to me, save the ubiquitious grocery plastic bags they often tote in my presence. Now that I am doing a one hour per day janitorial job and handling plastic garbage bags extensively, the "Plastic Bag Men" (and women too) are all over me. Especially tonight with the sidewalks constrained by wet snow piles and slush on the pavement.

So yes, we are at least in the same boat when in comes to our gangstalkers; same "followers" so to speak. Thanks for the comments.