Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Kept Day

Another of these days where it seems to be the priority of my mind-keepers to have me kept at my desk and online while the noisestalking fluctuates according to the importance of the moment, what I am seeing or reading, or whatever other parameters they apply to me. There was a strange kind of lock-on with the LCD display that is difficult to describe. The fact that the perps have been promoting me to get a new large wide screen might be feeding into this. But as I haven't any additional sources of income apart from my disability payments, it isn't going to happen if I have any say in the matter. Which I don't I contend; the example of yesterday's mail order costing me plenty extra in delivery, tax, currency exchange and return fees, never mind the dumbshit alterations to the underwear they want me to pay for. Which is all a sore point, as the assholes seem to be able to teleport crumbs and lint to anywhere and anyplace they want just to annoy me and serve as some kind of color/substance calibration.

And then there is the job search activity; another two hours of researching Alberta oil patch jobs last night, and it is plain to me that they would never send me there based on this past summer's daffodil bulb picking activities where I wasn't allowed to work more than three successive days before an event/stunt was arranged to have me take a day off, something that was totally permissible in that casual labor job. The oil patch job looking was noisestalked all the time as well, and I sense that they wanted to separate the psychic energies related to oil and petroleum from job searching, as the assholes are also having me search in-town jobs for IT, part time anything, or full-time 18 month laborer jobs. (I plan to take local eveningtime Oracle DBA courses in 2010 as an IT upgrade to get me back into it, but need to work a year to pay for the tuition). So it would seem that this plays into the perp's abiding interest in all thing petroleum, and having me read about it, and whatever else is important to them about it. Quite a lot, but I have no idea, save to witness their rabid and relentless pursuit and presentation of stunts and visual field content. Even the continued high oil prices might be feeding into this.

I finished my afternoon tea and chocolate which is worth another round of noise flurries. Three busses, going by the noise at least is highly unlikely for only one half of a route that passes by outside six stories down. They even arranged the brake squealing noise to be a three bar sing-song tune, not once, but twice.

Earlier, I got an email about one of my registrations on a job site, and the notion of contract work was suggested. The author was on the phone yesterday, and asked if I was interested, and I said I was, hence the above email. Since then, the perps have been suggesting that a IT contract job is my next paying gig, and it has been the guiding (and planted) notion about configuring my job searches. It is a whole lot more realistic than the Alberta oilfield scenario, and might just be their next chosen script for me; they don't want me to be a permanent staff member, and don't want to keep me in a single location to work, save my desk at my apartment (like today). They like to arrange impermanent situations; even the volunteering of last year at an office was suddenly stopped and I was on the volunteer message server mail group.

Anyhow, it doesn't matter, it is just a colossal pain to be pissing around when one knows there is a certain plan, and they are taking their time to reveal it, but stoking me with various notions of getting yet more acquisitions; more goodies for my PC, a new office chair, and a bigger LCD monitor (as the perps split the screen so often on me, causing much annoying lateral scrolling).

I made dinner tonight, and that was a much fraught event with plenty of provocations to get me riled up. They like to play games with crumbs, and of late, they have them stick on my fingers so I cannot get them off, as it transfers from one finger to another. Once they have me yelling at them, then it magically releases and falls into the trash can underneath. Another blatant stunt was to manipulate my hand to rotate it with the garlic press in it, and then the flew the pressing basket with the clove in it out of the press and onto the dinner plate below. They had me instantly rage about that one, happening even faster than I can react.

And they brought in a rainstorm while I was making dinner during dusk onset. After an afternoon of steady outside noise, they changed the plan.

A highly gangstalked evening trip to the nearby supermarket some two hours ago was well planned. They had me covered for every last second while I was out, starting with a red painted steel dolly that some Fuckwit was draped over in the elevator. I suspect the perp's interest was that I had been wearing the deep green plastic ear muffs (hearing protection) for the prior 1.5 hours owing to their noise games that became annoying. I won't get into the details, but it was absurd to say the least.

An interesting biography on Andrija Puharich was "found" online and a good read about a (real) maverick of 1950 to 1990 medical, energetic, and biochemical and biological research. He introduced the psychic Uri Geller to North America, and worked with the finest minds on psychic research. If you have the time, it is a good read, written by one of his many ex-wives. And of course, I was noisestalked plenty while reading, especially when I encountered a name of an individual. Sounds a littel spooky to say the least.

Time to call this one done for the day.

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