Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Scraping Outside

The snow and the cold make for perp silly season, and there has been plenty of it while out at my parent's place and upon my return this afternoon. And for the first time, that ridiculous street scraping noise that "erupts" from outside in the evenings has a genuine cover story; the snow is being scraped with some kind of metallic scraper in the parking lot below, and so this moment becomes prime noisestalking time as I also digest my tea and chocolate. The faux neighbor water usage noises have also been erupting, and too, another perp favorite, dimming the ambient lighting conditions. They cannot get enough research/harassment parameters in at once it would seem. [Postscript; I never did find anyone outside actually scraping snow after an hour of this noise.]

The city bus ride back was its usual freakshow, and indeed, a big crush of gangstalkers putting on the red, brown and white colors in great abundance. I even had two blondes, (usually as an introductory gangstalker because they are Favored) parked next to me; one in front with a sleeping child in a stroller, and one aged with absurd deep brown sunglasses next to me in a mid-brown coat, and who took special efforts to lean on me at times. The cell phoning dudes in their touques and shades were in abundance, and they even put on a vagrant who also has access to a cell phone. They especially like to put on extra electromagnetic emanations in my proximity when the bus is rounding bends and corners, or following changes in direction of the arterial streets. The parody that I have been planted with is a play on the TV series, Secret Agent Man; now, Secret Vagrant Man, and before that, Secret Asian Man. All being way too obvious and of course, nothing secret about the Fuckwits as that isn't permitted anymore; they want me to notice their fuckers on duty, and the more visceral and repugnant "my" (planted) reaction, the better it would seem for the perps.

And what is with the gangstalkers putting on "huggy" and "kissy" moments around me these days? I haven't seen so much public affection erupting in years, but it seems contrived to say the least. One act on the bus had the dude standing over the woman who was seated, and planting kisses on her head, shrouded in a blood red knitted hat he put on her head. I was enough to make me puke, along with the other red wearing Fuckwits encirling me. Then when this act departed, on came an elderly unattached woman in a mid-brown colored coat with a blood red fleece scarf. Perhaps the perps are testing for more color complexity these days, something I have noted in past blog postings, and not always allowed to be noticed at the time.

Other gangstalking consistent acts on the bus were the luggage packers; the tote style luggage with the wheels on the bottom, and two 20 year old males with same make and style luggage came on and sat next to each other. The color of the cases were dark and I could not see any emanations coming off them, as usually the emanations, if visible, are a blackish or greyish color. I have no idea what the perps might put in these over abundant luggage packing acts, but it seems likely that some kind of electronic devices might be in order. They like to plant them ahead of me when being toted on the sidewalk. I have seen emanations from roof pods off vehicles, so it would not surprise me that the Fuckwits are packing various devices. On at least two occasions they brought out a brick sized electronic device from the gangstalkers' inside jacket, and they must of known I would of seen it at the time. They were far too large for modern day cell phones, so they may be used for localizing some kind of communications, emanations and research related fuckery. And of course, the backpacks are ubiquitous, and those too maybe deployed for nefarious purposes.

And more left movement mouse pointer fuckery; it moves fine up and down and to the right side, but isn't allowed even half the normal speed when moving left. I wonder what the deal is on this one; testing some kind of thought and kinesthetic interactions with expected outcome perhaps. [Postscript; I took the base of the mouse/Trackball apart and applied some obligatory cleaning with Qtips, and lo, the mouse is extra active now].

I did my cleaning job at a nearby Mazda dealership tonight; the boss man came 30 minutes late and that, and the tracking of snow and consequent meltwater into the building today, the cleaning job took two hours, twice the purported duration. I haven't quite figured out what the job initiation nonsense was about when he said it takes 45 minutes, as I haven't been able to do my part in less than 1 hour, 15 minutes. Perhaps this is all about more "exposure time" for all things related to duration, time, measurement of time and the rest of it that the perps routinely noisestalk me over, as well as develop these concepts as part of my scripted existence.

I noticed that the boss man came exactly when I had the cover a paper towel dispenser down, and readied for cleaning on the inside. The paper towel roll had already been mounted with some fuckery games to get me cranked up, and I was all set to clean it when he called me down to pay me, and even gave me a $50 Christmas bonus.

I met the car dealership owner at the front door; he is still on his assigned "Victim Tour", a common perp setup that has extended to this business as it has for so many. I don't quite know what the perps get out of business owners, or apartment building owners interacting with me, but it was at least friendly tonight.

As part of the intensified perp fuckery on Monday, I had a 10.5 hour sleep, such as it was with multiple awakenings, meat aerial games and parental skulking in the hallway and staircases, one passing directly under the room that I sleep in. This made for a very late morning start, and hence no shower or shaving this morning, both of which are high harassment activities. I assume it is the contact with water that the perps cannot yet understand in terms of their energetics research; water intake, source, drinking vessel, even contact, and any like interactions are of intense perp interest, and continue to be highly noisestalked and with harassment fuckery like flicking water droplets about, jerking with the water stream and temperature from the faucets, causing readjustment of the faucets, and endless other combinations and permutations. It wasn't enough that I was on a Masters Swim team for 15 years in two cities and that all the members were in on the harassement and presumably cooperating with the sickos. The perps stopped me swimming since 2004 by remotely invoking anxiousness sensations while swimming, and then completed this with an over-the-top stunt of lining up all the regular male gangstalkers in file as I was headed to the changeroom. They knew it was my last pool swim, and ever since, I have never "felt" (read, mindfucked state) like going back. Now, 4 years later, the assholes still haven't re-established this exercise activity, and have also eliminated weight training and one hour walking/commutes as part of my activities.

And I have long suspected that shaving is also a major perp interest owing to the ongoing fuckery and routine changes in this activity. It might even be the contact with the razor blades themselves that the perps are so cranked about as they have me eat finger foods for the most part to dispense with the use of cutlery. Any chopping action is a high noisestalked event, and often other fuckery is introduced to get me rage-ified at the same time.

There have been plenty of other Monday events that I haven't detailed, but continue to fit the perp pattern; pruning evergreen trees for foliage decoration was one such activity. I am routinely gangstalked by foliage bearing work trucks and trailers, and have been active on doing tree pruning at both my parent's place and my in-town brother's place. Even my non-gardening brother starts whacking at plants with shears in my presence, so I haven't yet figured out why it is that the perps are so fixated on me being proximate to activities such as pruning, lawn cutting and tree cutting as well as being around transported foliage cuttings and plant debris. And today, they had me do the pruning over the lawn area, and then over a concrete pathway with the mail delivery person happening to arrive while I was doing the latter activity. And then my mother disrupted this activity by having me deliver the neighbor's mail that was delivered to her by "mistake". In other words, the assholes have me temporarily vacate the location of my activity and then return. This "disruption fucking" has been increasing of late, and any activity is game; from doing breakfast the same way for over five years, to writing my name and to speech; it all has been under greater disruption fucking of late. Forced pee sensations are common to disrupt me in my apartment, forced "pen problems" to incurr rewriting and forced errors in speech are respective examples.

Another event today was discussing the cost of my new glasses with my mother. She has now backed off on paying for them in full, and blithely uttered something about paying for part of them at Christmas. This is yet another funding fuck from that quarter; she said she would pay for them, and I told her how much it would be, and now she backed off leaving me hanging with the extra cost in this ever cycling bullshit of disability payments not covering enough of my imposed expenses. Regular readers will know that this isn't the first time that financial "foggery"/fuckery has come from her. Last year promised payment for driving them on a holiday came to nothing, and no mention of a similar offer this year for the same duration and type of excursion trip.

Enough today, and now to ponder how much sleep I will be allowed tonight.

An add-on. I read Rachael O's caustic rendering of the TI condition, and as it "happens" I am not even free to read this on my own. No sir; the assholes were remotely creating muscle spasms in my thighs and back while reading her work, and this is not the first time this "coincidence" has happened. It is totally fucking sick that I am not allowed to do anything without intervention, fuckery and jerkarounds. And by myself.


Anonymous said...

I notice you spoke of checkout counters. Well, I can tell you those are prime areas. I have never encountered so many 'rude' people before in my life! It doesn't matter what store.

If I'm waiting to be served, the person ahead of me takes their time (on purpose) once they've completed their transactions, by fiddling with their belongings purses wallets keys etc.

The cashier perps participate by calling me over before the other person has cleared the space, forcing me to have to share my transaction with a perp next to me, soaking up my irritation as is their wont.

This happened to me last week. A perp had (seemingly) completed her transaction at the shoe store but she hung around anyway, loitering, once I stepped up to the counter. Then, she unexpectedly DISCOVERS something wrong with her purchase so she horns in on my transaction by having the clerk stop serving me to check for another unspoiled item in the back!

All coincidence. Of course.

And before this, another perp had sat down almost on my lap when I was trying on shoes at the seating area, even though there was adequate space on the very wide bench. She gave me the guilty little smirk too when I looked at her in amazement.

After the counter perp, another one glided in just as I was lifting my bag off the counter and SOMEHOW my wallet explodes sending all my cards scattering on the floor. This new perp tut tutted in faux sympathy but I didn't even look at him because I couldn't bear to see that smirk and glinting eye they give when they know they got you.

AJH said...

Thanks for the comments on the affirming experiences. Yes, checkout stunts and harassment are of high importance to the perps, and the tales you mention of malingering perps, ones who come back and interupt your transactions, and the exploding wallet cards stunt. I even had a coin in my hand at a checkout, and it mysteriously fell through the palm of my hand all to have me bend over and pick it up with a line behind me. Who could make this up; similar, if not indentical, concerted and coordinated harassment at checkouts among TI victims.