Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vacuum Cleaning Outside My Door

The ever erratic vacuum cleaning started outside my door, and then a buzzy and protracted muffler noise from outside joined in. I find it interesting that at each apartment building I lived in for the past six years, there has been an outbreak of overly fastidious vacuum cleaning. They even call in the vehicle based cleaning services to supply vacuum cleaning, the machine being in the van, rather than inside, and the vacuum hose extending up to four stories.

I notice more noise blending is erupting; instead of the one-at-a-time loud mufflered vehicles, motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles and the like from outside, the faux bus noise comes on at the same time as a loud mufflered vehicle "passes by". That is, in noise form only, as no one would be driving as fast as the noise suggests, and anytime I look for the source, 90% of the time there is no causal vehicle. That is, the noise is projected from some remote source. This is also true for in-apartment noises such as putting objects down, picking them up and the like. The perps add extra noise, and even if the object is in my grasp in mid-air, the noise of "picking it up" will continue for a second or two longer than any apparent causal effect. Similarly, for putting objects down, not only is there extra noise on placement, but it is extended after my hands release it, and for extra stupidity, they will often spin the object a 1/4" or so after placement. All in a day's fuckery.

This is the afternoon post-tea and chocolate break, always a time for extra noise harassment. And true enough, on a Saturday no less, they put on the church bells of one block away, and a few minutes later some extra loud pounding of the upstairs concrete and steel ceiling/floor started up. Some hallway and outside street banter was also added into the mix. I suspect it the food digestion/color change that makes for this being a much noisestalked event.

The above tea and chocolate break was after another round of being noisestalked while making a job application online. They have been incredibly busy with noise preceding and following me when sending an email, and in this case there was some other parameters that were also noisestalked. I had phoned the individual and talked to him directly, and then composed a new resume version with much imposed adversity with me swearing and yelling at the assholes for sabotaging Open Office and forcing the typos that came on. All this "interaction", especially riling me up was rich fare for the following email event, one of extreme interest to them. Last week, the perps held me off sending any resumes until Sunday, timing my efforts to end immediately before my parents arrived in their vehicle. In this way, they could get a Feral Family gangstalking immediately following sending a resume online. I have remarked in past blogs that the perps appear to devote much effort in following my activities, almost as much as pissing me off while doing them. There seems to be some residual effects after a change in activity, say, from online job application to making tea, such that it aids their cause. It fits the pattern of being disrupted all the time, especially when doing routine functions.

More continuing noise as I "discover" that the outcome of the meeting last week about training funding was total bullshit. There is a federal fund of money for those who are not on employment assistance called the Opportunites Fund. I was hoping to get $3,500 for eveningtime Oracle DBA courses locally starting in January. Typically, for those that are disabled or otherwise fall through the cracks, there is little availible for funding specialized training. I had an appointment last week about this with the very person who oversees the local program, and she gave me this story about having to fill out 1/2" thick of forms, pulling this wad of paper out of the filing cabinet beside her. I read some of the pages of the seeming application and they want huge amounts of detail and then this sudden wave came over me to "forget it, it is not worth it". So.... I "happened" to chase this down online a few minutes ago, and lo, there is the form to fill out and it is only 9 pages. And, if you want more thant $25,000 worth of funding, including living expenses, then you must fill out a (short) extra section of the form. What is the deal? I wanted a relatively meagre amount to fund two evening time courses that would upgrade me in my field of computer and database applications and this person blew me off.

Of course there could be a grander plan the perps have for me, say getting training for something that is way more expensive, like heavy equipment operation as my web browsing "happened" to find, but it pisses me off that everything has to be a jerkaround, never mind yet more months of cluelessness as to what their scripted plan is. And you can be sure this entire episode of recounting this in a blog posting is also getting heavily noisestalked. The planted notions of attempting to get an oil field entry position have finally dissipated, and I knew this was bullshit to begin with. I don't have a vehicle, and that seems to be neccessity to get to one's location of employment in the drilling business.

As to the perp's requirements of my employment should it ever happen, they did not allow me to work more than three successive days when daffodil bulb picking this summer, either in the field or in the warehouse on the conveyor line. I cannot see them allowing me to work in one location for 12 hours, for 14 days, and then having 7 off as they typically do in the oil drilling industry. The perp's harassment level is such that they cannot handle me doing anything in one location for long, and arrange events and respites to get me moving around.

An interesting and corroborative observation of Carissa Conti of InTwoWorlds is at this link; she describes the "conversational drop-outs" that I also get so often. In her case she mentioned what she calls "woo-woo" words (Illuninati, UFOs), and on three occasions the persons she was talking to go quiet, don't respond, don't look at each other and then change the subject after a pregnant pause. I had a name for these conversational lapses, dropouts, glitches etc. and I cannot recall what it was. I get these nearly any day I interact with someone for more than a minute or so; I say the scripted words, and the other person goes quiet. Which is why I maintain that I don't have conversations, but elicitations, where the exact word/concept/scripted statement is uttered (by remotely applied mind control IMHO), and that ends the conversation. Fucking bizarre, to be sure. Though, it fits the pattern of the perps disrupting me at key intervals (for them), and they change the activity, topic or have other gangstalkers suddenly converge. My take on this is that there are residual energies remaining in mind after speaking about a topic/object/noun/concept, and the perps are attempting to isolate these by changing the topic, creating momentary silence and enhancing detection by having extra gangstalkers arrive.

I have had the earmuffs on for an hour or so, and now these huge thumping sounds are getting through. First, I have no idea as to what could conventionally cause them, and second, their timing is impeccable; always when my eyes flit to another section of a web page, skipping the intervening paragraphs. This kind of "skip reading" is happening so often nowadays it cannot be my own style, but an imposed mind controlled behavior. It would seem that my mind-keepers are wanting to understand some of the residual energetics of continuity, in reading in this case, and would have plenty of other places to apply this; driving (and then blanking one out as to how they ended up in a certain location), tasks (testing for continuity by disrupting task order -been there, had it done to me innumerable times) and the rest of what constitutes the concept of continuity. The sickos are getting into some esoteric concepts, and want to be able to track these at a fundamental energetic level.

I see the perps are doing their font changing on me again; as I write this the text now appears reduced in size, crammed together, and otherwise compacted. I don't how this will read online, but it may only a "just for me" version as font/text fucking is a big component of the ongoing fuckery.

I got some reading in from the above site, InTwoWorlds, and I note the author, Carissa Conti has some interesting thoughts about gangstalking, something she hadn't known about when I last visited her site. I have not yet digested the full meaning of hyperdimensional reality yet, but it is worth a read, and re-read in my case so to give it full attention.

I had a link to InTwoWorlds on the right side, and I see that it is gone now. At least one link has been added in by someone else, and shows to me at least, that the sickos cannot leave anything alone, no matter how benign.

Time to call this one done for the day, and ponder the next day's annoyances to come.

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