Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Run Down Attempt

That is, if I hadn't stopped walking when crossing a side street, I would have had my legs taken out. I was on my way to yoga, and in mid-street walking across a sidestreet that meets a main thoroughfare, an uncontrolled crossing. The driver had had seen me, but made the left turn in any event, a swooping wide arc that put her vehicle into the opposite lane even while looking at me in her way, not bothering to stay in right hand drive mode and go behind me. I get at least one of these a week, and today was the most egregious. A granny driver, cum operative I suspect, and she wasn't too surprised about the whole deal. But as I was the first student to arrive at yoga when I am nearly always the last one, no matter how early I come, at least one of the four women who came later just might have been in morphed over form as the driver, and then get transformed in shape, face and hair appearance to participate in yoga. All to have me get excited over being run down with a white vehicle, only a short block from the yoga venue. The perps had me yell at the woman driver, the same stock (or stalk?) phrase I am saddled with at my apartement, "what are you doing?". I distinctly felt myself being compelled to say this, as I never make a public exhibition of myself no matter what.

If that wasn't strange enough, one of the yoga class participants "decided" to set up their mat directly behind me, that being this ditzy UK accented "bread stalker" woman. She was the one waving a loaf of bread in a plastic bag to the class members about six months ago, offering it to us and saying that she had too much bread. And she comes so infrequently that no one knew her, so it is most odd IMHO to be offering free groceries to class members after the class. Today, she got into further strangeness by cleaning her mat before the class started, (for the noise I suspect) and keeping 2' of paper towel on her mat the entire time. And then orienting her mat to point toward the instructor like everyone else does also wasn't done, but instead, she had her mat at right angles to mine, after forcing me to move mine, per instructor's request. Talk about a total disruptor, and being the Fuckwit du Jour.

And the woman class member who said she was going to spend the winter in Arizona "next weeK" came back again. She has said her goodbyes twice now, and there she was again. She too had to augment this strange behavior of having paper towel over her yoga mat, making it one behind me (above woman), and this latter woman in front of me, behind the instructor. Both had the same deep burgundy colored yoga mat, and who knows, perhaps they were morphovers of two regulars who weren't there today. The yoga class was good, and looking at the dishy instructor was even better.

After the above mentioned driving the vehicle in my path stunt, the next block had another interesting cluster of gangstalkers, a multicultural tour if you will. At least 10 persons walking in a group of various races; Asians, Caucasians and a negro. They were about 30' ahead of me in a loose cluster, maybe 10' long. As soon as I got close they stopped and some walked in the opposite direction toward me, pretending to look at something down the street, the usual "look at nothing" act. In the course of this, they all ended up strung out in file, and some doing the sidewalk block jerkaround, and pretending to be considerate at the last second and got out of my way. I find these "walking groups" to be most odd, especially in residential areas, and even more odd is how they can coordinate their behavior to adopt more perp desireable configurations, being strung out in file. That was the final rude stunt before I got to the yoga venue, noting that they recently had (within the week) new asphalt paving down on their parking area, and new line painting as well. Regular readers will know of the perps ongoing obsession over asphalt and petroleum products, and this was just another, "happening" outside the yoga classroom.

I don't know always why the perp get into intensified wierdness with extra disruptive Fuckwits in public, but I suspect that wearing my new Sugoi shirt today just might have been the exciting part for them. Though, it is mostly black colored with some mid-grey panels under my arms, the very kind of color combinations and color placement that the perps like for their own gangstalkers. I also did my laundry earlier today, before heading out to yoga, and perhaps there were some residual energetics associated with that activity which the perps were attempting to detect by remote means. Regular readers and most TI's will know that the perps have an obsession over laundry, and even have my out-of-town brother owning and running two commercial laundries. Naturally, they get into other stunts like introducing excessive lint to force relaundering the same clothes, or at least, a subset of interest. I had to get two items drycleaned to finally get the lint off them some three weeks ago.

I made a 10 minute round trip to get my altered new underwear picked up. These are the storied ones that I was compelled to get via Sierra Trading Post, a discount clothing, outdoor and home accessories store. But as they are high waisted, some 7", I had them altered to remove 2.5" and the waistband put back on. It was $10 per pair, and lo, if she didn't run out of black thread and have to use an olive green on the inside of one pair. I was gangstalked up the asshole nearly on this junket; an elevator buddy, then two outside the apartment, then three converging from three different directions and then "hanging out" together by jaywalking ahead of me. Once I was following them some 60' back, why they split apart with one reversing his path in parallel to meet his buddy jaywalking and then the two of them reversed direction and paralleled me, they still on the street. Another of the threesome stayed in place before they split apart, and the lastmost of the threesome kept walking onward. I had another two of them on me in climing one flight of stairs, and was finally inside the alterations shop. I have never seen such a disparate group act in such a coordinated manner, engaging in their buzzing around me.

When exiting the alterations shop I had another two on me, one tailing, the other oncoming up the stairs in LH drive mode again. Then at least three more before I got to the intersection, and then another two weirds coming at me before I got to my apartment. At the door was a couple who were entering the building, and once at the door, why a weird plus another from a few days ago "happened" to be returning from a garbage trip owing to the garbage chute being "broken", so I had two couples on me, one ahead and one behind. The first couple held the elevator for me, and the tail elected to visit his mailbox instead. So, when I was about to get out, why, and elevator rusher was coming at me, an operative that doesn't respect normal elevator etiquette of letting any passengers out beforet hey get in. This fucker was some 6" from me when I passed by getting out of the elevator while he was getting in, and most strangely he was looking elsewhere in some kind o zombie mode. I was glad to get back after all that, and lo, if the sirens didn't start up when pulling the new underwear from the bag and folding them. Never has there been so much attention to freaking underwear before, and these ones of an acrylic fabric are superior to the cotton kind as they don't get soggy when working out.

The alterations shop kept the spare fabric from the underwear, and she did ask me if I wanted it and said no. Though I am sure that was the perps' need, but whatever, I would throw it out in any event. All the regular undewear has been pitched in the garbage, and it will no doubt "mellow" for a week or so before it gets taken out. The alterations seamstress did return the original vinyl packaging with the cardboard inserts, and I am sure this was important for some reason too, given the perp's obsession with plastics, and especially PVC.

The visitation to get my underwear alterations was the second trip there today, as it "happened" she did not take debit cards when I stopped by after yoga class, so I had to return with a check which was OK. It was then she showed me the job she did, and it looked very professional, just as if they had been made that way, apart from the one olive green stitch on the inside of one pair. For the last two months the perps have being playing extensive erection games in the night, while wearing one pair of the older set of the same kind and color of underwear. I assume that they will continue these games in the night, just with the altered underwear in place. I have no idea as to what this is about, and perhaps the perp-given term for an erection, "meat aerial", has some relevance. Who knows, and me least of all.

I got an electric like shock to my left foot while viewing a picture of Angelina Jolie in a fim role as part of the promotional images. (Wasn't fleshy). She was in a coat and a hat for chrissakes, and the assholes gave me this shock in my foot, then raised my leg to have the knee contact and move the keyboard tray and keyboard. They kept at it for a few seconds longer, still continuing with the shock treatment. That created some yelling at the assholes, though I don't ever expect that they listen to me, it is just that they want me to vocalize, using the same tired script they have given me for some years now.

The recruiting activities went south today; the recruiter from Edmonton hasn't emailed or phoned, and the outfit to whom I sent my resume yesterday didn't reply to my query when the spoofed webpage didn't appear to take my application. The latter being the second time this has "happened" in town, now two for two.

Another round of ranting at the online games the perps are up to. It is resume sabotage time again, and they continue to spoof the webpages, eliminate command buttons, and keep sucking needed information out of the entry page, all to create yet more go-arounds in filling all the desired fields. Another trick was to piss with the error trapping software by having all fields as erroneous when there would of only been a few at best. And they even put a resume online for me back in August to create even more contention as I was attempting to upload anew. Someone, put a private resume in under my email address on Aug. 10, and then had a resume from October inserted. Some trick that, as I didn't get going on the resume thing until after Sept. 22, and I had to get it from the stack of diskettes that I have, and to get a USB 3.5" diskette reader to do so. Freaking bizarre, and it all seemed to be about making me go through at least three rounds of attempted resume upload and/or update to then "find" that I (they, in fact), had already registered back in August. As always, I got plenty of noisestalking while entering my personal details; overhead pounding, hallway voices, outside road traffic noise and the usual suspects.

I am reading Carissa Conti's second book, Chasing Phantoms, ( and it very interesting that hers, and other abductees have many common experiences. Check it out, and buy it if you can. Me, this is one broke month and no work to speak of, only these promising leads and then no communication. I get to try another round tomorrow, actually meeting in a casual labor office.

While reading Chasing Phantoms I had the earmuffs on to keep out these faint noises the perps like to annoy me with, and at a certain confluence when she referenced greys, meaning alien entities, there was an additional confluence of noises at that point. An overhead thudding noise made it through the hearing protection, another clunk from the kitchen and a forced yawn at that point.

Time to call this one done for the day; I see my Blogger editor commands have been blanked out again, hence no links being added like I planned.

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