Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Overhead Pounding of 12 Inches of Concrete

Ah, the long familiar sound of overhead pounding again, this being the high harassment moments of pre-lunch. And don't forget the suites are carpeted, so it truly is a stretch how anyone could pound that thickness of floor/ceiling and make the noise and vibration that they do. Never mind having the unerring ability to place the noise exactly overhead, whether I am at my desk, in the kitchen or the bathroom. Not exactly a cover story any more.

A string of stunts has arisen since I got back from my meeting and then a short stop at the supermarket. A faux credit card jerkaround requiring me to dig out my last statement with the email message in view while on the phone, then more of the site blocking continuing from yesterday, ensuring that I cannot make an job application, and round of light flashes on the wall beside this LCD display as I am typing rounds out the more notable jerkarounds. Typo sabotage is a given, as it plasma and maser action everywhere around me.

I had an appointment earlier this morning; it was to be about funding to take some local computer upgrade courses. I told her the plan; a part time job until I take computer upgrade courses, then I go for full time in my speciality of Oracle database design and Geopgraphic Information Systems (GIS) applications. She was said to be the keeper of the keys for funding for us "diabled" folk who don't have a direct funding source. A near waste of time as it turned out; she did give me a local GIS job posting which is for the good, but all the rest of it was me telling my story, she shaking her head as to the horror of it all (feigned of course), then she tells me about other possible funding sources related to mental health (always a hot perp theme word), and then tells me the application is 65 pages, and full of all manner of research and effort one must go through and it would likely take at least six months, long after the courses have run. The whole deal seemed to be about pulling that wad of paper from the filing cabinet, something that has been done in the past when at work by a visiting thought-to-be colleague.

Other "activities" were the copious amounts of plasma and masers flitting around, and then a fruit fly that kept bombing me for the first 10 minutes. There was no fruit in the room, so why was it attacking me only? TI's know that insects and other animals can be arranged in their presence, and this was one such example.

Then onto the supermarket, and a full on gangstalking from the shiftless dudes who circulate in my proximity; I had the waddling males with hard hats in their hands attempting to look vocationally relevant, the Coffee Corps (holding a coffee in front of them and tailing me for a mobile brown color reference), and once in the store, why, one of my old work associates just "happened" to be loitering in the location I wanted to go to, doing the "look away" (at nothing) strut. The brown cardboard box packing stocking (also, stalking) carts were placed in two locations of my three visitations in the store, and then another round of the debit card system shutdown at the checkouts. The perps arranged for me to be cashless today, seeming having stolen some money in the last two weeks, and so I had to tour the checkouts to find one that was taking debit cards. As it "so happened", the debit card system was up and down, and my transaction took an extra thirty seconds, but it did go through thankfully. Regular readers will know that the perps do everything possible to disrupt and kind of financial transaction I make, be it a check made out at my desk, and all the way to debit and credit cards.

And the debit card "problems" at the checkouts of the local supermarket forced me to stand behind another motley freakshow cluster ahead of me. One looked very much like my out-of-town brother, save his white hair and beard. His eyes were identical, and he made sure that I only saw him in left side profile. The gangstalker bwtween us kept moving back and forth to partially obstruct me seeing this bearded fuckwit, back to that again. And the perps arranged everyone and everything to be in this backlit situation, as if the sun was low on the horizon (it wasn't), as it was unusually dark at the checkouts. Both the freak/gangstalker visual obstruction and the darkened down checkout are really sides of the same coin; designed limited visual cognition of persons or objects. I later got my hoodie vagrant group outside on the street, the hoodies being another facet of this partial reveal/cognition game that is a constant perp premise. I suppose it wasn't enough that I had three brown colored items in my shopping basket; chocolate, peanut butter and the sprouted wheat tortillas. And the goat milk was only availible in the cardboard carton; milk container availibilty fluctuates between this and the plastic bottle; the perps cannot get a handle on plastic packaged goods it seems.

My tea and chocolate break is done, and a train of loud mufflered vehicle noise (motocycles, performance mufflers, ill maintained mufflers, chirping tires) is in progress, with the odd siren cascade interlude. This is usual; a noise assault after eating brown colored food.

Last night I did my shaving routine in the bathtub, and when I was towelling dry ouside the bathtub afterward by leaning my leg on the edge of the tub (other foot standing on the bathroom floor), the assholes pulled my foot into the bathtub, and wouldn't let me get rebalanced, and then pulled me down to avoid a major crash to the floor while doing the splits. I was holding the towel at the time and they then had a corner of the towel "happen" to drop into the bathtub, presumably to get some direct towel to bathwater energetics interaction. This is the kind of crap that they do, all to obtain unusual juxtapositions and contact between me and the objects of their study (everything around me). Six years of this fucking abuse, and here they are making an elaborate show just to have the just-used towel be partially diipped in the bathwater. Imagine how they could expedite everything if they had my cooperation, which is never going to happen, because operating anomously is at the center of their methods. I was fucking pissed to get this kind of a glimpse into where they are at; basically farting around and attempting new object interactions. I reckon today's outing to the employment counselling appointment (per above), was all to get me out in public after having a bath the night before. The bath night was once on Wednesdays, with a Thursday yoga class as my required post-bath (next day) outing. (Yesterday being a Tuesday).

A round of apartment door closing noise has just finished; it went for at least seven rounds, and the same door. I find it most odd that anyone would return to their apartment that many times, or that there is such a well spaced group (every 20 seconds or so) traipsing through.

A continuing train of noise tonight for the past two hours, motorcycle noise after motorcycle; as soon as my fingers are off my ears, another motorcycle noise gets played. And always with an extended trail-off, sound decay. At other times it gets impossible with the noise getting louder as the putative motorcycle goes further away, increasing its rpm. Amazingly, these noises can pentrate my hearing protection, even if faint. And if I keep the earmuffs off, why, a faint and annoying water running sound starts up. Which is to say, I cannot win in terms of being exposed to unwanted noise. Another trick the perps routinely employ is to create a thwack at my ears whenever I lift off my fingers, even if deliberately slowly which would ordinarily eliminate that problem.

10-09-2008, 0905h
Another forced "forget" to post this last night. The perps had me in a two hour reverie of working on oil rigs in the Alberta oilsands at a considerable pay rate. Just another of those vocational dream/covet states they put me into, largely fomented by "finding" the appropriate web sites and perusing the content to find out what it is like, and forums where people write about their experiences. Only the night before they had me in a similar state over a full time job at a forestry lab. I have forestry experience, but not lab experience, so what they got out of that I don't know. Interestingly, they didn't let me apply for whatever reason. These vocational (planted) mind states/reveries are playing out nearly every night now. How I get from here to there on the oil sands is a major stretch. The perps tell me this is in preparation of longer term plans, but we know how reliable that source is, as in NOT.

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