Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Prospective Employer Games

It seems that those desperate for laborers aren't returning phone calls or emails, so I wonder if this is perpspeak for "find another line of work", even if they had me get steel toed boots and other safety gear for these jobs my daffodil picking "confreres" (read, shills or operatives) told me about in early September before they suddenly cut me off by suspending the crew bus with no advance notice.

I even went to the government employment agency this morning with a huge gangstalking freakshow event downtown, and of course had to go twice, as the counsellor wasn't in when I first went there. Regular TI's are long familiar with having to revisit something/somebody more than once in short order, or retracing one's steps for some concocted reason, and this endless game of "do it again for the assholes" plays itself out in many other functions of a TI's existence. And of course the masers and plasma beams were flitting around the office of the counsellor and in front of her LCD display, just like here at my apartment. It seems to be important to the perps to test me about every month or so and have me look at someone's else's LCD display, usually from off axis and further away than normal. Anyhow, I have an appointment for next week for retraining possibilities, so perhaps this infernal laboring job angle/planted "interest" is now over, that is, not allowed by perp edict and orchestration. That they have me piss away at least $400 on clothing and footwear in advance doesn't surprise me, as they pull this shit all the time. It is called "suck 'n fuck" or bait and switch in less profane terms; initiating planted thoughts, enabling preparation, having me spend the money (or make other major prepatory investments), and then changing the objective, effectively nullifying the effort. That I worked on a software project for over 2.5 years that kept stalling out for various reasons just might have been a precursor event.

Anyhow, I am pissed that I am getting jerked around, and that my remunerative efforts are getting sabotaged in order to fulfil some unkown agency's insane agenda. Or, that is the way it seems to me; any outfit that covertly hounds some innocent individual for over six years by way of planting crumbs in their proximity and like minded juvenility, has to be organizationally insane and/or depraved. And worse yet, it would seem the bulk of this insane abuse is to work around their past fuckups; subconscious traumatization associations and pollutant ingestion (e.g. PVC, PFOA's, bisphenols) that they cannot yet remotely model in energetic (or bioelectromagnetic) terms. And they even put on their PVC pipe bearing gangstalking vehicle on my walking route, even if there wasn't any irrigation projects for blocks, and had it there for the return visit an hour later. They also put on a redi-mix (concrete delivery) truck, which is at least a weekly event, and with the new construction I seen in this neighborhood, will remain a common gangstalking prop.

The perps put on the ambulances for each time I was out this morning, making sure that I had a good line of sight on the flashing white and red lights with the associated noise. They even arranged one of them as I was exiting through glass doors onto the street, so the light/siren show could be seen through glass at first, and then directly. And as soon as I turned a corner some 30' later, the black fuzzy balled masers were coming at me in pairs, the usual formation for these now, and constantly seen in my apartment, often where I am to reach or place an object.

And the lastest variation on the planted crumb games, usually when eating or making coffee, is to have the crumb get smaller and smaller after each time I pick it up. So, a planted (often obviously teleported now) 1/8" diameter crumb will morph into one half the size when under my finger, and then when I attempt to pick up the "remaining" portion, it becomes smaller yet again. Like I said above, this is the product of a billion dollar per year budgeted organization that won't show its face and prefers to prey on individuals by remote means for nonconsensual human experimentation purposes. And has everyone bought in this town, or at least quiescent.

Excursion pictures, 09-15 to 09-22-2008. Did I say that I was often "pallet stalked"? Probably more than once, hence it being a tag; here is another example. No or few residents in this motel, and in the middle of the vacant parking lot, someone has arranged a pallet at the projected corner of the building. And oddly, no one picked it up or moved it for three days.

And the first winery we visited had a fine selection of pallets, those being the orange ended stacked objects in the picture below. There is also a large array of whitish plastic bins for grape picking on the extreme left. And it strikes me as odd that four blue colored vehicles are lined up together begining from the left, and the remaining vehicles largely fit the greyscale profile of white to black colored vehicles with an additional red one in the mix, and then another blue colored vehicle second from the right side, next to the white vehicle. I wasn't entirely sure that this was a "made in perpland" vehicle configuration at the time I took the picture, as it is atypical with the predominance of blue colored ones, and missing an erstwhile and ubiquitous silver-grey vehicle altogether.

This picture seems a little strange, and it was a strange event in visiting a winery that had only two wines for sale, both Pinot Noir, not of great interest to me or my parents. So the visitation time in the wine tasting room was relatively brief, all of a minute or so, but once outside, there was a sudden hive of activity. A tractor-trailer pulled in front of our vehicle, a skinhead arrived to walk beside it with his coffee in hand (cannot be seen), another couple arrived after us and split apart to then have one member on each side of my parent's vehicle (not shown), and when I took a picture of them, it didn't come out. But the instant I took the picture from behind these individuals, the woman turned around and asked me some pleasant tourist questions. Still the weirdness of this one winery visit wasn't over, as a second tractor-trailer came by (not shown) to place itself directly in the road/driveway where I had to make a 180 degree turn to continue the wine tour. That is two tractor trailers, one split couple gangstalking, and one skinhead as part of the Coffee Corps all to "accompany" me on an abortive visit to a winery.

I suppose two red vehicles in close proximity isn't enough for a "conspiracy", but this was the best picture as my camera battery subsequently discharged after this. The remainder of the vehicles fit the white, silver-grey to black greyscale with two blue vehicles in the mix. Not a convincing picture, I admit, but the best one I had from this next day weirdness at a winery before we set off for a longer driving trip that day.

This is the post evening time tea and chocolate digestion period, and is getting roundly noisestalked as Itype this. I am also getting the infernal forehead numbing torture, and it pisses me off bad. The perps are back to having me eat 100g of chocolate three times per day, and the outside vehicle noise cranks up when I am placing the chocolate in my mouth. I see that they have added some "imperfections" into the chocolate, and have small 1/4" surficial portions dyed a darker brown. And they now have me back on using loose tea instead of Stash tea sachets. I noted the latter were plastic lined, and likely a source of bsiphenol A, hence some discussion when visiting my brother two weeks ago on the First Feral Family excursion, pictures above. And so when I "happened" to mention that I might be taking in bisphenol A through tea sachets, why, my brother had two pounds of vacuum packed loose Chinese tea to give me. But, to be fair, he does visit China about two times per year, and he takes an interpreter who gives him the tea as gifts. The current buzz in this country about banning bisphenol A plastics seems long planned; the perps had me purchase a polycarbonate (bisphenol A containing) plastic water bottle in 2004 which I took three times per week on my hikes, in the days of having a vehicle. Now, a sudden realization that this plastic is a public health concern, and lo, if there isn't stainless steel water bottles availible now. Anyhow, it is a long way of saying the tea leaf games are continuing to cycle; first teabags for years, then loose tea, then back to teabags in sachets, and now loose tea again. And, it is likely the bisphenol A was long identified as a pollutant that gives the perps difficulties in remotely detecting my bioenergetic fields, and having me drink water by the liter from a polluting source still hasn't quelled their ambitions to figure out this conumdrum by remote means.

There are other complexities around plastics with repect to tea; the Bodum teapot has a central basket in which to place the tea, and it is made of a plastic, possibly a nylon. Long ago in the days of innocence when my ex and I would visit her brother and sister-in-law they would bring out tea in a similar glass pot that had a central basket made of glass with drilled holes in it. I was told this teapot was very expensive, and had to make surely I wasn't in any position to klutzily knock it. I always wondered why the sister-in-law was so extremely tense when I visited, and in retrospect it all makes sense from the covert harassment/experimentation perspective. Enough on tea and teapots, but it does seem that one of the perp goals is to have me witness the changing colors of the tea, and that they be able to energetically model the color change to me.

The overhead pounding has started up while I am reading blogs; I wonder what is so important about this activity that they start this racket up? For the record, yet again, it is 12" of steel and concrete ceiling/floor, and would be humanly impossible to pound by walking or even jumping up and down. The noisestalking is a reasonable tip-off of heightened perp interest with concurent events, and has been relatively consistent over the years as to which events that interest them. Some events like waking up were noisestalked every morning for about two years and suddenly stopped about when I felt compelled (read, mind controlled) to get up. And since then they have never really noisestalked getting up, save the infrequent thumps. Last night the fuckers zapped me (whole head) when I was lying down, waiting to be allowed to go to sleep. I was some pissed about that, and all the more so as I thought this particular form of abuse was long over, as I hadn't had one for months. Wrong, they are still full measure for using any and all methods of abuse that I have come to know and despair.

Nut-hacking is a long time method of abuse; this is where the perps some kind of pain to my nuts and is often defeatable by closing my legs some more, as this appears to limit their remote energetic detection abilities. So it was a surprise to find that they have developed this method to be applied the instant a new web page displays, and in this case, with a large splash of yellow. So it goes, nothing is safe, and I have heard of worse genital treatments from other TI's, so it demonstrates that I am not the only one getting this particular attack. I often see the operatives with their legs splayed wide open, so I can assume they cannot get enough of a crotch-to-crotch comparison (me to gangstalker). This is similar to one's mouth contents and having gangstalkers spitting, open-mouthing, eating food, moving their tongue about and like mouth content revealing measures while loitering or walking by.

Enough said, and hopefully a less disruptive sleep tonight.

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