Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pounding, Bashing and Thumping

A sudden flurry of noise has erupted since I took a pee only a few minutes ago. Overhead pounding (12" of floor/ceiling concrete and steel, note), bashing of sheet metal (more like a projected artifical sound as no local source has ever been seen), hallway banter from the familiar sound of the building manager doing his stutter stunt, backup beeper noise has been increased, the jaw clicking that the perps like to impose has erupted, and at least that many more noise eruptions have taken place over the past 10 minutes.

My prediction of a restless night wasn't fulfilled; they kept me awake for 30 minutes or so and then let me sleep a relatively normal 8 hours. Wonders never cease. Other big excitement for the perps might be that my UPS parcel is to arrive today, seven days later for "expedited" service no less, and that the arrival of the UPS courier in the brown uniform must be a total perp bonanza given their beserk preoccupation with all things colored brown, including cardboard, their everday/everywhere standardized brown color reference.

And too, the perps hacked me big time this morning while shaving, pulling yet more bleed stunts, which are not shaving blade nicks but small oviod lesions where the skin just "disappears", and these ooze blood of varying colors. What it most strange is that these surficial wounds would ordinarily have bright red blood from the surrounding oxygenated capillaries, but in fact, they often seep a deep venous (oxygen depleted) blood color. Which suggests that the perps are using these lesions to daub whatever blood source they want on these spots, some 15 today. (It would be likely that they can access and withdraw blood from any location in realtime). And as all of the lesions are covered by the much managed underwear they have an obsessive interest in, e.g. creating linting, pilling and black colored thread ends turned brown, it is likely that this is part of today's Tuesday routine stunts. And they even blew their cover story of the lesions being shaving related by creating a lesion on my leg, outside of my underwear coverage where I did not shave. A big deal for small minds, the gutless sickos who continue this now six year depraved quest from remote locations as part of their continuing liferape and mindrape practices. Perhaps the regular crew has returned from their Thanksgiving weekend and is all cranked up again to resume their stunts.

The UPS delivered parcel arrived today, expedited service going as fast as ground service. One item had to be shipped back as it was fuglier than I was aware of going by the picture. That I "couldn't" figure it out online seems to be most odd; another first. But going by the intense gangstalking when taking the brown cardboard box back to the local UPS store, and after dropping it off, it would seem that the assholes had this one figured out all the way. It was an expensive proposition all told, and it burns my butt that the order was even mandated, as I didn't need any of the items. I could go into more detail, but the entire episode pisses me off and was a jerkaround from the get-go with the perps planning the rationalization script well in advance.Today, after examining the return item, I went online and checked the item as to how I "missed" what I didn't like about it, all manner of noise flurries started up. In other words, it seemed that the perps wanted to determine some kind of association between the real item, and its online presentation, even if the presented color was inaccurate, which wasn't the problem.

I was wearing the earmuffs for about an hour, and then there was a distant siren noise that somehow got through them, and I was about to take them off and hear the noise directly without the earmuffs becoming part of the game, and then a sudden overhead boom noise erupted with a concurrent shake of my chair. I reckon this was to get deep sounds, high ptich sounds and a vibration to simutaneously attempt to located deep brainstem neural structures that they seem to have a problem with. Hence masers being shot through my neck above my Adam's Apple, attempting to get a magnetic and/or energetic reading from underneath the same area.

There are plenty of clunks and thumps that also get through the earmuffs, and it is always interesting to observe what else is going on at the same time. I was reading this involved piece on Oscar Skorzeny, once Hitler's bodyguard, seeming retired US citizen who made a deathbed confession as to his links with industrialists on both sides during WWI. The author goes on to state that some of Tesla's assistants were named Scherf, but were in fact Herbert Walker Bush, and George W Bush. The article asserts itself as;
the first installment of an investigation that points to a curious conclusion: The “Bush” family was created to destroy America.
The article is all a bit confusing to say the least, and I am not any the wiser for it. Though it is interesting that the perps had me purchase a book on Skorzeny in 2005, one that detailed his exploits to immediately following WWII, and not beyond. This article provides the first link to his post-WWII activities. Anyhow, it is the ongoing antics of my tormentors in concert to what they are having me read or do at the time that creates ever more rounds of intrigue, assuming I am not being spoofed of course. Usually these longer planned "coincidences" have meaning more than immediate thoughts which are usually planted anyway.

The Canadian federal election is over, and most polls are counted or are projecting the same government party we have in power as we do now. The perpd didn't want me to vote; I was totally clued out about voting today, and the notion of viewing the election results only just "occured". I had my voter's card this time, an advance on past elections, but it was in view on my desk all day and didn't jog my recall as to going to vote. So much for democracy, but then I knew it was toast, if not contrived, a long time ago. No wonder Pres. Bush has that smirk on his face much of the time; he knows it is all utter bullshit, and that he is merely an actor.

10-15-2008m 1200h
I got screwed out of posting this last night, another forced "forget".

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