Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot Rod Noise Time

It is the moment of hot rod muffler noise, aka "performance" mufflers that is being played as I trove through my regular daily web sites of interest. I have not yet figured out why the assholes prefer one noise source from another, except that it be annoying. As I type this I am getting the third hot rod noise in five minutes, and there is nowhere near here that would attract that crowd. On ohter days it is serial Harley Davidson motorbike noise for an hour or so, the most loathed noise of all for some reason that the perps seem to know about more than I do. As these noise flurries take place while engaging in certain high harassment situations, they serve as a tip-off as to what is interesting for the perps. Before lunch, always a high noise stalked part of the day, I was reading reviews of PC hardware and components, hard drives, CPU offerings and the like. And even this activity was given extra noisestalking for whatever reason, though it has been replicated before, going back years. Ultimately, is seems that everything I do is of intense perp interest, and I don't do too much being "disabled", (har, har), and then having a sudden dearth of email and phone responses of late.

Earlier, before the noisestalking, it was a laundry day, and that might be the reason the perps are extra active today, but there is no telling exactly why for the above mentioned reason. But laundry is a particularly compelling "issue" for them, and I noticed that they have sabotaged the bedsheets in the most strangest of ways. They pulled loose threads from the sheets to leave one end dangling free. I have never seen bedsheets do this, even old ones, and is another never-before event, this time relating to physical objects and not the unusual public behavior I routinely see.

Online shopping is another perp interest, along with the delivery coming a significant distance, a continuing fetish of the perps. I have noticed that some of my ambulatory gangstalkers have come from afar, e.g. speaking another language, and this happened well away from the usual tourist beats.

I am also getting severe typo sabotage today, and be assured that for some one third of waht you read has been retyped one or more times. They want to know the energetic signature of every letter, and partial letter in the case of my handwritten journal. It seems that they picked the wrong subject; why don't they go and mind rape their own children who would be forming nascent concepts as to letters and words? I get plenty of kiddie stalking, using children as gangstalking "helpers", so why not utilize them instead. I just don't get it, this six year (and counting) pitched battle of depraved harassment over what letters and words I use, never mind more complex syntactical elements such as phrases, metaphors, expressions etc.

Sirens, light flashes on the walls, overhead clicking and pounding noise; all reaching a cresendo while I was looking at employment ads on craigslist and other sites. More excitement for small minds. I see that they also put a balcony lounging fat man on the residential tower opposite 80' away, doing the best excuse for loitering, that being smoking a cigarette. At least he had his shirt on today and wasn't just on "gut strut" duty. Now the most loathed motorcycle noises have been added into this noise flurry. Blogging live from the scene of blatant organized abuse and harassment.... in Victoria, BC, the gangstalking capital of Canada. (Or, as it seems to me).

More furious noise barrages as I put my resume up at a few job sites. As I logged out of workopolis they put on the most loathed Harley Davidson motorcycle noise and forced a gigantic fart at the same time. This, and many other like events suggest the perps want to discover something fundamental about the act of completion. And they even put on the overhead rumbling noise as I type this up. And it would seem, their long established habit of forcing "unseen" errors to then have me revisit what I was doing, would fit the harassment pattern in that it creates multiple completions of the same activity. The number of re-types, repeats that I have done for them over my lifetime must be in the tens of thousands, and here they are, still hounding me over each time I complete something (and hoping that it hasn't been jerked with to warrant another revisit, re-edit etc.). Hence, the absurd number of errors I clean up in this blog before posting.

Another noise barrage, this time for the dusk onset, and full of ridiculous sounds such as a train of loud motorcycles, a bus every minute or two on the route below that has only the N. bound part of one route, and more loud mufflered vehicles. It is all too exiting today for some reason, probably many reasons that I am not aware of. Visiting movie review blogs was the accompanying activity, and there is always a burst of noise when I read a famous name for the first time on a blog web page. And in total, it has been a high harassment week, a beserk one for the sustained harassment fuckery, and still will continue over the weekend, and be given an extra surge after visiting the First Feral Family on the weekend. It will be a long weekend too, Canadian Thanksgiving.

I am also getting some sharp pains in my right ear, as if there was an infection starting up, but I doubt it as I would of already known about it. It would seem to be yet another incursion of perp fuckery for whatever reasons they have.

And another exercise in no returned phone calls; I sent a resume to a local firm on Tuesday (10-07-2008), and I got no confirmation via email, so I phoned today, and still no response. It is getting stranger and stranger in this town just to do everyday business. Even going back some four decades, all I ever wanted to do was work elsewhere, Vancouver or Seattle ideally, and after attaining the latter, the perps forced me back to Victoria where they have bought the town, and practically run it for all the building construction, renovations, aerials and street works and other civic requirements they need to fulfil their harassment and like criminal endeavors. I see that they have installed scaffolding on two nearby buildings, one N. the other S. of this block, and not more than 200' as the crow flies. It would seem they like me to walk undeneath scaffolding and have even wetted the covered sidewalk portion in advance of my arrival for the whole 60' of it. Just another stunt as it seems to me.

I spent the last hour viewing the websidtes of the wineries that I visited last month, all in the Okanagan and Similkameen; this too got extra noise flurries, and persistent efforts to get them through my earmuffs I eventually put on.

A screaming at the perps for hacking my vision, this time an extensive intrusion. PReceding that was the same infernal loud mufflered vehicle doing on/off over-revving outside, one after the other until I screamed aabout how much I liked that fucking noise. They will listen if I yell at them, but never for long.

Before that, tea and chocolate, the eveningtime feed again. It wasn't until about four months ago out of six years of harassment that they started a regular feed in the afternoon. I was already pissed at spending over $200/month on chocolate for their 2x100g bar habit they impose on me, and now it ti 3x per day. And also, it is the central reason I keep a negative balance in my bank account. Only some two months of daffodil bulb picking farm work this summer made my line of credit (negative) balance respectable. And now with this ongoing incommunicado imposition for email and phone contact for the past three weeks, I cannot get to talk to an employer, let alone an interview. Fucking outrageous, and I am intensely pissed that I am not allowed to ameliorate the very jerkarounds they create (financial duress). After six years of no job, and that isn't enough of financial constraint; I want a face to face conversation with the depraved asshole that decided that for me.

And on the topic of financial transactions, I noticed that when I was at the supermarket this afternoon that they put on a brown skinned woman in an all brown outfit, jacket and pants, to follow me through the checkout today, and presumably this is all part of the financial transaction stalking and noise making games that go on each time I use my debit card. And as part of that purchase I was stocking up on yet more 100g chocolate bars. Regular readers will know that I am constantly hounded by all kinds of brown color games, and that includes being proximate to chocolate. A few months ago I posted a story about a bald-headed black woman in the LD store who "arrived" in my path in the aisle some 5 seconds after I had been looking at the chocolate selection, but did not find any to my satisfaction. I don't usually get to see something so freakish as that, but it was quite the sight. I worked in Seattle for 3.5 years, and attended conferences and meetings in New Orleans and New York, and never, ever saw any freakish black females as I saw in the local LD store. Interestingly, the perps are also blocking my knowledge of them; I wasn't allowed to know that the brown dressed brown woman was an obvious perp shill or operative until a few minutes ago. I once could figure out all their props and stunts in public, and now they won't let me access my own aquired knowledge.

Another strange gangstalker on my 10 minute outing to the supermarket was a dude on a bicycle with a file box in one hand, held from its handle passing by while I was waiting at the pedestrian crossing. Said file box was identical in model to the one that I have, and this is the second such incident that the assholes have to paraded this same object in my proximity. I also note that the perps are shredding the side of the file box where the accordian pleated cardboard is, and the removed pieces entirely as they are not adjacent on the floor. It is very rare the perps don't take an opportunity to make a mess for me to clean up, and this file box shredding has to be the first time in six years going by my sometimes remotely ditherable recollection.

The on/off vacuum cleaning has started up again, and this is about the fourth time over the past three hours that it has erupted. It is quite the most erratic "cleaning" activity I have known, and blows a hole in the cover story of it being a fastidious neighbor.

Time to call this one done for another kept day by my mindkeepers. Even the spam email has dried up today.

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