Thursday, October 02, 2008

An Eleven Hour Sleep

I did have relatively undisrupted sleep, save for a run of loud mufflered vehicles, Harley motorcycle noise, bus noise and heavy duty vehicle noise, the usual foursome of outside arranged noises, sometime early this morning. As usual, it is an equal head side opportunity; five minutes of noise with finger in the ear blocking on my left side, then my right side, and repeat, at least twice more.

The biggest surprise was to wake up at 1000h, meaning that I slept some 11 hours, and meaning someone manipulated my sleep duration IMHO, as there was no reason to sleep an extra three hours last night. All this seemed to be for creating a compact morning, as I had yoga at 1130h, and so my breakfast was hurried some, along with foreshortening the bathroom routine by not doing the usual full-frontal shave, only my face.

Yoga seems to be an integral part of the gangstalking and harassment show; all that stretching and twisting of one's spine brings out new remotely detectable energies, and the perps' quest is to first detect them by remote means, but also be able to apply them elsewhere, say back in my apartment where I have resided since yoga. It is no secret that the perps' operatives all do extra back stretching and twisting for no apparent reason, and will often combine this with walking an orthogonal path, taking right angle turns. Additionally, they often have their mouth contents exposed in some way during these manouvres.

So yes, there are plenty of masers and plasma beams flitting about the yoga classroom (moved within the building again with no notice), and in addition, crumbs "arrive" beside my mat, and today, it seemed to made of lint, very much like that from last week's lint battle with the assholes. The shirt I was wearing was from that same fated laundry load, but mysteriously, it did not get linted. The usual track pants I wear at yoga did get linted, and I had to take them into a local drycleaner, one that happens to be located on the very route walking to yoga, all of 10 minutes away. And so, I wore my black fleece tight pants, fleece on the inside, smooth on the outside, and I suppose this was all part of the games that ensued.

I had three stare-at-me and one on-crosswalk-run-at-me event in getting to yoga and back. Of course there was the freakshow gangstalkers, and one of the motorized wheelchair operatives tailed me for two blocks before speeding ahead, about the only way to pass me in my usual fast walk on a sidewalk. Which begs the question, why didn't this fucker pass me at the outset instead of lingering behind me for two blocks? Another question for which there isn't an answer, but it was at least the third such wheelchair gangstalker of the short walk. Regular readers will know that I cannot stand the sight of wheelchairs, and also know that the perps draw from this Unfavored demographic group more than would be normal. How I got such an aversion to wheelchairs and any clinical setting is not known to me, but suffice to say, another party knows this in all its detail, and routinely presents gangstalkers and related imagery around this theme.

In walking to yoga I had another unique event; three young adults were standing together at a corner, next to the end of the crosswalk opposite me, and they each had red colored binders with them. It seemed to be a street canvassing effort, not unexpected as there is an election in less than two weeks. When I began to set across the crosswalk, the three of them split up, one walking toward me, the other headed to the other crosswalk, and the other went between them, and presumably stopped at the curb. I haven't had anything so obviously set up as this before, three apparent canvassers splitting apart. I often get the faux canvassers outside the supermarket with their white color binders, and I assume there are there for before and after energetics interactions, along with the plastic cover of the binder.

The third stare-at-me was in yoga, where some large fat babe was putting on the stare, seeming to have just finished when I was allowed to find out about it. For the record, I did ask my doctor about six months ago if there was any reason to be stared at, and he said there wasn't. And it is most odd to get the stare while entering the elevator, the second such event in the last week; this time it was the blonde dude who seems to have no end of time on his hands, and is normally very tense and uncommunicative. Today, he put on the extra friendly act, like we were old time residents of this apartment block.

The return leg of my yoga visitation also came with the freakshow gangstalkers, and seemed to have a yellow color focus. And it was this very event when they put on a yellow eyed gangstalker for me to see some months ago. Today, it was just yellow coats and DHL trucks with the clown-like driver uniform on yellow color duty. This time it was an Asian dude in the DHL outfit, and only a half block further, they put on a seen-before native Indian gangstalker lounging against a building, who then spat across the width of the sidewalk some 10' in front of me, before I walked past the asshole. It would seem that this was another case of mouth contents exposure, this time arranged for me to pass through the arc of his projected spit. And it was an improbable spit; only a 1/4" or less in diameter, and somehow it made a perfect 4' arc across the sidewalk.

As far as I can tell, owing to the dearth of telephone or email, I seem to be under some kind of incommicado order; I phoned two potential employers yesterday who only want able bodies for general laboring work, and still no responses today. Even my case counsellor is in on the act; I left a message some four days ago about any possibility of there being a program for eyewear reimbursement for us "poor folk", and still no message. Fucking bizarre.

Picture time again, these from the week 09-15 to 09-22, 2008, when I was on a driving excursion with my parents, as they don't like to drive much. I took them on a week's outing to visit family in Kamloops, and then to the south Okanagan to visit wineries. Then I drove all the way back from Osooyos to Vancouver, BC in one day, stopping for lunch in Manning Park. We stayed in Richmond on 09-21-2008 to then give us a close-in stay to the Ikea nearby on the next day. These parking lot pictures are from 09021-2008, and the demonstrated the shear magnitude for how prepared the perps are in arranging parked vehicle colors around me. Seemingly, we made arrangements only on the spur of the moment, about an hour before arriving at the motel, but the degree of arranged vehicles as well as my accompanying vehicular gangstalking posse suggested that really wasn't as spontaneous as it seemed. Which is what I contend, every instant of my existence is arranged, even if the assholes put on a script to suggest the choice of hotel was on the fly.

Taken 09-21-2008, through the windshield of my parent's Ford Escape while waiting for my mother to complete the check-in. Here we have one silver-grey vehicle on the immediate left, a mid-grey or a blue minivan next to it (I cannot tell for sure), then three white colored vehicles, a space, then a deep red colored, vehicle, then a white vehicle, then a same colored deep red colored vehicle past it on the far right side. The light is soft owing to windshield reflections, another highly governed condition.

Then, around the back where we had our suite, was another arranged contingent IMHO. A deep red vehicle on the far left, my parent's silver-grey (with a very light brown tinge) Ford Escape, a mid-grey minivan, then two white colored vehicles, and a typical silver-grey vehicle.

Showing the left end of this array, an additional silver-grey vehicle to the left of the deep red colored minivan.

This same parking lot, at the same time, 1444h, and in the shade of the motel, (front to back) two more silver-grey vehicles, a deep red colored pickup truck, a black vehicle, a likely dark green minivan, three more silver-grey vehicles, a cherrry red vehicle, and a black, dark red and a white vehicle past it. The right side of the parking lot in this shot has some arranged vehicle color symmetry, but I will leave it without comment.

Onto the next day, 09-22-2008, 0803h:35sec., and the same parking vehicles around my parent's Ford Escape as above, but some extra action in the background on the street. There is an individual walking along with the ridiculous characteristic high arm swing just like the gangstalkers in this town. The parking lot across the street is highly arranged with clusters of silver-grey and white colored vehicles, the odd red color vehicle, and a few vehicles in blue. On the street, a black colored vehicle is in motion and just past the gangstalker, and a seeming blue colored vehicle is parked in front of it.

Taken three seconds later, 09-22-2008, 0803h:38sec., the above mentioned black vehicle in motion on the street has passed by and is nearly out of the frame, passing by a mid-grey vehicle on the left, a second black vehicle is following the first one. And note, a black parked vehicle sits in the far parking lot.

Off the street, and the parking lot shot on 09-22-2008, a mixture of reds among the whites, silver-grey vehicles and a blue one in the foreground and a dark green one.

The next day at my apartment, 09-23-2008, a "welcome back party" on the street outside IMHO. The dudes are going back into the twin 30" shit pipes they dug up and laid down last year. I cannot recall if I had taken a shit by then after a week away or not, but all three shits that I took on excursion "somehow" blocked the toilets at two locations. On the road leading away into the background on the left, they have a tractor-trailer with some kind of vacuum and steam supply, and they are blowing steam out the manhole cover further into the background, near another service vehicle facing the wrong direction. They even put on a "ladder patrol" vehicle opposite, the ubiquitous ladder packing white trades van, the ladder stringers being red, yellow or wood.

A zoom in shot of the vacuum and steam show, nothing too spectacular about this. Those same dayglo orange traffic lane markers were outside out motel room the previous night, ostensibly to mark off the "reserved" spot for the white bus that was already there. At other times, these same traffic lane markers have been sitting on the sidewalk near my downtown waiting location for the summertime crew bus, and don't get stolen, but was in place at least three successive days.

That is it for pictures for a while, as it seems that the vehicular games outside are rather muted of late, and I always "forget" to take the camera out onto the street nowadays.

i just did a short eveningtime grocery shopping. They once had me on this back until 2006, and then stopped me. That is, I was allowed to remember all that I went into the store for. Now, my shopping list recall is sketchy at best, and so these evening bail-out shoppings are becoming more frequent, and all the more so with earlier dusk onset. I had some freaks, red jackets, a blonde giving me the stare, and a few others that needed to tail me in lead-ahead mode.

But, I "needed" chocolate again, that elixir the perps like me to have so much, and predictably, had me eat with tea after I got back. While the flavors were dissapating in my mouth, the hallway voicestalking started up. These are conversations that erupt in the hallway outside my door, or even from outside. Generally, I never actually hear the individual words, and often they are in a foreign language in any event. Just another example of never being alone; even a small pleasure such as quality chocolate melting in one's mouth gets noisestalked in some capacity.

I got a comment from another TI who tells it like it is. He provides a credible introduction to being harassed and gangstalked, and if any of the dissenters are reading this, perhaps they would read his story and determine how it could the same thing in its detail possibly happen to someone else, except by targeted harassment and orchestration of their life.

And I am now attempting to put a resume together, and am faced with the task of explaining in terse text exactly what I have been doing over the past six years. Such a conumdrum; do I call it "medical leave", or get right down to brass tacks and call it "imposed unemployment". Or should I say something like "self indulgent leave for bookmarking my wish lists", especially while coordinated noises go off at the same moment that I bookmark a website. I noticed that the career counsellor wasn't too interested when I told her in only summary terms as to what has transpired over the past six years of no work, and she really didn't have an answer for me as to how to explain it away. The perps have moved me into a career quandry over the past two weeks; all the laboring jobs and leads have vaporized, and then they began exposing me to computer systems job postings like I once had. Now the latter has taken some imposed importance, and so this resume problem that they have put me into. All I wanted was to be able to go to the northern Alberta oil patch and score a huge paying job, and to be left alone of course, but that isn't going to happen.

Enough of flailing at resume; I even had to look at my old business cards to recall what my position was named at the time. This would be something else I wouldn't ordinarily forget, but with these assholes probing every corner of my brain, and succeeding at hacking my recall in 2006-7, I must use props to know about myself. Fucking sick, and it will never be forgiven if I have anything to deal with this.

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