Friday, October 17, 2008

Masers Await Title Choice

The title refers to the big think moment that I go through in titling this, and all, blog postings. Today, the fuzzy black balls that zing about usually in pairs or larger configurations were extra active in bouncing around as I gave this blog a title. And it goes to show the level of surveillance that I am kept under; any big think moment gets "phenomenon stalked" with concurrent masers, plasma flashes, outside noise, faux apartment neighbor noise and others in a confluence for these exceeding rare moments when it seems that my mind-keepers cannot access. That is, remotely applied access of thought for those not initiated in the TI world, or infrequent readers. This is a bizarre netherworld to say the least, being monitored and surveilled to begin with, and then later finding out that one is the recipient of mind controlling irradiations of some kind. And it gets stranger than that of course, as it has long seemed that even taking a piss is highly orchestrated to occur at precise moments. These "precise moments" are often the everyday Windows and web browsing activities of select, copy, paste, bookmark, mouseclick to a new page (within a site, or to a new one), and others like them such as word processing as I am doing now. And three times so far today the perps scripted me to take a piss when about to go to a new web site as part of my usual daily web browsing of the news. Regular readers will know that I get noisestalked at these moments, and now scripting me to get up and pee is just the next step. And most often, there is outside sourced noise accompanying when urinating.

Enough of the pendantic, but today will be a relatively dull as the perps seem to be going through a phase of keeping me indoors and using my ear muffs for extended durations, and then having me take them off and undertake regular activities such as creating blog content. It would seem that there is a residual effect of the color and substance of the earmuffs the perps are attempting to remotely detect, and of course, there are neural interactions that they are also attempting to define in energetic terms. That might seem like a stretch to suggest all this, but if one follows the Essential Introductory Postings to the right, I am not alone in being subjected to these impositions, but am one of many hundreds whose stories line up in subsantial detail. Even a psychologist TI stated that the psychiatrists are in "total denial". Which they would be for all the participation they have engaged in; committing me to hospital and then two years later saying I was being persecuted. And then not taking any action to withdraw the two claims for disability that he made on my behalf. Strange behavior by others in my proximity is nothing new, and serves as the major entertainment, albeit threatening at times, and grist of this here blog.

One example of strange public behavior was from yesterday; one of my accompanying gangstalkers in the apartment lobby, entered the elevator before the two women inside of it had gotten out. I recieve this treatment too, the behavior having erupted in 2004 and hasn't stopped since. I get, or more like, am controlled to "react", by getting extremely irate with such boorish and orchestrated public behavior, some fuckwit attempting to get in before I have got out. To me, it is fucking outrageous. But in observing this skit by others for the first time yesterday, the two women didn't say anything and dutifully stepped out of the elevator and past the fuckwit (Unfavored freak) as well as past another gangstalker who elected to behave normally and wait for elevator passenger egress. And while exiting this bizarre setup, and in not even reacting in any way, one of the women gives me the stare for some unknown reason as she was passing by. I am 54, and she might of been 34, so what is the attraction. Regular readers will know I get at least two starings a week, and for no seeming purpose, save these orchestrated ones.

And as I attempt to repair the above paragraph and correct the tense of the verbs, another daily phone call erupts, putting on the sell for something I don't want. These phone calls, often a non-call where there is no one who responds, also have an elegant timing, usually with accompanying noise, plasma and maser beams, and sometimes vibrations from overhead pounding (12" of conrete and steel), or door slamming in the hallway. Also pissing me off with forced typos to have me yell at the assholes is part of the process of increased activity over specific events. Past, present and future verb tense seems to be highly noisestalked and otherwise of interest to the assholes.

I did a garbage run and then went to the supermarket for chocolate and bread (both brown colored, note). The garbage chute "problem" has been going on for two months now, and no effort has been made to fix it. I maintain this is allpart of the perp's garbage obsession, and am not too surprised to be hounded by other dudes doing the same thing when I am. And so, I got my blonde gangstalker at the front door of the apartment building in a black and white jacket she was, and lo, if she wasn't in the headlights of a vehicle opposite in the driveway of a parking lot, "happening" to be trained on her, and then me as I exited th building and passed through the beams to get to the garbage dumpster at the back.

Then it was onto the rest of the gangstalker show, more like the freakshow as the one Favored blonde was duly placed per above paragraph. I had my dude in brown and white walking toward me, and lo, if it wasn't a member of my forestry class from UBC, pretending not to know me, just looking ahead. What made this most odd was that he was wearing flip-flops, as in bare feet on a chilly and damp evening. When in the supermarket I had two browncoats with me, some 7' away, while I selected chocolate. One was in a lighter brown, the other in a darker brown, and were best pals, loitering in advance of me arriving at the chocolate section. I had a brown and red coated pair tailing me on the way there, and lo, if they weren't also posing in the supermarket for me to see them under store lighting. I got my items, and got to the checkout where blonde and red-brown dyed hair job cashiers were hanging around together. The latter one took off, and once I had my groceries bagged, I departed only to have a negro woman doing a ditz in the exit area, as it "seemed" she couldn't get the plastic shopping baskets apart. And it is most odd that the perps need to go to that stack of baskets at the entrance/exit as one cannot see them when arriving, and they were never stacked there before they needed to place gangstalkers in my way when exiting the supermarket. I had a few more freaks on the way back to my apartment, and was glad to get back. I suspect the moderate to heavy gangstalker coverage was for the same reason two nights ago; they had me wearing the earmuffs again for at least 1.5 hours tonight owing to highly offensive whine noise, the putative water flow in pipes story again.

I was to insert another of my 2002 complaint letters, but the formating is being arranged to make it highly inconvenient, even if I clean it up with Notepad. And lo, if I didn't have a siren cascade going off while doing this, and some overhead pounding as I write these very words. Earlier, I was also cleaning up a messed up resume to put it on a web site for jobs, and again, the overhead pounding and the sirens were active at that time. Two identical outside noise barrages each time I am "happening" to be cleaning up a messed up text file. Try to call that clinical with a straight face.

Some listening to YouTube and Jesse Ventura, the former governor of Minnesota, who details his experiences in office. The most astounding was that the CIA, some 23 operatives, had a meeting with him after three weeks in office. The CIA shouldn't be having any domestic operations, and yet they were fully entrenched with their operatives as high level civil servants according to Ventura. A siren cascade erupted as I put the above link in, my headphones on listening.

Time to launch this and call another dull day done.

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