Saturday, October 04, 2008

Yet More Mouse Hijinks

A very wet day today with on-off rain, and making it so dingey that I put the lights on. Then the dimness gave way to some sunlight streaking through the clouds. I was out earlier, before lunch, and did my chocolate shopping and then attempted to retrieve my clothes from the drycleaner. No go, to be ready after 1500h, when she said "Saturday" to me four days ago. That abortive sortie was duly gangstalked with skinheads and then a gaggle of dudes loitering at the corner for some strange reason, outside of being orchestrated as it seemed. One was on the burnt orange colored shirt for me to see, (a current color fetish of the abusers) and presumably the remainder were some kind of color references in predominantly white and black. When going to the supermarket they seemed to be ready for me as they had orange notices up saying their debit and credit card systems were down, and that they were only accepting cash. As the color contents of my wallet are under intense perp scrutiny, I wasn't too surprised that they wanted me to unload my bills, two $20's (green color) and one $5 (blue color). And no doubt that this will result in some kind of similar color games over the next few days. There seems to be a latency between color addition/subtraction, e.g. bills in the wallet, such that this may be tested for in the days to follow, and not immediately.

Another stunt this morning was backing a 5 tonne delivery truck onto the sidewalk adjacent to the front door of the supermarket, and then have oncoming gangstalkers to force me to walk the very patch of sidewalk the truck backed over. That there is a shipping bay for deliveries doesn't matter, as these games have lost all manner of plausibility, and the perps seem lest interested in maintaining this veneer of authenticity. Just to think that Before Overt Harassment in 04-2002, that they were constantly pulling these games but still had to present their stunts within the realm of normal. Though in fact, once they let me in on a lifetime of covert surveillance and muted harassment, a whole lot of events began to make sense as being orchestrated. Mostly it has been unanswered questions, about why someone behaved like an asshole after once being friendly, and it would seem that this fits the pattern the perps like to create; make associations, and then break them, either with people, places or objects. They cannot get enough of that vile chicanery.

An afternoon of extended dulldom was prevented by updating my monthly Quicken accounts and reconciling them with my bank account online. This is usually a scene of total harassmen abuse as regular readers will know that any financial activity of any kind is routinely perturbed and/or noisestalked. Today, they decided to keep up the PC mouse attacks, stalling it out and de-synchronizing thumb (a Trackman, the best) action from the visual pointer action. I had at least three screamings at the assholes to desist and they did for a while, and then came back at me. After yelling, the perps like to put on voice noise in the hallway, as if someone is making a comment, which wouldn't be the case, as it appears that I am the only regular tenant in the 140 suite building. All the others I see in the building are in blatant gangstalk mode, and some even purport to be in this building but walk past it sometimes, all for me to see, as if it were some kind of test of my expectations being dashed. I think I have talked about Dashed Expectations as a perp stunt theme before, and that would be a minor example.

But the good news is that I got a tax rebate for $131 that I did not expect, so I am only $450 in the hole by month end. And, my overdraft fees were only $10 for September, when they were $30 in previous months owing to a much larger overdraft balance. Anyhow, enough of my finances, and perhaps sometime this month I will be able to score some partime work somewhere. The perps have shutdown three construction work related inquiries I made, obstructing any kind of response when others told me that these same contractors were desperate for reliable help. Yesterday's information session was for fulltime conveyor line garbage pickers, and the perps made sure that my reaction was an overwhelming "no". Which begs the question as to why they had me go. Of course alternative possibilities were squelched; the notion that doing this part time was allowed to "come to mind" (read, planted) only today. Funny how infrequently alternatives get mentioned by the other party; in keeping with past jerkarounds, it would seem that the perps want to have sudden and complete cessation of intent or activity, and exploratory conversations are not allowed.

I spent a very frustrating hour in an attempt to update my resume, and it was clear that the perps were dithering me in order to protract the exercise. They had me go down memory lane by googling my old employer, and sounded noises each time I recognized a name of a person, customer, software etc. One whole day, and yet the fuckers won't let me get the job done. And this would be a lifelong harassment situation; I always had "problems" getting my resume done until the mid 1990's, and was then very proficient at it. Now, it is back to the old days of being dithered and fucked with so some gutless covert agency can remotely surveil me doing this for whatever their reasons are.

So I had a tea and chocolate break, now the third time for the latter item today. The instant I was to open the metal foil wrapper of the chocolate, the overhead vacuuming sound started up, as did some faux faint water use noise by putative neighbors, a long standing noisestalking noise. Both these noises continued until I had finished my second cup of tea and before I began the next task of doing the dishes.

Over the course of the day I discovered that three TI's have died in the last week, some of them wishing to remain anonymous, and guess what? Each time I came across the news item a horrendous noise was arranged outside; hotrods streaking down the street, some kind of heavy equipment noise or some such. That is three for three, and one can't beat that consistency by any random means. No doubt the perps will be working this theme with me over the week, consistent with their objectives noted here. I don't know why they do it, and it doesn't have to be TI's; it could be anyone, and to borrow from the news business, "if it bleeds, it needs to be noisestalked". Not very poetic, I know.

More resume work, and I had to convert it into basic text to get rid of the embedded format problems that "somehow" erupted.

I note that the overhead vacuuming noise, the variable whine of a small electrical motor, has resumed, and has been going for the last 40 minutes. Another activity pretense dispensed with; no one spends 40 minutes vacuuming a 500 ft**2 apartment.

And a new jerkaround; a surficial pain in my back as if I was leaning on a ridged board and not the always perfectly formed comfortable Herman Miller chair that I have used for the past 8 years.

Time to call this one done for the day, and perhaps I will be allowed to write my job cover letter tomorrow.


Barney Calhoun said...

I felt the need to comment, but I'm sure it's just some fuckery from the same perps bothering you. Either way, commendable job, people need to know what these people are doing to you and me.

AJH said...

Thanks; it is a battle to be sure, and has become more intensified in the past year as my usual protective perspective (analytical mind) has become breached by direct manipulations. This wasn't the case until then, but unfortuneatly, when they have been overtly harassing me for six years, and 47 years in covert form before, it isn't much of a surprise that they are making progress.