Friday, October 24, 2008

Blog Software Gets Spoofed

As I write this, I see that the tool bar for the Blogspot has been emptied of all its features such as italics, bolding, link making, indentation, picture insertion, font size and the rest of them. I have no idea, but it "happens" plenty. My page has the buttons missing, and when I want toput a book in my Wish List, (a defacto bookmark, something of high perp interest), why, all I do is slide the mouse to where the Wish List button used to be, click, and a box of the size of the button comes up, and lo, the book gets Wish Listed. And as I wrote this, I had three loud motorcycle noise, a bus noise, hallway noise, ongoing fridge compressor noise, overhead squeaking and brake squealing from outside.

I went to a temp agency earlier by bus and had my crew of Fuckwits around me, and one that got off with me even. That is becoming routine, and was the first of three serial male gangstalkers in jeans and a black top, shirt or jacket. And identical to what I was wearing. Then when leaving, the city was flicking fertilizer prills on the boulevard and onto the sidewalk too, all for me to walk over and then past. At the busiest intersection in town, Hillside and Douglas for locals, I a black haired dude loiter behind me while waiting at the light, who then walked a whole block behind me in this pedestrian-rare section, who then came and loitered at the same bus stop I did. And to complete his skein of weirdness, the bus comes and stops in front of him, some 3' from the curb, he looks at me as if to convey I should go first, so I do, and then he doesn't get on the freaking bus after all this bullshit. That he was in his light blue dress shirt and packing his black coat all the time (taking it off when he was hanging behind me at the pedestrian traffic controk), was relatively incidental. I cannot believe the number of Fuckwits who find the bus schedule as posted at the bus stop to be so interesting that they spend five minutes or so reading it and nothing else. He as another, except that he stayed around instead of walking off like they usually do.

Anyhow, I will see how this temp labor thing goes; the work situation has been highly constrained it would seem, and even shoo-in jobs for at least an interview aren't happening. There is a forestry seedling propagation firm in town that needed laborers and so I applied online. For over two weeks now I have not heard from them, and I would think that a forestry trained laborer would be a coup, but for whatever reason it isn't the response I expected. Then I had a phone call today from a local firm who spotted my resume on, and it seemed to be about wanting me to tell the story again, as to how all this began. Then he says something like, "come on, were your getting stressed out?". No, I wasn't getting stressed out enough to leave my job, I was getting these insufferable head pains so I couldn't work, and I couldn't do anything else except drive around Puget Sound all night with clusters of vehicles behind me which would send one vehicle past me to the cluster ahead of me at 0100h to 0600h in the morning. Other metallic objects also gave me temporary relief from this targetted beam, and one time I felt the beam coming on and then moved and the woman behind me (likely an operative) got beamed instead and flinched and squirmed. Anyhow, I told the recruiter this, and he claimed to be privy to various government black operations, though I did not ask if he had heard about this one. The reality being that he wouldn't of phoned if it weren't for him being directed to do so and the conversation scripted. The perps like me to tell the story, and I suppose the recruiter angle is just another version of this same front that they want to explore.

Ms. C of the story also heard this story, and still maintained I was making it up, that it was of organic origin. Funny how she wanted me to tell the story about an operative getting beamed instead of me, and it makes me wonder if it was her in morphover. I had forgotten this vignette of the crazy harassment days of 2002, until I mentioned it to the recruiter, above. Which suggests that the perps likely control my recall, as it is one of the more convicing details that I had always "forgetten" to tell the doctor at the time. Not that he was persuadable anyways, it was all about jerking me into hospital to be gangstalked by the putative patients. And too, it seemed to be all about the perps wanting me to be in the same scenario for which I have subconscious traumatizations from the "lost years', aged 3 to 5. Or at least, that is what the perps want me to believe; the gangstalking freakshow relates to their fuckery then with applied recall depletion, except from my subconscious. Not my problem, so why am I being hounded for over six years about someone else's fuckup? You can be sure that the subconscious traumatization recollections are getting in the way of whatever else they have planned for me, because why else would they do this? I wasn't even aware of my subconscious aversions, let alone unrecalled traumatizations. If I don't like the colors of brown, red and orange, why am I being pursued by them?

A new round of sabotage on this PC; slowing up the relatively benign select, copy, paste and bookmark commands. Haven't we done this already? At least a few thousand times, and still the assholes are at it. I have a Pentium Dual Core CPU and still the assholes are making it to be the PC, not them. End of that activity after tea and chocolate before going online. Having brown food in one's tummy is a sure harassment moment, and all the better that I am screaming at the assholes. At least, from their perspective, as that is what they want and the action finally "happens" in mid-rant, more often than not.

More bullshit; I went to the Oracle downloads site to load it up and start learning and I am getting blocked, twice. A security error, and then a spoofed webpage to stop the agreement acceptance. So much for this, which happened in the same circumstances in 2004. They won't let me download Oracle database software or tools. It is extremely vexing to say the least.

The light is being dimmed as I type, and the overhead clunking noise has started up. I switched on two apartment lights to alleviate the dimness, and this is also getting the overhead clunking treatment. It is not yet dusk, but it seems that the light levels are being managed to simulate it. No reprieve from this nonsense at any time of the day.

The clunking overhead continues, "somehow" getting through the hearing protection that I am wearing. This pre-dinnertime is the perp silly moment of the day, and I wouldn't be surprised if I got a phone call soon. This ongoing constraint of jobs, software downloads and the rest of what I get to do is getting to be a major hassle. They won't let me read a single item for more than five minutes, they they step up the noise and re-direct my attention elsewhere, making the reading task pointless.

I was scripted for a 40 minute nap before dinner and that was one of the rare times the nap length was "normal", except that I had no need for a nap. It was the progressived tiredness when being online that created the "need".

I went to the local supermarket about an hour and a half ago, and what an almighty event that was for gangstalking. I had two young women in the elevator, heading out, no big deal. Then at the building's front door there were three gangstalkers on the other side of the glass (outside) with one of them doing the "hold the door" stunt, almost like a doorman. Except that he was in the doorway, native Indian, and with a large gut that the perps directed my attention to see. As this "egress gangstalking" isn't anything new, I kept on going past him. That made a temporary two gangstalkers behind me (the elevator women), and three in front of me, one of them standing in the doorway with it partially ajar.

Then I was onto the street to the supermarket when a dude in a red hoodie cut me off momentarily, and just when I look to examine his sanity, he gives me a quick stare. Then onto the grocery store, and just when I was to get to the chocolate, why, if a negro in a silver-grey bicycle helmet doesn't get in ahead of me and lead me to the chocolate display on the shelves. Then he proceeds on to then "arrive" ahead of me when I get to the tortillas. One final last brown colored food item was to get the breakfast cereal and then to the checkout. I got a red haired woman cashier with a blonde standing behind her, the Unfavored and the Favored hair styles. (See the Summary of the Favored and Unfavored under Essential Introductory Postings to the right, as my Blogger editor is still spoofed with no link button).

And upon exiting there were two well timed dudes coming at me to force a much wider arc to return back to my apartment, and then in the parking lot, mysteriously wetted from no apparent source, why, the police van "showed up" for the occupants to do their shopping it seemed, as there wasn't any business purpose for them to be there. One of them was a doppelganger for one of the swimmers I knew from the Victoria Masters Swim Club, someone who was a perpetual student for some five or more years, and I always wondered about his income source. I have since seen him in the last few years on the street as a pedestrian, and we haven't bothered to say much, as the planted mindset I am given is that he is indeed one of "them", and a fucking sick asshole in doing so.

I had my Asians in Blue (a hoodie) exiting from the elevator when returning from grocery shopping, and that racial profile seems to be common of late in this apartment building's lobby. It was only a few days ago that the same Asian male was gangstalking me in the lobby, twice in one day, as in two "happenchances". Suffice to say, the building lobby is a hotspot of brown skinned races "needing" to expose themselves in various colored clothing.

I am getting the hallway chat noise again, often outside my door, and I think I will call this one done for the day. My mind-keepers want me to feel put-upon tonight, having skunked me from making any progress with downloading Oracle database software onto my PC for educational purposes, and in doing so, adding yet more FUD into the vocational aspirations/next scripted gig. (That is, Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, said to be the IBM credo in customer relations). I heard from one recruiter today, who was going to get someone to call back, and who didn't. The first recruiter who had an Edmonton job hasn't called back in two days, so it seems that the software vocational prospects are getting nixed along with the imposed impairment of self-study efforts. The work and vocational efforts seem to be a big jerkaround for the perps to put on extra noisestalking while reading jobs online, as well as for resume composition and submission. All to keep me vexed it seems, just where they want me if not stressed even more.

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