Thursday, October 30, 2008

Browser Games

A noise flurry is on at this post-dinner moment. Even motorcycle noise, as if they were the vehicle of first resort in the rain, which has been on since I got back from yoga at 1230h. (Usually motorcycles are the last resort in the rain, if only for the tricky handling conditions). I was forced to wear my ball cap for the last block walking back when large drops began pelting down. Regular readers will know there are some astonishing "coincidences" with my outings and the weather, as it seems that rain serves as a surrogate street cleaner, an activity that has erupted into prominence since the harassment began in 2002. Though, I wouldn't count this single example of rain coming on after being out as anomalous, but when one adds up some 30 or more such events in the last two years, it does seem to be strange. I don't think all TI's get the weather modified just for them, but without attempting to sound hubristic, I seem to be one TI that gets plenty of attention more than most. I can even recall oddities in the weather going back decades, which even involved others who seemed a little tentative about my response to their observations.

I just finished a yelling at the perps over their continued sabotage of the downward scroll of my webpage, often used to hold me looking at the page for longer than I intended. Oddly, these are the pages that have some of the Unfavored demographic group members featured. If I don't want to look at unsavory characters, why do I have some assholes seizing up my web browser action to keep me looking for longer at the same page, if only for a few seconds until I get another page from the Bookmarks Manager? Yesterday they even froze the Firefox browser to pull this same stunt, and if I recall correctly, it was after dinner too.

Back to this morning's yoga class. A pair weird males showed up together, to be part of the class today. We don't often get new members for whatever reason, but today, Mutt and Jeff got the instructor's attention as they were novices. That is, she often did her demonstrations next to them, or between them, to aid their poses. A normal thing to do, and it was the first time she had novices in class.

When seeing these dudes from the Unfavored demographic groups (fat as one and long haired male as a second group), the thought occured to me that perhaps this was the begining of the end for the yoga class, as it is the first time that we have got such representation. It all depends upon how often they will come I suppose, and if they like to plant themselves where I sit or other disruptions. The now discontinued attendence to the gym class also got more freakish toward the end of my tenure.

I had my usual onslaught of freaks on the street when walking back from yoga; as mentioned in past blog postings, it does seem to be prime time following all the back stretching and twisting. Even before yoga, I had my wierds doing yoga like exercises on the street while waiting at a bus stop at a constriction in the sidewalk. Then a dude at the adjacent tire shop was doing his yoga like service on the ground (kneeling, bent over as if in child's pose) in his bright red shirt. Another gangstalker was on me just then in his red walker and red ball cap. When I got out of yoga there was a waddling male some 30' ahead of me in a black short coat with large red panels in the shoulders, and then in shorts to his knee in camoflage colors, greens and browns. I have not yet figured out if the waddling males are doing this strut to elicit some kind of subconscious recall, or if it is to generate more etheric energetic interaction in my proximity. No matter, I cannot stand the sight of adults waddling along. One of the notorious MKULTRA henchmen, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, (and here) had a club foot and would of waddled to some extent. I have no recollection of meeting such a person given the near complete memory wipe (it seems) the assholes pulled on me when three to five years old, but the prominent waddling male gangstalkers are just too silly sometimes. I have some recollections from two to three years old when living in Montreal for my father's academic term, but not of the three day train trip that it was to return to Victoria then. (And it was by train, not aircraft).

And no further action on the journalist interview today; she indicated that there would be a longer interval, and it remains to be seen how far her research will go. Most of the harassment and nonconsensual human experimentation of targetted individuals (TI's, me being one) are never reported by mainstream media, so I am a little reserved as to the outcome of this. All of the personal email TI responses are encouraging, so we shall see what happens.

At yoga today, I noticed that the perps put on extra masers and plasma activities. There were small, penny to pencil eraser sized metallic shimmerings which don't last more than a second or two. I see about 20 of these in my apartment in any given day, a few in the hallway, but rarely anywhere else. It struck me that there was an escalation of this kind of activity, as even the entire room was pulsating in a vibratory way, as if oscillating. Again, this vibratory is very noticeable in my apartment, which includes me, so perhaps they cranked up the intensity of this particular irradiative (I think) treatment. There didn't seem to be any associations with the yoga poses or outside noise, an frequent phenomenon concurrence, so perhaps they were calibrating the room at that point. But I do get more masers and plasma beams "erupting" anywhere I am to reach and place my hands, and also, immediately after removing or placing an object. The light flashes, (bright plasma beams it would seem), are particular noticeable.

I just got zapped when sending an email to a TI colleague, and by now, everyone knows I fucking hate getting zapped. And an simutaneous clunking noise erupted at the very same time as the zapping, as there nearly always is. Though the sound of the clunking will very, sometimes with a backbeat, others not. More of the fake neighbor water use noise has now erupted, just before taking my tea and chocolate break.

Some interesting reading about feral children, and it was also of interest to my noisestalking pals overhead. Just the usual tapping and clunking through 12" of concrete and steel.

Time to call this one done for the day.

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