Friday, October 03, 2008

PC Mouse Machinations

I had a productive morning for the most part, but the perps are now bent on messing with the PC mouse and rendering ineffectual at first, and then each time it slowly returns to normal feel. These stunts are nothing new, it is just this one of the more protracted "mouse assaults". They seem to want to separate the visual (stuck mouse pointer onscreen) from the corporeal (the feel of moving the mouse, in this case, a Trackman ball). They have also been playing delay games by blocking selection, copy, cut and paste functionality. The first attempt "fails", and the second one magically works. My hope is that this juvenile chicanery will be over with when the weekend shift of Abusive Fuckwits arrives, though usually, they have a worse attitude and harass me even more than the putative weekday shift perps.

All that is conjecture of course, but in the long past of their abuse delivery, they have at least promoted the idea by making it fact; weekend treatment is more abusive than weekday harassment.

The perps arranged for a job information session only a block away in one of the more glitzy and new office buildings downtown. It was for conveyor line recycle waste garbage sorting at $11/hour. Go figure; garbage sorting does Vegas (sort of). There was three others, plus the person from the recruiting company doing the explaining. It was my first time at this office, and the perps duly fucked me out of recalling correctly where it was, sending me to the opposite side of the building by (planted) mistake. I never get important details wrong like room numbers, and yet this has been happening.

And true to form, there was a blonde woman arranged at the outset after we moved from the waiting area to a small conference room. The conference room had a glass portion, and the blonde woman made sure to loiter so she could be directly seen through the doorway, and she also did some loiter time to be seen through the glass. Regular readers will know that that attractive blonde women are strategically placed as if they have some kind of invisible and Favored aura around them, and that they are most often deployed in new venues or situations. From the July postings, recall that a cute blonde girl was on the daffodil bulb picking crew for the first few days, and never showed up again. I have also detailed many instances where the "thuggy buddy" (very Unfavored) gangstalker loiters in the seeming penumbric glow of a (Favored) blonde woman, as if there were some kind of redemptive auric goodness comparison determination going on. Also just as vital is the medium by which I view the Favored and Unfavored; directly, through window pane glass, through safety glass (has a plastic layer in it), through tinted colored glass, translucent panes and the like.

And just for me, IMHO, in one of the more polished downtown office buildings of the city, the perps put on a special door. Normally, the building has two nice looking matched thick panel glass doors, but lo, if one of them wasn't taken out and replaced with a composite wood OSB panel instead. Regular readers and many TI's will know that hounding victims egressing in and out of buildings is a big harassment moment, and my existence is no different. And to underscore the importance of this ridiculous building "modification", they put a suit on outside loitering with a cell phone in his brown raincoat. This could also fit the "wood stalking" methods the perps routinely engage in. And another three suits jumped ahead of me to lead me down the street past a briefcase that had been left on the sidewalk. The suitcases were in place on my way to the information session, and yellow one had been removed on my return. The importance of the suits (males in suits) is that they are one of the Unfavored, as are all working age males, and there were plenty of latter loafing around and somehow behaving like tourists as if there was no rain at 1100h. Fucking bizarre, the eruption of these "stand theres", especially in adverse weather.

I got the "dude stalk" first thing in the elevator at 1050h, one with sunglasses on no less. Not that he was the only one wearing sunglasses today, one of the least likely days to use them, but inside a building elevator when outbound was on the absurd side my book.

One of my intentions was allowed to be fulfilled, and that was to get a USB floppy disk drive at a local computer store. It was a $50 item, but as I had no end of 3.5" discs with past resumes, I needed to get at this information.

And so I transfered all my data going back to 1998 the hard disk from the 6" stack of 3.5" floppies I have. As these are magnetic media, and as the perps use magnetic fields in dishing out their abuse and control, it might have been a big moment for them, as these floppies have stayed in place for 15 months now. And I did get some useful information from the past resumes I had; I had forgotten how adroit I was at describing my accomplishments and responsibilities, largely because I haven't had any need to do this for six years. The challenge is now to describe my working time when in Everett and Seattle, 07-1999 to 12-2002 employment, the latter 8 months being harassed in some measure. It was another one of those jobs where I spun my wheels, and that does fit the pattern, and not by way of my efforts. In the course of my past employment I just could not figure out why so many individuals were not predisposed to urgent action as I was, even if the consequences of inaction were mutually found to be dire.

I found some of my old files that described the harassment, but there were many others that I wrote which "went missing". In the high harassment days of 2002, I wrote the Seattle Police and the FBI to no avail, I complained to my apartment managers at two locations, I documented the details of what was going on, and all of these files are not there. I usually backed my files up at least twice, as the perps were deleting them off the hard drive in my absence.

Reviewing old files was a trip down memory lane, and the perps were sure to start a noise up the instant I recognized what the cryptic file name refered to. And then when copying the files to the hard drive, they also jumped on that with extra noise, either outside extra loud vehicles, or overhead pounding of 12" of floor/ceiling concrete. Just another day.

They also increased the noise while I was copying, selecting, cut and pasting from old resume files to the new one that I have created. It is all too fascinating for the assholes, the beholders of deep turpitude. And now a siren cascade, as sound only, no vehicles passed by, and still at the rate greater than that of Seattle when I lived downtown.

Another eveningtime tea has finished, and eating chocolate was no a big doubt part of the event. The perps brown color games are still evident, and they have not finished if their hesitance about showing me brown colored vehicles is any guide. For those unfamiliar with the brown color games, here is a blog I wrote some time ago, All Things Brown and Beautiful. Which includes my toilet that they routinely obstruct.

More reading about stereo equipment that I cannot afford, and also wading into descriptions of electronic equipment that I cannot understand. Most often, there will be a noisestalking the instant that I slip from comprehension to incomprehension. They want to know the energetics of that very instant, and they have long ensured that they could, by keeping me in learning disabled land. That would be nonverbal learning disorders, and it would seem this impaired state is of an advantage to the assholes hounding me every instant, though not to me. And especially so when I didn't find out that these learning disorders existed until 1998 by way of testing, and later, by way of retrieval of school records back to 1960. And no one told me, and surely my parents knew.

Anyhow, enough to call this one done, and ponder the oncoming dulldom of the weekend.

No, I had a comment from two days ago from gena and my access to Comments to reply is blocked for chrissakes. My reply to gena is;
-thanks for the comments and invitation and
-I have now joined the MC/TI social network.

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