Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Altered Vision State

I am in a state of constant vision impariment after visiting the optometrist earlier. He gave me the drops in the eyes that dilate one's pupils and warned me of vision problems for the next few hours. Naturally, my harassment pals find this to be the perfect moment to augment my vision with their impairments that are normally only transitory. And in not having this done before, I have no comparisons to make. My eyes are perfectly healthy the optometrist says, though he never did ask about seeing "abberations" and the maser and plasma show that I ordinarily see all day long.

I took the bus there and back, and had my city bus freakshow with me, and even getting off and on at the same stops as I did. And one of the optometrist "patients" als "happened" to be hanging around me at the bus stop and then boarded th same bus as I did, sitting behind intervening glass, just as she was similarly arranged and encroaching at the bus stop. These fuckers have a long way to go if this is where they are at, placing their black coated Fuckwits partially behind glass, and partially directly seen. I also got a red-haired male freak next to me in the seat, with his pigtail draped at the front of his head and held down in some fashion. I made sure to look at this Fuckwit the least, but the perps made out he was bumping into me when he wasn't, just more of the faked touches again. And lo, if he didn't "need" to get off at the same bus stop as I did and precede me out the door and in the same walking direction for some 60' or so.

And there are some new and interesting tests at the optometrist that flash light in one's eye so to take a picture of the back of the retina. Naturally this was exploited to have an after effect of red plasma in full view for at least 30 seconds or more. The other eye had a similar green plasma after effect. Or, to be fair, that is my perp-intrusion take on it, but as this was the first time I had this device, I assume that it was in fact my mind-keepers playing games, though it could of been totally legitimate.

I see that the vocational interest activity has waned; I don't know what is transpiring with the recruiter as I have not recieved a call or email today, leaving this Edmonton prospect indeterminant. Which just might be the way it is supposed to work. I note the perps have kept me away from doing online Oracle studying on my own for some five years now, so it is curious as to what their plans are in this respect. I got plenty of noisestalking when looking at the Oracle website last night and bookmarking promising pages for software download. It was at least three years ago that they stopped an Oracle database software download in progress and wouldn't let me load it up. End of my interest until this past week, which really means, this is the planned juncture as to its reintroduction into my activities. I always wondered why I would purchase software books and never read them; it was frustrating to say the least, but now I know; it is all part of this imposed constrained exposure to nearly any topic, even for vocational purposes. This entire harassment has this limited exposure model at its basis; I am not allowed to know any more than prescribed, and only in incremental portions that are metered at a very slow pace. And if I am getting too knowledgeable, why, the assholes can remotely dither or scramble me to have me relearn, or even give up. This is the heavy duty harassment that one cannot discern as I have been hobbled with certain learning disabilities from the get-go, as documented in school-wide tests in 1960 and 1962.

This looks to be a busier week for once; I will have had an outing every weekday. On Friday, two days from now, I get to meet someone from the employment agency that is taking my application as a laborer seriously instead ofthelitany of those not returning calls or emails. Where this is leading I don't know, but as I reported in yesterday's blog posting, there are parallel vocational aspirations in progress. Hopefully something can get started as the optometrist visit was $95, and no provision for us low income folks to get a reduced rate. The new eyglasses, should they come to pass, will be another hit, and I won't get into how much bifocal lenses or progressive lenses are.

A sudden overhead loud pounding noise erupted with a simultaneous zapping which pissed me off enough to scream at the assholes. This happened concurrently with clickin on the mouse button to back up my Mozilla Bookmarks, the all important place that I launch most of my browsing from.They pulled this shit last night after I got into bed; at least 30 minutes of pounding and one resounding one with the fucking zapping. Have I said how much I hate getting zapped? One of the PC's hard drive is making a ticking noise, even if there is no disc access at that moment. This might only be a noise only stunt, or else a harbinger for taking out a hard drive. One never knows for sure; though, the perps have had me looking at solid state drives lately, but they aren't yet availible for retail.

I am getting the restless legs, which surely must be remotely invoked, as I never had this problem before. I was forced into yet another pee, and then settled into a web page on shipping container architecture. This brought on all kinds of leg jabbing and knee torquing torture along with a seeming parade of loud motorcycle noise with the odd bus noise interspersed with it. I don't know what the excitement is about shipping containers for the perps, but it goes way back when driving the Victoria - Seattle route as I did every weekend for three and a half years. 1999 to 2002. (I just went through a screaming rage imposition in "reponse" to the perps fucking the mouse action; there is something important to them about the topic of shipping containers if I wasn't already convinced). Almost every driving trip had a cluster of 20 to 40 shipping containers on trucks which I took to be normal I-5 commercial traffic between Seattle and Vancouver. And I see that shipping containers have been "showing up" locally to temporarily house the electrical panels for the construction of nearby condominium tower. Perhaps this might relate to the fact that the perps are also consumed by shipping palettes and "need" me to be inculcated to them in some psychic way.

With all these building (one) and renovation projects (two) in the vicinity of this apartment building, I cannot see that the perps would send me to Edmonton. Or, it might be for a short stint, one that folds prematurely and causes me to come back here again. I am really curious about the perp moves for the next six months or so, especially as it relates to earning a living, if that comes to pass. I currently am "disabled" which frees me up from employer sponsored harassment; but I sense they want to introduce working back into my life. The past summer's daffodil bulb picking was an introduction to working, and it was clear that the assholes couldn't handle me working for more than three days in succession, and always somewhere different each day as a rule. It is hard to know what they got in mind as plans for me; I sense they have at least two more years of life-rape to continue with, and that they need this infrastructure of former ripped up streets, building renovations and all the other goings on to keep studying me. Don't forget that they had their "service truck" doing sewer "examinations" the first day I was back from the September week long excursion, and yes, they did make me take a shit the first day back, it being a Monday when they are about 95% for having me engage in that aspect of their energetics study of me.

I am getting a severe amount of web page display problems today, especially if it is a regularly visited site. It is like they want me to see the page in small fragments as its

Another round of attempted resume submission and various spoofed versions of the web pages to totally confuse me, defeat the submission process and invoke another screaming rage show over this fuckery. They removed command buttons off of web pages making navigation problematic, and also removed a vertical scroll to prevent me using the page, to then forced another Firefox tab opening for getting the web address from another site. The submission fucked up because I was already registered with the site, and this was caused by the submit button going missing in the first instance. It is totally insane for anyone to be treated like this, never mind the mentality of the assholes who have kept this up for over six years now.

Getting back to earlier today when headed for the bus stop; am I the only person who gets vehicles driving on the sidewalk in front of them? This wasn't the first time, but a mid-grey Volvo 244 made a right turn into a driveway of a convenience store parking lot, and instead of making the turn (crossing in front of me), they pulled in parallel ahead of me on ths sidewalk portion and then sat the Volvo there for me to walk around. Then they backed up to cover the walking path I had been taking until I walked around them. And I don't suppose it was any coincidence that it was a Volvo, the vehicle make and model line that I owned from 1990 to 2006, a silver grey 245 (wagon, the 244 being the 4 door sedan). Other preceding events were a distant siren show, and a swarm of Fuckwits around me (fore and aft), way too many "passers by" for 0940h in the morning.

I recall a similar incident way back when in my teenage years, except that I was in the vehicle as a passenger. My thought-to-be best friend was driving and "somehow" there was no fuel at the accelerator and so to relieve potential traffic jams behind him, he pulled over onto the sidewalk. I forget how long we spent before an "expert" came along and helped us, but it was at least 30 minutes.

I get vehicles crossing in front and behind me all the time, often within a few feet, at side streets and driveways, but until now, never a Fuckwit stopping on the sidewalk. They are taking longer to make their left or right turns from exiting a parking lot nowadays, keeping the vehicle sitting over the sidewalk broadside and facing me. If this is where the assholes are at, pissing around and driving over top of where I have walked, and only testing in parallel to my walking direction instead of the usual transverse (crossing my path), they have a very long way to go. It will be at least two more years of fucking around.

And am I the only one who gets the matress treatment? These are individuals packing a matress on the street, the sidewalk in this case, and seeming unconnected to a cover story, say, a moving van outside an apartment. This was at the first intersection I crossed when headed to the bus stop earlier, and was outside a restaurant for chrissakes. Then another matress parked near a dumpster one block further, no one carrying it. And one last item on this much storied trip to the bus stop, two males, seemingly independent "just standing there" outside the tire shop, looking totally stupid and dumbstruck, and then one turning and began walking ahead of me, the typical "lead ahead" gangstalking that is alway so easy to conduct as they know where I am going.

A good hour was spent troving through Carissa Conti's web links; [link here -my blog editor buttons have all been cleaned out -] worth a look for the TI's who see much commonality with the abduction experiencers and other conspiracy minded perceptions, largely because they get a dose of "it (news, history, evolution, social issues, etc.) is not what it seems" every day. The perps like to remind me of that most historical interpretations have certain unsaid aspects to them that make greater sense in the fold of being a TI and its exposure to many strange events and synchronicities.

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