Sunday, October 05, 2008

Back Stabbing

The left side of my back is being worked over as if I was leaning on a ridge of a vertical surface that is attached to my office chair as I type this. But no, it is the same comfortable chair I have had for 8 years, and I have had no complaint with it save when this newest intrusion started yesterday, and is still continuing. There is nothing there to create any sensation, but it seems that somebody decided that didn't matter, we need a shot of pain in his back every so often. And for the crowd that I deal with, that is all that matters, and it is done. And at key moments a flush of mild to moderate pain comes on, ususally the same moments that they noisestalk; uncontrolled thoughts, Windows select, cut, paste actions, and the litany of other trivialities they find so interesting. And of course, there is a syntax and dialogue that is scripted for me, referencing "back stabbing" is one such mandated vocabulary. And they do like metaphors as well, as that seems to enrichen the semantic pot they are so assiduously stirring.

And of course that metaphor is applicable to all the thought-to-be friends and family quislings that contribute to the ongoing harassment. I will be doing my weekly visit to the First Feral Family, the parents who put me into this hell from the get go, and were so unperturbed about the consequent learning disabilities it caused, that they never told me. I found this out on my own in 1998, and in doing so, I also found out that there was documented test results from 1960 and 1962 that first identified this. Imagine spending a lifetime of 44 years then wondering why I don't "get it", and there being a documented reason. And in the course of the then covert brain damagers and full-awareness Gestapo scripting and following my every move revealing themselves in 2002, it became clear as to why no one told me that I had learning disabilities. The fucking assholes, that being the same parents I will visit later tonight, and if I have any free will, they will never be forgiven, fucking ever.

And no doubt my mind-keepers set me up for the above rant, one that comes up every few weeks, just like clockwork. This will be a short posting as a consequence of reduced availible time, as my parents' PC is as bad and clunky as they come.

Back to the chair that now stabs me in the back, and which then serves as the excuse to continue this absurdity even while standing up. The perps have been dropping the image and notion of acquiring an Aeon chair, one of those expensive ones with the high tech mesh seat and back, and about $1,000 new. And so why don't they swap this one out and replace it then, as they know I don't have the money for that kind of senseless bullshit? I don't know, especially when they are getting so blatant about utilizing extra-conventional gravitic fuckery of late, why not provide me the chair that they are wanting. They like me to have a list of coveted items, and that would be one of many, all unaffordable. But of course, they can also render something dysfunctional, and thereby creating the "need" for the item they want to to have.

As an example of these covet lists, they had me reviewing PC components for over a year, evaluating motherboards, memory, cases, CPU, power supplies etc. online and bookmarking the promising looking gear. I didn't need a new PC as the one I had was fine, save the odd upgrade of a DVD driver, a fanless power supply and new internal cables. Then, when about to move into the putative rooming house in August 2006, they fried the motherboard, which necessitated buying a new one after the move. All that looking and coveting of "selected" motherboards was in vain, as I had to go with the one supplied by the PC shop that was servicing my PC. The motherboards I wanted online couldn't be had, even if there was stated stock. To make a long story short, I had parts coming from back east, I had the local PC shop supply the motherboard, and all that planning was a total joke as the PC shop was Intel CPU centric, and all the "selection"/coveting of the competing AMD product was for naught. Which is a long way of saying that there is a plan, and it may, or may not have anything to do with years of "selecting"/coveting. Anyhow, the chair problem is getting to be the most urgent, but of course the assholes have sandbagged this by thwarting my employment prospects by shutting down return emails and phone calls from prospective employers. Who knows, this could be another six month jerkaround and then the chair "fixes itself", or that my garage sale-ing brother "finds" the perfect Aeron chair for $50, or that I might find some employment, and after a few months, blow the earned money on a chair I don't need. Those are all possible outcomes, and often, it is a "from left field" ending. The story will continue, annoying as it is to be stabbed in the back by an office chair that was very comfortable for over 8 years.

Time to call this one done for the day, and post this before I get even more pissed at another harassment incursion.

Some more time after tea and chocolate, and probably the reason why I am getting some brown colored plasma flashes. They want to retain brown color continuity, even if some of the brown color (chocolate) is inside me. There have been many of these extraneous plasma color flashes of late; earlier, they even put a red colored light flash in the toilet for me to see, and this wasn't the first time that they have gone potty, so to speak.


Rachael O. said...

RE: comment ongangstalking: No prob AJH.
I am sorry that you are being forced marketed stuff. Its best to try to fight it. Try this. If you can, go way outside the parameters of your residents. Have some time in a sheilded place like trees and water or a metal shed, hospital or govt building (intrusive thoughts/feelings seem to stop or lessen in these places.) THEN make the decision about the chair. Or make it upon arriving home from being refreshed outside. Good luck.

AJH said...

Thanks for the advice; part of the background on my office chair is that they perps put a bedbug infestation in it some months ago, and I haven't quite recovered my emotional comfort level about this office chair I liked so much. And I am sure that the emotional comfort sense can also be externally manipulated. As of now (10-06-2008), the "need" for a new desk chair has lapsed, and my mantra for these planted thoughts about coveting certain things is "no work or no funds, no buy". I will see what happens, as all too often these intense fixations lapse thankfully. And for the record, I never had these Before Overt Harassment.