Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Underwear Attack

A morning of enhanced noise, and all the more that I have the window open to dispell the garlic smell from the garbage. Underwear gets particular perp interest as regular readers will know, and they made sure to arrange events to transition me into cotton underwear that I am presently wearing for the first time since 08-2006. The perps forced a late evening crap that got messy and needed a shower to clean up, then prevented me (at total opposite to what I usually do) from replacing the acrylic fabric underwear, and instead, had me sleep naked. Then, with all acrylic black color pairs in the laundry hamper, there was only the back up cotton pairs remaining, and lo, if all but one pair had expired elastics, and were unwearable. And of course the "surviving" cotton pair was black in color, and so it must be a big deal for the assholes to have me in cotton underwear for the first time in over two years. And recall, that I had five pairs of black acrylic underwear, and one pair was stolen about three months ago, so this substitute cotton pair represents the outcome of that particular fuckery. It is amazing to ponder how far in advance they plan these "shortages" and other compromised function, and in some cases, the planning is years in the making.

And the four remaining black acrylic underwear pairs are getting ever more linted "from" laundering I noticed today, and it might be time to replace the entire set, and go through the shenanigans of last time (05-2007), ordering them from Sierra Trading Post in Nevada, as there isn't any local supplier. (Cotton underwear is made to get very soggy even with a minimum of effort). The perps suggested over two weeks ago that I am to get the high waistline lowered. So why don't they do it, as their extra-conventional gravitic manipulations seem to be very efficacious and prompt? Probably because they want me to give the new underwear delivery some "fallow time", by having it taken for alterations (a half block away) before it gets worn or laundered. Which begs the question as to if they already have the order prepared for me, and it might be in the next apartment, extending "fallow time" all the more.

And there is an increased emphasis on slowing down my activities with forced "forgets" to create extra trips to do something, like cleaning the bathroom this morning. Yesterday, the city bus driver had the bus wait extra long after the passengers disembarked, leaving the doors open for at least five seconds longer after the last one, and even closed, opened and closed them for an extra cycle for no apparent reason. That the doors were 4' in front of me with a yellow sticker on them didn't go unnoticed, as there are no end of games that go on with added extra glass surfaces to see through.

As predicted in yesterday's blog, I had (read, was given) a restless time in getting to sleep, being a high harassment Monday. There were plenty of "apartment noises" going off; loud creaks from the dresser beside the bed, the knocks "from" the kitchen, overhead pounding, the faux noise of someone constantly moving about in a bathtub, hallway banter and very often tied to planted thoughts in the themes that relate to the perp's objectives, see Pondering the Perp's Objectives blog posting to the right under Essential Introductory Postings.

There has been plenty of harassment and rage-ification going on this morning, stirring me up while making breakfast, (when applying jam over peanut butter on toast is every day now), and then another round when cleaning the bathroom with "dog hairs" flying in from nowhere, dust bunnies hopping out of the dustpan, and other jerkarounds that were all about pissing me off. Said "dog hairs" mostly look like my hair in color, but if I shed that much, once over 40 times when cleaning the bathtub, I would not have any hair. Some "dog hairs" are 20" long, at least 4 times the length of my own hair. I give this hair inundation on just-cleaned surfaces the ironic name of dog hair, as it is equally improbable that it would come from a dog as me. On a few occasions the perps invite me to see the arrival of these hairs; there is a metallic shimmering in the air just above the arrival location, and then poof, there is a dog hair on the just cleaned surface. They even put a dog hair on the inside of my glasses this morning, something I "didn't notice" (read, wasn't allowed to) until afterward.

It happened; I got compelled to order more of the black acrylic underwear, and lo, if I wasn't sucked into an additional $100 spent at Sierra Trading Post after an hour of perusing their deals. All the while there was excessive vehicle noise from outside, presumably to encroach upon my neural energetics in some manner. I cannot find this same fabric, or other synthetic, in this town save a much more expensive source. It is a classic example of not wanting to do something, and then in a "weak moment" (read, mind controlled), I get compelled to do online shopping. And the perps have at least $1,500 of other possible expenses coming up, the biggest hit being new glasses which will take 2/3 of that sum off the top.

And I note that my wallet was emptied yesterday to pay for the dry cleaning, and that followed a missing $30 that I don't know where it went, as I rarely pay cash for anything these days. And it is very likely that the lack of colored bills (in Canada) was part of the strategy to have me open my wallet in front of this LCD display, extract my credit card and pay for the items online. And all those plans to help out other TI's just got kiboshed again. And it is all the more annoying as the perps are demotivating me in getting on with job applications, another piss-off of the last two weeks.

Post tea and chocolate break; I was finally allowed to get onto emailing resumes tothe sounds of much noisestalking from outside at the moments of "send", "save", "attache", and like events related to file handling and emailing. I cannot concieve as to why the assholes find so much mileage in me doing these pedantic things.

The pain in the back games of three days ago were re-visited last night; I was given twinges in the same region they were hammering the night before, and presenting the Aeron chair as a salve to their mendacious fuckery. It would seem that the first round was to sensitize me to the pain, and last night was to further exploit. And of course, they also exploit the fact that I am yelling at the assholes, and they usually back down for a few minutes. It would be an all-time first; magical pain that erupts from leaning on a soft backed chair, and then it subsiding upon yelling at the perpetrators. Nothing new there.

More screaming at the perps for not let me spell a five letter word, one that I could do in my sleep. They have been pulling this all afternoon, typo sabotage, re-directing me to the wrong tab, application or online location and then spacing me out before allowing me to get on with what I intended after screaming at them again over this outrageous mindfuck depravity. They totally fucked me in getting a part time job application off, pulling a html dump in place of the buttons needed to navigate. A totally fucked-with day, even if Word Pad isn't being totally hacked, only partially.

And then I read Rachael O.'s blog posting today, and got an instant lesson in what the perps can really do to one, something they have done to others; render them homeless, and then hammer them with head pain from a raging tooth/jaw infection. I have some experience with the latter, but not with getting fucked out of having a place, though it looked like that for a time. Medical attention is a big problem in the US, and she has to deal with this bigtime. I hope someone out there can help her out, as it sounds she is at the end of her tolerance for being hounded and gangstalked or otherwise messed with. Send me an email or a comment if you get to read this Rachael O.

10-08-2008 1145h
I got screwed out of posting this last night, no doubt to fuel FUD somewhere in TI-land, and then another forced "forget" this morning. That I am just back from a unproductive meeting and dealt with a faux credit card "problem" on the phone might also be feeding this particular interest of the perps, posting a blog. It is a big deal for sick assholes, and has been this way for over two years, since starting this blog.

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