Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dude Clusters

There has been a greater emphasis of male gangstalkers for the past four months, and it was quite evident today. Some got inordinantly close while I was standing at a corner waiting for the traffic control to change, others went out of their way to stand further away than expectable and behind the first mentioned dude, and other slunk in "from nowhere" to stand behind me and rustle their white plastic bags with their white hair. Once walking, they put on more for the next two blocks and when I arrived at the location where the Thursday yoga class is, another two dudes "happened" to be at the corner in the hallway impersonating cable installers, and then the one other male in the classroom just happened to be there when I arrive when normally he is one of the last to arrive.

More jerkarounds; my mother booked two sessions for me to babysit my supposed dementia-ed father. Which then fucked with being availble for a parcel delivery as I promised I would be here. Funny how the courier knows when to come and find me not here, only 30 minutes after I departed yesterday. And no delivery notice, and not phone number to change the arrangement. Fucking bizarre all of this, and all to get me to rifle through the phone book .

And so I phone Purolator to re-arrange a delivery time so they won't waste their efforts tomorrow, and lo, they cannot find the parcel. The deal is, I have to "wait and see", and if they miss me again, retrieve it from their retail site next week. Even the simplest of things turns into an ugly nightmare of missed connections, missing parcels, delays until next week should I miss the delivery tomorrow, and on it goes. And as part of this jerkaround, they didn't leave a delivery notice, and then I had to go through the phone book to no avail, and then phone their main number to get nowhere, and then go online to find their local phone number, all to get the result of "can't find it" (the parcel, to avoid a second missed delivery). So what is the deal? Have me pick it up on Monday with my mother's vehicle and her there to gangstalk me while recieving it, or to have the parcel arrive tomorrow and have it sitting around inside my apartment until opened later in the day, to give it some "mellow time" when I am not here? Who knows; recieving a parcel is a highly gangstalkable event, as is the "mellow time" a perp requirement, especially of late. The parcel contains computer memory, and they might let me install it, though they haven't in the past.

More jerkarounds of the likes of never before; the assholes jerked my recall around so I "forgot" that I needed to purchase cooked chicken this afternoon, and when I went to make dinner a few minutes ago, the main ingredient wasn't there. I have never had this happen before, as the purchase of chicken, aka The Chicken Run, is a total gangstalk gauntlet, one of my most loathed grocery shopping events. As part of this jrkaround, I had already put the frypan on the burner and put some olive oil in it, all to be wasted.

Then the fucked me out of switching on the PC; normally the power bar and the PC get turned on together, and the assholes fucked my recall of the latter, wasting yet more time, not to mention a reason to be rage-ified yet again. I am to do my one hour per day cleaning job in 30 minutes, and with an ersatz dinner of cheese and tapenade in me, the gangstalker action will be all over me. They cannot get close enough, and there is always a few "staff" hanging around who have gangstalker moves. The parallel walk fuck, the restless cell phoning fuck, the inventory "crew" who "needed" to use this fugly filthy shop sink just ahead of me using the same source for water to fill the mop bucket, and so it goes. Last night it was the owner doing his required "victim tour/exposure" gangstalking. If he refused, I am sure the business would be taken out; but as he and his staff are fully participating, especially with the selected vehicles inside the building, the boss is the centerpiece to the entire fuck-me show. I will never buy a Mazda if I have any choice in later non-harassment life, should there be one. And that the fucking assholes are gone for good, my minimum requirement. They should go fuck their own operatives, as they have fucked me enough. Six years of pissing around with the placement of dust bunnies, crumbs and dog hairs around me, and the perps are still at it. The criminally insane are highly organized and methodical in this case.

Yoga today had its usual variations in attendance and the noise background outside, not to mention the dude clustering on the way there, per above. The woman in black today was back, coming in late while I was doing some kind of stretch. Likewise, the initial noise barrage went on for the first 10 minutes or so, inside and outside the building; this clumping sets up overhead as if automated. The class is held inside of a church chapel, so there are some stained windows adding some interesting light patterns on the floor and the instructor. One panel was translucent, and the adjacent vertical panel was yellow, all to leave a similarly lighted pattern on the floor, and onto the instructor. The perps have been playing with yellow and white colors together for years, and routinely noisestalk me whenever I flush the toilet, having yellow water be replenished with colorless normal water in the white toilet bowl. They have even taken to flashing yellow plasma at me if there is plentiful white color, and no, or little, yellow nearby. The flashing yellow of municipal work vehicles is another source of introducing yellow nearby me, and if all else fails, they will flash yellow plasma beams in my view.

Another inciting rage show this morning was in the shower by making me pick up the shampoo twice and then wasting it as it wasn't the conditioner that I had intended to get. These kinds of memory lapses have never happened before, and when I tell my shrink this he dutifully writes it down and that is the end of it. If he was sincere in finding a clinical "solution" he would of dispatched me to a neurologist long ago.

And his "medical student" who joined the office consult three days ago had his doppelganger "arrive" about 15 seconds ahead of me at the laundry room door earlier this morning. I came to retrieve my clothing from the dryer, and he did the "stand there" act pretending he did not know I had arrived and was waiting for him to get out of the way. Then he stood behind me like a sentry when I got my clothing out, and then proceeded to insert his money and start the washing machine without benefit of detergent or clothing. I always assumed the washing machine wouldn't start without the lid down, but I might be wrong on that. Then to get out my way so I could exit the laundry room, he backed out into the hallway, and the perps made sure that I got to see his fugly white track pants. I don't know what the deal is about having the operatives and gangstalkers dressed up in white, especially head conforming hats, but the assholes are full measure in consistenly beating on this theme.

And I forgot to mention another all-time dumbshit event four days ago, on Sunday before my parents picked me up. In the parking lot opposite this apartment building two dudes were approaching a vehicle and the one with the keys went to the front passenger door and opened it for his pal, and then went to the driver's door and let himself in. Except the "pal" didn't get in, but stood there stock/stalk still in the parking lot like some dumbstruck Fuckwit sentry. The driver started up the vehicle, and with the passenger door still open, proceeded to drive, seemingly unaware of his pal or the open passenger side door. The driver then proceeded to encircle his pal still standing in one place, and performed at least three whole donuts around him while the sentry duty dude remained rooted to the spot. I cannot recall how this ended, and I think the putative passenger finally got in the vehicle, closed the door, and they drove off. I have never seen anything quite so fucking nutty, nor as deliberate bullshit as this before. Call it the dumbshit play of the week, or at least for now until the week is over.

And what is with the grinning idiot act? I finished the cleaning at the Mazda dealership and went grocery shopping on the way back, and when at the checkout, this red coated male, two people behind me, leans in with his head 4" above the checkout counter and pretends to read something funny on the magazine display. This Fuckwit was on a stupid grin schtick. I am coming to the conclusion that another theme of the gangstalkers is feigning mental illness of some kind, even if it is only one symptom, and could reasonably "happen" to a sane person. The woman between us was on personal space encroachment duty, and I am fucking fed up with this bullshit. Why should I be subjected to this abusive and unmitigated life rape because some senior Fuckwit decided to undertake this nonconsensual human experimentation by remote methods, at least two order of magnitudes more problematic. The SS (Surreptictious Sickos) seemed to have fucked up many times in my past, and now they are fucking me all the more in attempting to recover from their intransigence and stupidity. Not my problem, so why cannot I be allowed to cross a street without a posse (at least six) vagrant males with me? (One of today's more obvious assemblages of operatives and shills).

Another complaint that I have from tonight's shopping; I went to the chocolate section where a male gangstalker in a bright red shirt "happened" to be, doing the look-away move, walking forward but looking sideways at nothing of substance. Fine, seen it hundreds of time. I go to the chocolate section and select the milk chocolate, and then onto other shopping. I had four gangstalkers around me when I picked up the hot cooked chicken. Then three more on me at the dairy cooler when gettting goat milk. Then chirpy pal-sey females nattering at the checkout with the above mentioned rude-fuck and half-wit act behind me, the latter in a red coat. Then more Fuckwits on me including the street vagrant act when getting back into my apartment building. I get in, do the usual routine of coat off, retrieve the reciept and unpack my groceries, and lo, if the assholes hadn't swapped my milk chocolate for dark chocolate. I don't ever buy dark chocolate because I just don't like it. I never make that mistake unless I am being dithered, or my mistake trapping faculties have been fucked with. The chocolate was on the checkout conveyor belt, and if it were the wrong kind I would of detected it. So... one way or another, mental dithering or else a materialization swap job, I got fucked into dark chocolate, some 8 100g bars of it. I am totally pissed by this stunt, and was even more enraged when I had some with my tea and it tasted horrid, and also had this bizarre layering to it where there was an internal fracture that caused the breaks to expose an internal layer the assholes arranged. Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan, I will pitch the lot of it out. And I see that the dumpsters are now locked up when they were residing outside their regular room for the past six months or so. I wonder what this means in the way of perp progress some six stories below me. Maybe they will get the garbage chute "fixed" again, as the dumpster is now located at the chute inside.

This wouldn't be the first time that the perps have fucked with the contents of my shopping; I had another event where they magically swapped the chocolate bar that was in my basket by some covert dematerialization means, as no one else had been near my basket to physically make the swap.

And more loathing about tomorrow; doing the babysit game with my father and his bullshit dementia and hyperactive act. The perps put some male blue dressed faux mental case doing the same thing at the waiting room area of the doctor's office four days ago, Monday. This same fucker was on the same bus that I took and then followed me off the bus and some 200 m. to the same waiting room, and then putting on this pacing around bullshit act, identical to that of my father's. Then when I exited from my appointment some 30 minutes later, the fucker was waiting for me on the other side of the glass door staring at me, and I passed him by. So for a whole 40 minutes, the fucker was in the waiting area and did not seem to have an appointment. Just another Fuckwit putting on a show.

And what is it about the Blue Force of late? When walking home from that doctor's appointment, another blue wearing male Fuckwit, appearing sane this time, was sitting at a bus stop I passed by. I continue to walk onward by another 500m. and the bus pulls up at a bus stop some 40' ahead, and this same blue dressed gangstalker operative gets out of the bus and walks toward me. In other words, he tailed me by bus while I walked, and he timed his arrival to be at the same location where I was. I have seen this asshole before somewhere, and am always amazed by how many shiftless males are about without a seeming day job.

A depressing time looking at jobs for the past hour or so; it is always worse when you know the SS is on one's back, and that their requirements for any job precede all others. Presently, that means one hour per day, and in a car dealership where they can continue their program of exposing me to the odd juxtaposition of vehicles inside a building, and changing the vehicle colors around in readiness for the gangstalking colors and vehicles once I depart the car dealership worksite. IT jobs aren't allowed yet, and I can tell as they don't let me do any reading or self directed exploration in this subject area.

I am calling this one done even if I didn't get all the review time I wanted.

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