Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Early Pounding

I am on an early shift of sorts; an 0630h get-up with a preceding 40 minutes of created outside traffic noise. There are no thoroughfares of consequence near here, and all are beset with a grid of traffic controls. But judging by the road traffic noise one would think I live next door to a freeway, which I don't. Past pictures in blog postings attest to the nature of the road system around here. Hence, should I go to the balcony window and look for the "source vehicles" of the noise, why, the noise drops off all of a sudden as there aren't many vehicles that can make the noise that I hear, by way of projected means IMHO.

And too, the overhead pounding (12" of concrete and steel) has started up early, has the siren show, now on the third or fourth cascade so far. This must be my retribution for being allowed to get to sleep within 30 minutes on a Monday, a true rarity, though that could signify a change in nightime sleep deprivation regimen. These early mornings make for a late day as a rule because tiredness never comes into play later; it is that amazing new ability to not become tired that has become part of my regular state of the last six years, though "regular" is moot. Or, at least until I get debriefed on the covert machinations one day, should it ever happen. I don't expect it.

These early mornings sometimes signify some significant unplanned event later in the day that will embrace some kind of perp objective theme, though over the last two months the regimen is more about keeping me confined and rev me up over fruitless job searching. That includes acquiring new safety gear that I "thought" (per, planted notion) I was going to need for the bountiful jobs that were said to be availible by my summertime co-workers, or at least, the sane ones. But in this situation, "bountiful" is a state of imposed belief, and lo, if none of the for-sure prospective employers didn't respond to multiple emails and phone calls despite their avowed honorable methods. Back to the reality; it is all about creating futility and noisestalking one's every move and mouseclick to the employment process. I was duly led into at least three variants yesterday; online application with a firm through their website, sending a resume as an attachment to an email, and a straight local phone call. These are only a few of the functional nuances the perps find so fascinating and duly inform me by way of their noisestalking the instant of mouseclicks, reading a new webpage, reading a new section of a webpage and ad infinitum. The phone call that I made to an answering machine was cursed with a new voice variant the assholes decided to give me for that purpose alone. In the course of a day I will experience at least 20 different voice versions, sometimes less than a minute apart, often five seconds or less between voice changes. Hence the provocations and having me rant or yell at the assholes all day long.

And the perp's latest game with crumb and drop placement has hit a new level of banality; the crumb or drop gets smaller with each successive attempt to pick it up or clean it up, going through three iterations of "fumbling" before the planted object is allowed to be dispensed with. I cannot concieve of the mentality of the Fuckwits that thought this one up, but it has "happened" twice now, and is a bona fide harassment method that should remain as the perp pinnacle of anal retentiveness, perversity and juvenility for some time. But if I said for all time, that would be duly eclipsed by something yet more stupid, something I make efforts to avoid.

And I see that the assholes were again reminding me of yesterday's foliage clipping activities. They forced me to take a pee after whacking me in the head with a sharp pain when first reading about a certain new product concerning grey water systems, and when I came back to my chair, why, they placed a 1" section of cedar scales on my chair to the left side. I had been hedge clipping yesterday, and they decided that not only did I need to be inundated with extra hedge clippings for the remainder of yesterday, but today too. Getting rid of these sudden eruptions neccessitates another visit to the garbage can to get rid of it, and in this case, the closest is in the bathroom for an extra back and forth trip. I think we have done this one before, like daily; either me making extra back and forths, or gangstalkers in my proximity making incomprehensible reverse turns in front of me, and sometimes a double reverse turn for a full 360 degree change by way of two 180 turns, differing from a full 360 degree sidewalk spin that I also get treated to. So why didn't the perp sickos promote dancing as part of my social makeup then? Too late now, and the public gangstalker activities look totally beserk to say the least.

And the perps are promoting more attention to their beserkness, as well as promoting the topic of mental health in the public domain. Even Pres. George Bush is getting a psychoanalysis and is being roundly tarred in a news item today, as a sociopath no less, but no link as the Blogger editor is still being crippled with no icons for the features.

The noisestalking is decidedly on top of any time I switch tasks, at the moment of thought conception even, before the webpage change or tab button change as examples. Now, the overhead pounding has started up again, likely because this is the post mealtime high harassment moment. One tortilla slice (brown) and some grapes (deep purple with green insides), and that will do it; more noise for more of the same. I wonder what the afternoon will bring, as it was all about the regular web browsing this morning, advanced by some two hours and begining at sunrise with the E. sun low on the horizon. I have yet to be treated to a W. facing apartment, and I am sure that will happen someday when they have their act together. It is amazing to trace the timing of their activities and note years between the impetus and the planned event.

More reading from In 2 Worlds; the milatiry abduction (MILABS) has plenty of commonality with the gangstalking and harassment activities, and it does make me wonder what the master plan is. The curious thing is that when one adds up abductees, harassees (like me), and potentially all the players who make it happen, including police and military, then it is a significant amount of covert activity that never makes it on the news in this form. And I reckon, much of the news is arranged to aid the perps. Two Asian engineers drowned in an oil settlement pond in northern Alberta about a month ago. Given that the perps have an obsession over brown skinned races and of petroleum products in presenting them both in my proximity on myriads of occasions, could the tragic result of the aforementioned Asian engineers have anything to do with the outcome of perp fuckery? Could do, though I won't go into any more discussion because I just don't know what their agenda is. But I will add that they have been very active noisestalking me as I have typed up this paragraph, the usual tip-off of heightened surveillance interest.

I have noted in past blogs that all the perp obsessions seem to be entirely interdependent in ways that are not concievable to us plebian victims. I have noted other obsessions of theirs (by way of concentrated gangstalking and stunts) such as building egress, brown skin and other races, "bread stalking" (planting bread around me), plastics placement, cripples, wheelchairs, freakish people, concrete, asphalt along with particular colors of red, brown, yellow, orange and avocado green. I have also noted combinations of these too in past gangstalking setups; negros and Asians stalking me when entering and exiting this apartment building, "bread stalkers" when doing the same, plastics being trailed around me by faux vagrants (freakish by my definition), negros on local concrete jobs (twice), native Indian flagwomen/men (brown skin on asphalt), red turbaned East Indian (yesterday) and other like odd juxtapositions of the Unfavored with the perps obsessions. (See Unfavored definition on right under Essential Introductory postings). All I can conclude is that there is one huge experiment going on with ramifications that are so significant that it boggles the imagination, and the perps have saddled me as the leading experimentation subject IMHO.

The overhead vacuuming/whine noise has begun, post crap. Again, the color of brown is like a moth to a flame for the perps. Yesterday when heading out the door I was given a "shit shunting" where some kind of internal movement took place inside me, down there. As mentioned in yesterday's blog, I had three uniformed Fuckwits on door duty for me, at least three more civilian dressed gangstalkers for the next 60' to the intersection, and lo, if there wasn't a deep brown colored UPS van passing through the intersection, presumably in some kind of "brown stalking" role.

More vacuuming overhead. I am getting the red plasma flashes from the sickos; they put one around my tea mug earlier, a nice 1/8" ring of red plasma to "edge enhance" the mug while in my hand. Then some other red flashes when in the bathroom, per above, and some on my left side, presumably to balance out the red on the Logicraft PC Trackman mouse on my right side. Needless to say, they make sure I get plenty pissed about it.

Back to the Opportunities Fund for training for the disabled (me, har, har) to get some upgrade training before joining the workforce. I see a new requirement was inserted into the PDF file; I must now have an assigned case worker to do a needs assessment and then a Return to Work Action Plan before they will cough up and training money, all the while being disabled of course. And then hang out for who knows how long until they approve of it. This looks to be a late 2009 to mid-2010 adventure unless some white knight who knows the system can sponsor me. And give the intense focus on social isolation, the perps definitely don't want anyone doing any favors for me, it might disrupt their impossible quest. Funny how I wasn't informed of any of this when I met the person responsible for the Opportunities Fund two weeks ago. The nine page application form on the web now becomes encumbered with extra process and actors, and surely suggests another year of going through this exercise while it serves some depraved harassment agenda. This should of been begun last year, and it always interesting to reflect on those whose job it is to know this administrative stuff, and somehow, neglected to inform me. This is not new, and doesn't rest with only one player, but at least three of them so far who "forgot" to mention any of this.

More planned vexation, and lo, if the overhead vacuum cleaning noise didn't start up again while I was yelling at the assholes for blanking out another web site I wanted to visit. These are employment related sites, and this entire job application activity seems to become a major project after they suckered me into thinking it was an easy process to find a job after daffodil bulb picking this summer. On with the show, noise and all, and send the resume to all and sundry for yet more dumbshit games for depraved Fuckwits.

Time to call this done for the day; an early one tomorrow with a 0900h interview at a temp agency. I have no expectations as to what might be availible, but it is always good to keep a dialog going, as constrained and scripted as it is. More red flashes.

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