Saturday, October 11, 2008

Degrees of Blondeness

A dull day, though plenty of harassment to crank me up so that yetmore noise can be scripted while ranting out loud in response to provocations. The fake touches have been playing big today, and also sticking the pages of the newspaper and foiling me in attempting to separate them. I have also been given the shakey fingers while making lunch, it never a happy reception from me.

I was out earlier this morning at the LD store, getting my Rx, more dental hygeine products, and more cleaning supplies. It was at about 0940h, and for the very first time there was a moderate amount of gangstalking, not the usual large number (100's). But of course they were in position at the very locations I needed to go to. And there seemed to be a blondeness test amongst some of the female gangstalkers (faux staff). First there was a near blonde, then a classic bleach blonde came in about 20 seconds later at the dental hygeine products. Then they left me alone at the cleaning supplies, save the weird male doing the looking-sideways-while-walking-forward strut (looking at nothing in particular), and then Big Pink, a large woman in black and pink started her gangstalking there. I went the the so-called service counter instead of the checkout, and then a near blonde "happened" to loitering at the newspapers, and I walked past her ass projected into the foyer area while she was bending over to get to the service counter. Within some 30 seconds, a bleach blonde "staff member" showed up just standing 4' away on my right side, behind me. And she just kept standing there, playing with her hair, though eventually the cashier did say something to her. Then the near blonde arrived on my left side, 4' away, and was standing there, though she had a legit cover story as a customer, waiting for me to finish at the counter. I was glad to get out, but first Big Pink came around again, and then it was out of there and passing the various other acts and bullshit games, though on the light side for once.

When I set off for the above outing I saw that the perps arranged for a car door to be propped up against the building, and had also arranged for a passenger vehicle of the exact same deep metallic red color (doors intact) to be parked some 10' away. Regular readers will know that a cherry red car door was parked outside my room at the putative rooming house, the last residence location. About three hours later when I took the garbage out, why, there was the car door in the dumpster, presumably to be seen in the light of the building overhang where the dumpster was. And lo, if the dude walking out the elevator on my way back, wasn't taking his garbage out too. Another copycat IMHO, as this apartment block seems bereft of authentic tenants, never mind none of them have been seen taking the garbge out until today.

More strangeness while heading out on the above mentioned outing today was also experienced in the form of one seeming resident who advertises himself as a PC repairman, and did some work for me at an economical rate. He at least said hello this time, and I was only allowed to "remember" him at the very end of the elevator trip the main floor. I never forget a face, ever, and "somehow" I did, and it is happening far too often to be normal. This was the same guy who didn't return my phone call about the lastmost PC repair I needed, the purchase of a new case and having all the components moved from the old case to a new one. At the time, as it "so happened", when I was bringing my PC back in the new black and silver case via my parents' vehicle, a lead-ahead gangstalker vehicle in black and silver lead me for the last three blocks and a 90 degree turn to the front door of this apartment building. In other words, the perps wanted the new PC case to be built across town, some 10 minutes away, and not by a local in the apartment building. So what was the deal about having me phone this this guy and him not returning my call? I don't know for sure, but given the number of calls that aren't returned of late, prospective employers and a case workers, it fits the pattern. The event of unreturned messages, assuming they aren't obstructed, seems to be important to the perps for whatever reason.

Another unplanned round of putting my resume on; it seems that yesterday's efforts got wiped out. Familiar? And with the overhead rumbling noise going off each time I filled in a box or completed a page, why it was just like last night. And before I saved the entire resume and cover letter, I get a big jab/zap in the left kidney area before committing the changes to Workopolis.

Anyhow, I just might be allowed to view some videos tonight, the first time in four weeks at least. There is something the perps need to control over the use of headphones, they having magnets in each earpiece. And of course, I get plenty of ambulatory gangstalkers with big headphones on in public, nothing new there.

And amazingly, I was allowed to see some video tonight, though not without "help". There was a tremednous amount of extra plasmic colors added around the image of the on screen TV/video. The SNL vice predidential debate skit got too whacked out; they put the black background into varying shades of brown, and no doubt the perps wanted me to interupt my viewing, as that is what they need. I saw Charlie Rose's interview of Sir Howard Stringer; and that almost got too perp polluted to view a few times. Anyhow, the first music is playing in at least four weeks as I type this. There have been long periods of no music listening in the long past, and rationale for this irregular behavior now makes sense when one determines there is an invasive and impositional need by another party who now overtly demonstrates the same pattern.

Time to call this one done; I am getting the sudden urge to take a pee, the sign off from perpland.

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