Friday, October 31, 2008

Overhead Pounding Comes For Tea

Lest readers not know, I live on the sixth floor of a 12 story concrete and steel building where the floors are at least 12" thick and the surfaces carpeted in every suite, save the kitchen and bathroom. And yet, my upstairs neighbor can "somehow" pound this floor/ceiling as if there was no carpeting and it was no physical problem to pound that thickness to make a significant racket below. Not only that, there was a run-up of overhead pounding when I was at my desk (carpeted area), and then it followed me to the kitchen after I had tea, exactly overhead again (8' away), while running the water and doing the dishes. It would seem that the noise of running water is one the perps wish to add onto "regular harassment" noise, as if the water noise is a carrier noise of some kind. This is just a "regular day" I hasten to add, and the anomalous nature of the noise following me over the apartment is nothing new.

I was out earlier to my interview with a job search/placement agency. A 10 minute walk, and then a 10 minute bus trip, and then a 5 minute walk. I got my "fellow travellers" in both directions while on the bus, a new escalation in blatantly hounding me with gangstalkers. These are the operatives and shills who get on and off the same bus stops as I do. That never happened before the onset of overt harassment, ever, and now it is a common occurence to have one "fellow traveller". But one N. bound, and three S. bound was plenty blatant by my reckoning. And furthermore, one of the better dressed malingering males of this apartment block was on the bus in advance of me getting on N. bound. He was friendly when in the elevator a week ago, but pretended I didn't exist and he even looked straight at me. This too, the variable friendliness, is a long experienced trait of the gangstalked (TI) community. And I suppose it was a big day for the perps as I didn't wear my jeans for the first time in a long time.

And I did get plenty of gangstalking action at the N. bound bus stop; two gangstalkers walked within 3" of me while I was standing at the bus stop and not in a throughfare area of the sidewalk. Two personal space encroaching Fuckwits at a bus stop inside of 10 minutes is an outrageously improbable event, they seeming to be disparate individuals. I got my "banana stalker" there too, the operative that "happens" to be packing a banana, and this time at least, eating it. Ten minutes later when the bus came, he had a plastic pitcher in hand half full of orange juice. And where did he get that I wonder, as it couldn't of come from a backpack as it is strictly a kitchen item, an open mouthed pitcher.

Then when attempting to find the office of the employment agency I got screwed around by a woman who gave me entirely wrong directions, all to create more pacing around the planted vehicles and building, as well as be the cause to piss me off at the outset. It seems that the perps' reluctance to get me pissed off in public is now passing, and they have also increased the frequency and degree of stunts here at my apartment to get me to yell at them all the more. And too, have me place my fingers in my ears to block out the annoying trailing-off noises of the train of loud mufflered "performance" vehicles, hotrods and the ill-maintained mufflered vehicles. About two per minute as I write this now.

And this is the post tea and chocolate time when I digest these beverages and foods, an object of intensified interest of late. And as this was a new package of loose tea, this might be why the extra pounding is going on, never mind the typo sabotage too. New objects or events are noisestalked or otherwise accorded extra phenomenon like masers and plasma beams. Any new establishment of routine as well, though they would know this more than I, as I don't usually get to know if an activity will become routine.

And today was an example of the trival becoming the complex, uneccessarily so. Through this placement company I responded to an ad last week, and as part of the process I had to fill out an online resume and supply relevant details like any other web job site. Fine, then I get a request for an interview, to which I agree, and was told to fill out the application form online. The perps blanked my recall at that moment, but over the next half hour allowed me to recall what I normally would know, I had already filled out the requested form. Then there was the missed appointment jerkaround of two days ago, and a new interview time for today. I was told 1030h and wrote int down, but yesterday I got an appointment reminder for 0945h. I phoned, and was eventually set for 0945h. I then ask if the interview pertains to the job I submitted it for, and was informed that the interviewer has some jobs in mind. Fine, this is looking good. Then today, after the interview, I was allowed to know that this was nothing more than a general induction interview, something they do for all prospective hires. I would be sent out on an interview to prospective employers (like anyone else) as it turns out. It seems I cannot get a straight answer from anyone; all this low level bullshit over nothing much. I don't get it; why all this bullshit over something so utterly trivial as an appointment time and interview intention?

Anyhow, the above tale isn't too unusual for me, as this same nonsense went on with supplied bus passes as I recall, and hopefully conveyed in these blog postings. Another longer playing jerkaround is the so-called Opportunities Fund for us disabled folk to afford training. After a blatant runaround at the offices some two weeks ago, I find out that the process needs a federal government case worker to attest to training feasibilty and to develop the almighty Return To Work Action Plan. It was another discovery I wasn't apprised of, and after emailing the Disabilities Resource Center two days ago on how to resume progress, and then not recieving a response, I phone them up. As it "happens" the person I needed to talk to was on the other line, and would phone back after a voice mail. Now that the afternoon has gone by, no phone call. I don't get it; what is this blatant hamster maze of contrived adversity and bullshit all about?

All I can say it is fucking stupid, and why are the perps pissing me around like this, posing the possibility and then pulling it, and then another iteration, ad nauseum. I am on record stating that this bait and switch tatic is a favorite of theirs, but still don't have any insight as to why, except maybe to keep me busy.

Today's interviewer didn't ask too many questions as to why I haven't worked for six years, so perhaps this particular "problem" won't surface again, and that I will get launched with a new employer. Or, I suspect, a round of temp jobs to keep me circulating, another primitive need of theirs. Like many meetings, I am the first or last to enter the room, and in this case, a delay. All manner of plasma and maser beams flitted around the placement agency while I was filling out more forms and questionaires. And a new twist was the interviewer wearing an outfit that could of been mistaken for a Halloween outfit, but it wasn't in fact. White with 1" green polka dots, jacket and pants as a suit. I don't think I have seen anything quite so eyestraining before, hence the "passing notion", (read, perp planted), that it was an outrageous Halloween stunt. I was allowed to keep my observations to myself thankfully.

Like all meetings, I had the impression the interviewer had heard much of what I said before; those little "tells" of boredom that I have noted for decades were apparent. For the longest time I could never figure it out why some individuals wouldn't listen to me and were disinterested, and lo, if they hadn't been rehearsing it all along, IMHO. There was no seeming white knight of employment to have surfaced at the interview today. That I have $25,000 (or more) of government supplied Opportunities Fund training sitting over me ought to be interesting to an interviewer/potential employer, but I should of refrained from mentioning it as was a big dud; no interest. More odd incurious reaction, to me at least, not unlike some of yesterday's interview with the journalist.

Dinner is done, and with a slew of provocations to get me enraged; just the usual; strangely behaving cling wrap, finger demobilization, extra crumbly cheese with the crumbs endin up under my fingertips, pulling objects from my grasp, flicking olive oil around (floor and wall), overhead pounding noise, self-partitioning chicken meat (not requiring the application of a knife to cut it), the noise of five buses going by as if outside my door, and a few more "performance muffler" noises trailing off into the distance. And the lastest; "crumb fucking"; the crumb defies gravity and stays on my fingers, getting passed from one to the other as I attempt to get rid of it. And they won't let me act as a bystander either, but have me go into instant rageification mode. And no less, changing my voice and diaphram to make louder noise. Normally they suck the wind out of me to moderate my "complaint" volume, but this time not. Another abuse escalation today.

Other action earlier while out was to have the standby gangstalking vehicles; redi-mix trucks (1), petroleum fuel delivery tankers (1), cement supply tractor trailers (2), and plenty of white vehicle clusters (six to eight per cluster), then silver-grey ones with some slightly more grey tones, then a cluster of deep grey vehicles at which point they felt more comfortable inserting the odd red vehicle into the gangstalk configurations. And it was multicultural day on the bus when homebound; at least four brown skinned gangstalkers arranged around me in various poses, almost all of them with their mouths open. And more of the shiftless males walking around in black coats with red shoulder panels on them, much like yesterday's first post-yoga class stalker with the absurd camo shorts. I have never seen so many males wandering around without an apparent day job in all my life, no matter where I have been.

And to continue the abuse, the assholes took down my web browser within seconds of allowing it to display. This kind of intrusion has been going on almost daily of a week now. There is something they need to know about the act of initiating an application, and a web browser will do.

It is font change time; this is where all open tabs and applications uniformly undergo a font change, usually to thinner and more compacted form, and without any action on my part. As I visit each application or tab in turn, they all have undergone a font change since the last visitation. Odd that this font changing occurs in the late evening, after 2130h or so, and for the next hour or so.

And music listening tonight, the first in at least two months. All to be accompanied by firecracker noise in the background as it turned out. Plenty of good health reading to be found at the Doctor Within. Time to call this one done.

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