Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yoga Days Are Prime Gangstalking Days

I am back from my weekly yoga session, always a desired activity, especially checking out the instructor, she being so lithe, slim and pretty. I do it for the exercise though, and the flexibility it confers. And the perps might be placing me in that mindset anyhow as they seem to have a lot to gain from it. My theory is that all that spine stretching and movement creates certain bioelectromagnetic fields that can be remotely detectable, and exercising the spine promotes the likelihood to identify the signature energies remotely. Hence endless gangstalkers in public areas bending over, squatting, twisting (looking elsewhere at nothing), stretching and the rest of the quasi-yoga moves they make in the course of their assignment. Their other traits of open-mouthing, arm waving, spitting, eating while walking or standing are also beneficial for the perp cause, but don't appear to advance the spine flexing portion of what they are looking for. I had my usual vagrant and scum brigade gangstalking on my way from yoga to my apartment, a 10 minute city walk at most, and a few suits and fuckwits in white shirts and a tie but no jacket on this rather cool temperature and overcast day. The even arranged a red coat swarm around me outside the bakery that I pass; at least four males converged around me as I was walking by, one from a side street, one behind me that I had just passed, and two ahead doing the stand-in-mid-sidewalk-with-back-facing-me stance that they keep putting on. I have never seen so many public fuckwits standing around as if they owned the sidewalk before this harassment started, and now it has become routine.

Now it seems, the rest of the day is going to be like most since I got back from the week long excursion I made in September; doing not very much, the do-nothing imposition. There is always plenty of plasma beams and masers flitting around of course, every second even, but it seems important to the perps that I be kept contained as much as possible, even if they are cranking me up to get a job, and no one responds (by email or phone), especially those that needed workers per the statements of my daffodil picking job workmates. It seems to be a big deal for the assholes to bait me with the notion of employment, and yet not have any of their designated employers, or the appearence of them, respond. It is most strange to say the least. Meanwhile, all through yoga, the perps planted me with the notion of working in the Alberta oilfields again, this time invoking scenarios as to how I would accomplish yoga in a remote northern drilling camp. I could do without these planted scenarios as they are not very realistic in the first place. Though like many of these, there might be some truth to it, or it could be totally spurious; as in, no remote chance of it occuring. Why don't they posit more realistic scenarios instead?

A round of sirens, overhead clunking and pounding, street hollaring, idling diesel engined vehicles and a few other regular noises has just concluded, and now it is back to the "all-quiet" state that is mandated sometimes. I haven't quite figured out what the details are of what noise begets what perp objective, but it has been consistent for years now, this run-up and then cessation. As part of the action, I also get quite a few plasma projections off the LCD display that I am using, whitish beams in full width that extend a foot or so off the LCD panel. I suspect they are driven from the panel or the light behind it.

As part of the show, I am going to import another letter that I wrote in 2002 complaining about the harassment at that time, all to no avail of course. Here is the letter I presented to the doctor, one who was public about covert harassment and mind control research;

Dear Dr. xxxx


To provide a fair minded assessment of the symptomology and validate the patient's determination of cause. Should the diagnosis significantly differ from that of Dr. Rogge, it would be of great benefit for Dr. xxxto convey his findings to Dr. xyxy.

Clinical Symptoms -Current

persistent sore throat, accompanied by a mucus buildup
persisten buildup of mucus in nose, especially over nighttime
sudden onset of dry eyes
sudden sinus pressure buildup
sudden onset of feeling hot
sudden onset of ear-ringing
sudden onset of pressure on ears
sensation of something tracking through eyebrows and eyelashes
sensation of hair raising
sensation of a pulse-like deeper cranial pang
sensation of muscle twitching, no particular body region, though often there is a sequence of along the arm, across the torso etc.
sensation of body vibrations, sometimes regions, sometimes as if an earthquake was approaching
always very tired in the morning
sudden onset of yawning
hands or fingers going numb for no apparent cause, ususally when going to sleep
sudden onset of skin crawling and itches, especially when going to sleep
"ghosting", or persistent images as if they were highly reflective when first observed

Clinical Symptoms -Past

intense and debilitating sensation of being "microwaved", "zapped" or irradiated causing an overall feeling of unwellness and an ache in the testicles
overall sense of panic, not only about the harassment and one's basic survival, but about most day to day matters
myalgic hands
tingling feet

NB: the highly assualtive phase with the symptoms noted above during the period of 03-15 to 06-19 was replaced with surrepticious phase when monitoring with a field strength meter began.

Non-clinical Phenomenon
Magnetic radiation often presaged by a clunk sound in the wall and a trailing hum, as measured by a field strength meter; 0.6 mGauss - 1.8 mGauss, 150-180 mhz typically with the meter needle fluctuating +/- 0.2 mG 4-6 times per second.
Directed sound; often while trying to get to sleep.
Straight line lasers near the point of perception, though I have seen them a foot of length.
Spot Lasers, -bright tiny spot momentarily occurs on the page I am reading or in mid-air.
Periphial Wisp Laser- an irregular trail seen in the periphial vision, and then when one turns their head to view it, its gone.
Short AC lighting pulses occur frequently, especially when I am in the washroom.

Objects move along floor, venetian blind louvers parted without apparent source of control.
My vehicle has been entered 4 times with no signs of forcible entry, though items have been moved around. House keys were removed and later found in another location.
My vehicle has been tampered with; the front end tie rod ends were replaced and the jacking equipment used.
My apartment has been entered at least 8 times, nothing taken, except on the following occasions: a research paper was stolen from my briefcase, my belongings were rifled through, as if evidence gathering for a drug bust,- empty Rx bottles were removed.
My locker at 24 Hour Fitness was entered, on one occasion my prescription medication was removed, on another, my Palm Pilot was removed fom the locker and then later returned outside my apartement door.
I have been followed on the street, with some perpetrators getting inordinately close, almost draping themselves over me.
My vehicle has been followed by at least 6 vehicles when travelling from Seattle to Bellevue, which I know, as I was being sharply "zapped" as they passed slowly by.
Odd occurences of phenomenon; a small puddle of "water" appeared on my field strength meter when I first acquired it, a difficult to remove dark stain suddenly appeared on my right hand when it had not been near anything to cause it, my apartment is sometimes "pulsed" as if the air pressure had suddenly changed; - the door moves in its frame without any outside cause, and a noise emanates from the door lock
As I pasted in the above letter, I got a coincident loud siren noise which continued while I struggled with getting the text size and tab setting reworked back to normal. This tab setting hijacking, especially at the end or begining of a document, has been a long standing harassment situation for nearly all my word processors, going back at least 20 years. I never knew that adding or deleting blanks was so interesting to someone. And as the Blogger commands to clean this up fail, I still get noisestalking. As I cannot get out of this tab setting, I am going to post and be done with the problem. [Update, 2100h,- the Blogger software "found" the problem and has allowed me to repair the appearence and tab setting I was complaining about, but the newly limited text commands don't have text sizing capability.]

I added another anecdote to the list in my 08-31-2008 blog posting, the one about my mother somehow knowing that I was awake in the bedroom and warning the perps about it.

What is going on; so many of my Google searches and URLs are being obviously blocked. She isn't on the MincontrolForums victims list anymore. [Update; she and the MCF site keeper had some differences]. And the eharassment web link is inaccessible. Other unrelated news sites have been also blocked of late.

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