Sunday, October 12, 2008

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

Apart form the fake touches I get all day, some 300+, it would seem that the perps are being a bit slack this long weekend, Canadian Thanksgiving. I don't claim to know the nationality of my tormentors, as I suspect they are from all over, and can even effect fake accents to get a rise out of me. That they were on me with equal fervor in the US and Canada suggests that they have no special claim to respecting borders or national holidays. It has been a rough harassment week, and this is the first relenting of it. I suspect the escalated abuse will return on Monday (Thanksgiving) after a sleepover at the First Feral Family's (parents) home. That was the opening salvo of last week's intensified fuckery, and I am sure this will repeat. The perps are keeping me at home since allowing me out for daffodil bulb picking work in the summer. This is partly based on the fact that I am getting nowhere with phone and email messages, mostly tied to prospective employment.

It is First Feral Family get together later; a Thanksgiving dinner on a Sunday at my ex's, and a permitted visitation to our daughter. I have no idea what the fuckery games will be, but regular readers will recall a similar event last spring where one of my daughter's blonde friends stood at the entryway, some 15' from the dining table for at least 15 minutes, apparently waiting for her father to pick her up. It was most strange that she was alone, and wasn't in my daugheter's bedroom, conversing with her. So it seemed to me, this was a Feral Family blonde exposure for calibration purposes, all of us in one location, with a gangstalking blonde woman. In case you are wondering why I go on about blondes, read the Essential Introductory Posting On Blondes at the right, and even the posting from yesterday as an example.

The perps had me in another forced "fixation" about going to work somewhere in the oilsands of Alberta last night. This two hour web surfing exercise was duly noisestalked with extra overhead pounding of the 12" of concrete and steel floor/ceiling, which always begs the question, what is so interesting about this topic, and is its portent, if any? And I noted that one of my online resumes had been taken out, so yet again, a repeat performance to enter all that information again, something the perps just live for, repetitive activities in differing locations, times and lighting conditions.

Cleaning up the above forced typos that hopefully are all attended to got me the Harley Davidson motorcycle noise through the earmuffs that I am wearing; there is always the opportunity for the most loathed noises to "somehow" get through my hearing protection. Anytime I take the earmuffs off while the nosie is continuing to penetrate, they reduce the volume such that it is substantially less and would not be able to get through my hearing protection. In other words, my perception of noise is highly governed, and will be modified as they deem needed. Any connection to maintaining a pretense of conventional reality isn't that important to them any more.

After messing around for four days, and getting planted "fixations", I was allowed to send of two job resumes. And of course there was rampant noisestalking while doing this, and especially when sending it via the websites' "submit" button. The things that I am getting harassed for boggle the mind as to the organizational intelligence behind all this.

Time to call this one done, and post.

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