Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ragging My Ass

It has been that kind of day today; extra harassments and provocations to get me enraged while undertaking mundane tasks. The extra noise, the extra-conventional gravitic movements of objects, head whacking from nowhere, brown colored crumb inundations, spontaneous bleeds while shaving but not from shaving, and the ongoing maser and plasma action in my vision. Now, the typo sabotage.

Whenever these routine dull days get like this it is time to examine what is different; any new augmentations or substitutions often get extra harassments and provocations with instant rage "reactions". After buying and drinking the same coffee for some five years, and purchasing a new kind two days ago and first using it this morning, That might be the reason for extra perp vituperance and vileness. The regular coffee was from Columbia, and this new brand is from Sumatra. And, the typical earthy Sumatra coffee taste was deleted from my palate, as it tasted like the usual Columbian kind. This is a long way of saying that this geographical origin change just might have triggered the current round of rage-ification the perps have imposed upon me. That is all it takes; one change in color tone, food source (provenance or store), packaging, or food substitution and the perps go fucking nuts. Which has led me to the current planted notion that they are indeed insane to be planting brown crumbs around my food, and then a final brown crumb 2' from where I sat after finishing the dishes of the meal. It is just another example of what I have to deal with owing to some high cabal's decision to screw my life as hard as they can after 47 years of covert monitoring and harassment. If you ever have asked the question, "why does it always happen to me?", there an alternate answer; there exists at least one covert agency that has much to gain out of creating duress, chaos, ruination and perturbation, and they have selected some individuals to be their victims for all of their lives. I would never of believed it if someone had told me all this in a prudently metered revelatory manner, and here I am living it at the behest of pathological Fuckwits who lack the gumption to front for their long-running nonconsensual human experimentation. It is as fucking bizarre as it is fucking depraved.

The ongoing motorcycle noise has continued after lunch, and it would seem that the assholes are parsing out the noise into fragments and harmonics to discern why I cannot stand the noise of two cycle large motorcycles, e.g. Harley Davidsons, especially if modified. I don't know why I loathe this noise but someone else is determined to find out by way of incremental exposures, by duration, frequency changes, volume and harmonic combinations. And they have been at this all morning and afternoon like most days, and are especially rabid about making sure I get serial exposure most days of the week. A cover story doesn't matter anymore, just keep the noises going.

This will be a short post today as I am doing the usual parental Sunday visitation, and will be duly gangstalked at their place with my father doing the most irritating and blatant gangstalkings, though he will back off if I get enraged about certain moves. That they are perp abetting is an understatement as it appears they gave me up for this fuckery from the get-go and have been fully participative in all the residential moves and abusive stunts that have gone down over the years. Though, I do think some of the family events have been unexpected to them at the time, and they were likely duly mind-fucked at to attributing it to their asshole overseers at the time. This "happens" to me often; I process an event at face value by imposed mind-fuck/manipulations when in fact, I would (now) nearly always attribute it to a perp stunt and ponder what category of fuckery does it stun fall under and how it may related to other like stunts. Only some hours or days later do I "reconsider", aka get let in on the real source and purpose, and come to know it was my tormentors at work again.

Likewise for other news in which I am not involved, but encounter from various sources such as online websites, newspapers and magazines. I see a lot of commonality of world events to that of this ringside seat at the perps' perverse quests; color, substance, interpersonal and material interactions in all possible forms of energetics, bioelectromagnetic and etheric. The latter form of energy is a bit of a stretch in terms of our current understanding of physics, though there is a significant body of work to indicate that there is another form of all encompassing energy, that being the accepted comoslogical "dark energy" that is somehow excepted here on planet Earth. Why else would the gangstalkers be all over me in public, and desparately want to stand or walk where I have just vacated, which is especially prevalent where I am changing direction, say at pedestrian crossing. And too, adding in various red, green and brown colors at this anisotropic moment, along with gangstalkers grabbing their crotch, having their mouths hanging open or otherwise exposing their mouth contents by eating food while perambulating. Turning a corner was never too complicated of an event before, but here we have a professional Fuckover Force dedicated to capturing this moment in significant and imperceptable detail that must be remotely detected. Engaging me in a cooperative manner isn't allowed no matter how expeditious it would be; instead, let's harass and rile the victim up for over six years every mortal second of his existence, and plod along with remote energetics detection instead of by direct means. And that includes having our operative "bump into" the victim as needed. It is fucking insane premise, and yet they have all their quislings and operatives convinced as to the worth of this incremental life-rape. And don't get me started on their seeming long ago fuckups that let to this state of affairs, as it would take another hour of blogging to adequately excorciate the assholes over this one. In other words, they created many of the operational problems in early childhood that they are attempting to elicit a response for with the current freakshow of gangstalkers.

Another round of serial motorcycle and other loud mufflered vehicle noise kept going while I was entering my personal data for online job registration. It makes looking for work so much easier than the old ways, though it is impersonal and one doesn't get the feedback one would ordinarily get face to face.

Then an increased barrage of noise erupted while eating chocolate with my tea, and more rage-ification games later to get me riled up. The experiences above were repeated effectively. I am going to call this one a posting, short as it is, and that way it gets done instead of being another forced "forget".

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