Thursday, October 09, 2008

Squeaky Brakes Time

The title refers to the fact that squeaky brake noise, often in a near sing-song, usually accompanies opening up a new blog posting, putting the kettle on, making lunch and boundless other moments of perp high interest. But it always amazes me that the same noise "happens" when the streets are wet, like now, as this would change, and mostly eliminate, any squeaky brake noise. Even conventional reality isn't allowed it seems.

Today might have been a big day for the perps, as I was wearing my track pants to yoga, the ones that got linted so bad I had to take them to the drycleaners to get laundered/cleaned. "Somehow", laundering them and the cotton fabric shirt that also got linted, in the washing machine on this apartment floor some four times in succession did not rid the lint problem. Regular readers and all TI's will know that clothing and laundry is a constant target of harassment attacks, and they have even gone as far as to have my out-of-town brother buy and operate two commercial laundry outfits. And still they hound me over this topic. The drycleaned cotton shirt was worn for the last two days, and yesterday was an outing day as well.

I got the full-on gangstalk treatment (aka freakshow) on my way back from yoga, a 10 minute city walk at best, and it was most curious that three members of the class split real fast, and then likenesses of them "happened" to be encountered on the way back to my apartment. Actually, one was in real life form, having driven a half block to then jaywalk across the street as I "happened" to be passing a bakery. And not even any sign of acknowledgement when she was looking at me while I passed by, she being the one that put on the stare last week. This would be another perp fetish, exposing me to bread, especially regular gluten containing bread, and too, there were some bread scraps on the sidewalk on my way back. Somehow, the ever present seagulls (in noise form at least), missed them.

Anyhow, back to the dull reality of doing squat, probably the most favored situation they like to keep me in, save ambulatory gangstalking. And the lighting has been changing; a recent rain squall has erupted, and as a consequence, my E. facing apartment has been made considerably darker. Two days ago the daytime natural lighting from outside was cycling so fast it was almost as much contrast and instantaneous as having a light switch. I have never seen natural light change so radically before.

I noticed at yoga that the same three class members who arrived serially last week after I did all arrived together today, again after me. They all present themselves as unassociated, but in my estimation, it defies any observed behavior of disparate individuals I have seen to date. It has to be orchestrated, for this to "happen" IMHO, though if anyone else has a rational perspective on this I would be glad to hear about it in the comments.

I also noticed at yoga there was a red color campaign going on behind me, as my back was to the doors to the outside which had translucent glass panels with embedded wire mesh in them. A kid dressed in a red coat was "playing" there for some ten minutes at the start of the yoga class (on the steps outside). Then then the sensor for the alarm system was showing a red light which is highly unusual I thought, as it should of been off as we were occupying the room. I also got the lint balls/dust bunnies arriving around my yoga mat, and this is a regular event. There were at least two sparkling grains/whatevers on the carpet, one "happening" to catch the light and creating in inordinant amount of reflection that was aimed at me. These "sparkly crumbs" are also nothing new, and seem to proliferate at yoga more than anywhere else.

I haven't got many responses from my phone calls or resume sending about employment today; I find it most curious that I get about a 10% response, either a confirmation of reciept or a no. In the latter case I got a "no interest" from some kind of autoresponder that evaluates the answers to the questions. This was for a early crew member to arrange things in advance of the day's store opening, and not a retail sales job. Another first, to be rejected for a job by way of an algorithmic evaluation.

This is now the post teatime noise flurry; I have not only tea in me, but chocolate too, and this is just plain exciting for the assholes putting on the noise show, and likely the wet road conditions to change the traffic noise to some extent. I have been also getting some red plasma flashed in my vision, an ongoing stunt they need to engage me in for some reason. It would seem to be a visual red light response that they are looking for, never mind the fact that my Logicraft Trackball PC mouse has red lights set in it, and that my right hand is nearly always on it when online. They also put on a small plasma flash of a second or two duration when I was spooning the dark olive green tapenade from its tub onto my tortilla in the frypan. More excitement for small minds it would seem.

And the above teatime games were escalated a little bit more; after finishing the dishes and then turning around to leave the kitchen, the perps put a 1/4" lump of chocolate on the floor, to be then picked up and put in the garbage and it landed on top of the tea leaves in said garbage. It would seem that this is an attempt to get some sustained chocolate to tea (spent tealeaf form) energetics interaction, while I have the same substances in my digestive system. There is no way I dropped the small piece of chocolate, as it arrived after I had last traversed that short section of the kitchen. This too might be why I am getting more noise action; currently a backup beeping, an tractor trailer airhorn, and the swishing sound of nonstop traffic which is an order of magnitude in excess of what I see at any given juncture.

And believe me, I find it gets dull too when the most exciting thing is that a new and extra-improbable crumb has arrived. Dealing with the mere multitude of improbable crumbs is dull enough. I get at least 100 planted crumbs per day if one includes lint and dust bunnies. Most are colored brown, though black, white and grey are also common. My brown colored breakfast cereal has embedded black and white specks in them of no seeming cause, it is now the way they come. In other words, the black, white, silver-grey and mid-grey tones, what I call greyscale colors, are essential localized references for the perps whenever browns, reds, and yellows are seen or arranged, and les frequently with blues, greens and other colors. It is all too predictable, another clinical cause defeating "symptom". But I won't get into that, just in case Anonymous sends me some more comments.

More of the imposed fantasizing about working for big coin in the Alberta oilfields tonight. This "interest" (read imposed vocational notion) happened in the summertime too, in a slightly different form. Then, the supplied jobs were about being a slasher, someone who cuts line (a swath of trees and bush) for over $130k per year. Such a person needs to have their own power saws, a tool that I have used to a moderate extent. After web surfing on this topic for a week or so, I was allowed to rationally consider how I could possibly ready myself for the job, never mind being out of shape in doing hard physical labor all day long each day. The notion of doing slashing was infeasible, if only for the storage of all the chainsaw equipment which is not doable in an apartment, never mind attempting to transport them without a vehicle. So..., that imposed notion passed thankfully, and now this is being replayed in a slightly different form; the imposed "interest" is to be a driller's helper, or roughneck as they might say in the oil business. And even more implausibly, I don't have any oil industry experience, but the web sites I find indicate that inexperienced laborers can start at $25/hour. Anyhow, it is all very well to putz around on these topics for a covert mind invasive party that has a fixation on all matters about petroleum, even mentioning the word got me extra typo sabotage just now, but why, and when will they give it a rest for good?

I suspect the said covert party has had a long standing interest in petroleum for some deep dark reasons, and it maybe so incredibly important that they even have arranged our gasoline or diesel fuel infrastructure and vehicle ownership back to over a century ago. Add another major objective on my back, per the linked blog posting. I have had plenty of overhead pounding tonight, and they also made sure to keep it up before eveningtime tea and chocolate, moved it overhead when I was in the kitchen making tea, and then moved it back overhead afterward, at my desk again. So obviously, this petroleum topic is of high interest, and it would seem that having tea and chocolate is important in some obscure way, probably the color more than anything.

Not that I care too much, it is just that I don't like getting jerked around to look at these topics for this abusive, skulking. mind invasive and vituperative party who will surely screw me over in some capacity. One such common game is bait and switch; crank up the imposed "interest" and then pull it out from under me after a certain amount of momentum and time investment has been made. This vocational interest has been predominant of late, but it cycles between part time (anything), get my training upgraded and go fulltime in mid-2009 with an IT job, (not doable as there is no funding source for the courses, what I learned yesterday), or go fulltime for anything so I can purchase the courses for myself at $3,500, (unlikely that I could earn that much by mid Jan. 2009). So... all these implausible options that I am exposed to, made to explore, and then ultimately dismiss. And then back to "doh" as they say in the Sound of Music; get a (mythical?) laborer job at $25/hr. in the oil industry. While on the daffodil bulb picking crew this summer I learned that the grower took a job in the oil industry, a camp job where they get flown in for 24 days and back for a week. The grower is essentially the farmer, the man we all worked for who was said to be leaving for this job, but strangely he delayed his resignation date twice and when I saw him in his office in his supposed last few days, nothing was packed. All that side chat about oil field work and the huge money and on and on was obviously (to me at least) meant for me to hear, though I have no idea as to why, or if it has any future portent. I didn't get any leads from the grower as to who and how he was recruited (seemingly), as I was being kept in the above mentioned phase/planted notion of oil field work (slasher job) being not doable. And if you can follow all that, then you are confused as I am as to what the next paying gig is, or if there is, per perp control and diktat.

Anyhow, that should be enough confusion to warrant another installment for tomorrow, though the truth is that I have plenty of time on my hands these days for all the nonreturned calls and emails relating to above vocational attempts, and I would be blogging in any event.

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