Friday, December 12, 2008

Yellow Silliness Day

I have done my one hour cleaning job at the car dealership tonight, and as usual there were some disruptions and games going on that is entirely consistent with vehicular gangstalking and other games that are arranged. They packed the garage area with Mazdas, with the only egress being along side the driver's side of a light metallic brown (tan) colored four door sedan, driver's window open. It was arranged so tight that I had to lift the wheeled mop bucket of dark brown plastic overhead, and make a second trip to get by with the mop. Normally, the mop resides in the bucket which is wheeled into the desired location. This tight egress also meant at least five more round trips of raising the full black garbage bags high to avoid vehicle contact. Regular readers will know that I am constantly hounded with vehicular gangstalkers, and one of the more common "featured" colors is brown after introductory white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black vehicles. And yes, all those vehicles were also present in the garage area too.

Another stunt was to place a silver-grey Mazda hood, likely from a Miata, 12" from the tote that I use to carry around the cleaning materiel; disinfectant, glass cleaner, paper, wipes etc. The ersatz vehicle hood was tucked in this alcove are where they don't ordinarily store car parts. And it also no surprise to see so many new large car parts pinted in black and wrapped up in brown paper wrapping. Also, a profusion of brown cardboard boxes are "showing up", and not just in the parts section. These brown paper wrapped car parts will often be moved from day to day, changing orientation and distance from my route. They may also be put in other sections and in the garage area as forwarded parts in the seeming parked vehicle gangstalking that is going on IMHO. Another gangstalking "arrival" is a 12' and a 20' ladder inside the building and of no seeming utility. Again, regular readers will know from my vehicle ownership days that I was often beseiged with ladder bearing vehicles, usually pickups and trades vans; the so-named "Ladder Patrol" as it happened so often, and even in serial configurations.

I had my once per two week employment consult this morning, and had my yellow clothed gangstalkers out in force again. Today, it was raining, and the first thing outside was a dog with a yellow plastic rain coat on with two shiftless males standing around in the rain. Then onto the major arterial street of four lanes, two each way, and a designed cluster fuck of two black colored parked vehicles, two in (adjacent) lane black colored vehicles held up by the lead one "waiting" for the parking stall to be vacated, two more deep metallic grey vehicles behind the black ones with a yellow cab situated in the middle of this six pack of deep grey or black colored vehicles.

Then with other sidewalk cyclists who have a bicycle lane but prefer to ride past me, I got to my appointment where I had a 20 minute wait as it "happened". First an anchor woman gangstalker in the S. seats, and then me in the W. seats and then two dudes showing up, both of whom were immaculately dry, including their hair and did not have an umbrella. These were black dressed Fuckwits to join some of the black dressed apparent staff milling about. Then a woman with a 2' long flower came to sit beside me, and then she was called off in five minutes to the office beside the one I later visited as it "happened". The dude rotation then had one arrive with a soaking wet yellow raincoat, and he was still there when I got called in another five to eight minutes or so. It is always so entertaining and predictable to a point.

Perhaps the big excitement for the Fuckwits was that I cut my fingernails earlier this morning, the ones that were dyed yellow "from" wet gloves two days ago, and with residual yellow still in place as described in yesterday's blog posting. So... my yellow or once-yellow tinted fingernail trimmings went down the toilet that had also been fucked with this morning by brown colored backwash that "happened" to seep back in from last night's crap. Yes, we are still playing yellow and brown color combination games six years later of incessant life trashing, and it is all done by acclimating certain areas with greyscale colors and then adding the perp's difficult colors in; red, brown, yellow and purple and avocado green to a lesser extent. Not my problem, so why am I involved in it?

And one can hope to get an answer, but first I want to scream out the question to the face of real a criminal Fuckwit who is going to respond in English and explain why they selected me for this fucking sick minded abuse. As if they haven't sponsored enough already, and that doesn't include the memory wiping they did back when 2 to 5 years old and are still attempting to recreate by exposure to the fucking freakshow of ambulatory gangstalkers and other garrish color combinations I don't care to see, especially when online.

And I see that snow is forecast for tomorrow and Sunday, so I image this will be one big white color game for the perps, as if they haven't pulled enough of these already.

Another big perp event today was forcing me into taping the remaining window to stop the ready passage of cold air through the ill-fitting aluminum frame. Somehow, it got out of alignment to leave a 1/2" gap that they like to exploit by driving moist air into this apartment. This was done last year, and now for this winter, the other sliding glass door being taped up about 4 weeks ago. There is something the perps hope to learn/extract from drafting tape, and it just might be the gluten based adhesives that are used. They cannot get enough of taping things, and I have recently learned that pulling tape off a roll will cause small X-rays to be emitted. None were seen of course, or at least not by me. I am now "sealed in" with both windows taped, and it pisses me off that I won't have access to fresh air when needed, especially if I use a Sharpie felt pen or something equally noxious.

I also did laundry today, and again, I had my Fuckwit gangstalker in the laundry room when I got there to pick up my dried clothing from the dryer, and he kept standing behind me as I picked it up. This was identical to another set up with another gangstalker two weeks ago, also male. Both hanging around for no fucking reason except to stand behind me in the identical configuration each time. Another improbable event; having two halfwits as they presented themselves (Fuckwit criminals in reality), stand in the identical location while I was in the identical situation of extracting my clothes from the dryer, two weeks apart.

Last week they arranged for the dryer load to be partially dry; sheets were fine, but the towels and jeans were damp, and so I put the latter items on for another dryer cycle. And lo, if I didn't "forget" and wasn't reminded until two days later. But I was lucky, as they didn't steal anything this time, the usual outcome of "forgotten" laundry in a public facility.

12-13-2008, 1150h
I got fucked with again and didn't get this posted last night. There are far too many "forgets" these days, and when a unknown party has an interest in disruption of my routines, it all points to them. But they did allow me some headphone time, the first in two months.

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