Monday, October 13, 2008

A Power Outage for Thanksgiving

It was Thanksgiving dinner at the ex's last evening, and even the perps got directly involved in their dusk time games, arranging a power outage, just for me IMHO. That statement might seem like a stretch for uninitiated readers, but there has been a 100% correlation in the past six years of power outages to high harassment perp moments, and this was no exception. My parents were there, as was my in-town brother, my daughter, and a former son-in-law with his teenage children and father. And of course the dog roared around with all the new visitors, and eventually slept under the table as poodles like to do. One breed we had, Newfoundland dogs, like to mooch at the table, and rarely if ever, are relaxed enough to sleep out of view of the dining proceedings. But standard poodles never seem to mooch for food if not brought up that way. Who knows what the perps' specifications on dog behavior are these days; more agile poodles now where once the water loving Newfoundlands were the preferred breed for the First Feral Family. I don't think it was too much of a stretch to suspect the perps took out the last Newfoundland dog (the third one) in 1987 or 1988 with a premature bone cancer at age 7. Normally, Newfs go until 12 y.o.

It was after having the main course, and dessert that the power went out for 1.25 hours for the entire city and the southern portion of Vancouver Island, and so far, they cannot figure out how it happened. This was at the hallowed dusk time, that part of the day the perps have a near beserk interest in, especially with respect to red color perception. And of course, there was plenty of red colors among the proceedings; cranberry sauce, red shirts, red table decorations, and the near universal standard of loathed red objects, the translucent red plastic shopping bag, sitting on a stool some 10' away, off to my right and visible behind the backs of an adjacent red-haired girl (former son-in-law's daughter) and my daughter. So as the house darkened down from the setting sun, the reds take on quite a different tone, as there is insufficient light to see reds in full color. This is due to the rods and cones in our eyes, and there is a dusktime switchover from the use of cones (see in color and detail), to predominantly rods (more light sensitive).

As part of the evening I was enlightened to my ex's new iPhone, and apprised of all its incredible features; a phone of course, text mail messaging, email messaging, internet browsing, calculator, GPS with maps, Labyrinth game and the many other cell phone features we now take for granted. For those with cell phones of course, as I don't have one anymore, just a landline and that works for me. There seems to be a very carefully choreography going on around me as to the circumstances of using cellphones in my proximity, and I suspect that I was taken off mine in 2006 because of possible EMF absorption that the assholes couldn't figure out. That the cell phone was "needed" at the time I moved into the putative rooming house with the PC taken out for repair didn't go unnoticed, as it would of been a constant source of EMF radiation, and that was the method they used for introductory energetics detection/assignment or what has been termed "vacuum structuring" by some the the energetics researchers. As best as I can tell, this is the process of determining the full spectral energetics interaction of the victim while in his residence.

And yes, it is very common that I get introduced to new electronic gadgets by someone I know, especially to those with a LCD panel, and this time it was during the power outage, and of course in color on the iPhone LCD panel. My elevator gangstalkers are often looking at their cell phones and extensively manipulate the face of the screen for some seeming other purpose. The iPhone had some kind of rubber protective surface on it; whether this is an aftermarket product or a supplied component I don't know, and must of also been of interest to the perps. I believe I have mentioned their rubber compounds fixation before, from vehicle tires to dish rack trays, toilet plungers, dental hygeine rubber tipped cleaners and whatever else. And it is most common that I get noisestalked the very moment that I am looking at my LED watch for the time, often set up by someone else. Interestingly, the watch strap is rubber after having two prior metal mesh watch straps of watches that both "failed" for some strange reason. Sabotage of watches among TI's is very common and I am no exception. They even stole the replacement watch after a year or so, having me get an identical replacement watch from a jeweler who I visit to get the daylight savings time fixed after they sabotaged me (dithered cognition AND watch behavior governance) from doing it, even with the manual in hand.

A rainy day now, it coming on an hour after I got back from my parent's place, driving their vehicle with them in it. Today, I got the dark green color gangstalking vehicle escort; a dark green Isuzu Trooper in front, and a dark metallic green Chrysler minivan behind me, doing the Begbie street route with the sweeping near 90 degree bend in it. As it "so happens" my out of town brother drove a dark brown colored Isuzu Trooper until he got his Honda Pilot earlier this year, in a very light tan-gold tint, metallic finish. It is about the same greyscale color as my parent's Ford Escape, it being a lightly tinted metallic grey-brown color. But like my ex, he keeps his old vehicles around, and his Isuzu Trooper was stil there when we visited him last month. The perps are still onto their green color sampling games, and today's green fore and aft gangstalking escort wasn't unexpected. This was after a run down a major arterial street where I had the silver grey vehicles clustered around me, five at one count, and with three successive lane changes at the stop lights by leading gangstalking vehicles. There is now more greyscale tone variations among the gangstalking vehicles, and they will often put a deep grey-bluish tinted metallic finish vehicle into the vehicular cluster around me. As I don't have a vehicle, the perps go all out for placing just the right vehicle colors and tones around me, and that includes the clothing of the drivers.

What to do; eat the turkey leftovers first ahead of the cooked chicken in the fridge? It isn't hard to figure out who does the choosing; I don't care which, but I find myself compelled to be unwrapping the turkey for "some reason".

I made my dinner tonight, and added the pressed garlic into the mix as well. This creates a garlic scraps and a resulting smell so the garbage should be taken out soon afterward. So, after pissing me off the entire dinner preparation time with various stunts like flicking olive oil about, having the garlic scraps hang onto my fingers by defying conventional gravity, fucking with the Cling Wrap again, and a few others, they had me readied (read, enraged) for a post-dinner gangstalking trip to the garbage. Regular readers will recall that the garbage chute is "broken", and all garbage has to be packed down to the dumpsters underneath the building overhang. And so I had my complement of gangstalkers ready in the elevator that came near instantly on the way out, and then another odd threesome on the way back. As usual, it was a mix of the Unfavoreds, skinheaded males, heavy eyeglass frame wearing females, bright dayglo colored sweaters, and an Unfavored/Favored mix, a large blonde woman. I suspect this was the first time the perps had me outside my apartment so soon after making dinner, and perhaps this is why they have allowed/made me have garlic after four years without it.

A trip down memory lane is below; this is my letter to the manager of the apartment as to the then 2002 harassment travails which became substantially worse within the month.
Nov. 23, 2002
xxx Apartments
xxx 1105 Spring St.
Seattle WA

Attn: Manager

I wrote you a letter last week about some intrusions into my apartment as well as some laser flashes that appeared to be directed at my face. That you have replaced the locks so promptly is to your credit. The mystery of the laser flashes is of concern, because someone, remotely, must know which way I am facing. At this point it only requires monitoring.

However, there is a another very disturbing trend becoming apparent over the past week, and particularly so last evening and night. That is, there seems to a high amount of magnetic radiation, or energy, that causes me to be extremely restless and agitated. When this does not occur, I am fine. This magnetic radiation seems to be emmanating from the suite upstairs, #1302, and possibly the suite below, #1102. I say this with some degree of certainty as this very same sensation occurred repeatedly at my last address, 1401 Boren, #916. Not only that, but in both locations there have been the same accompanying sounds of switches being turned and clunking sounds also. Furthermore, based on my observations of association, there seems to be accompanying activity by unknown personnel. The noises are not the problem, but the overwhelming irradiative effects, if they continue, will make the apartment uninhabitable for me.

The reason I suspect that the problem is magnetic radiation, that is, the energy a magnet exerts when pulling something toward it, is that I have recently rented a magnetic field strength meter and have found the levels to be all over the map initially, -2.4, -5.2, -3.8 Gauss when the measuring probe is unshielded (not obstructed). If one places the probe near a wood surface it reads -5.2, my body -4.43 & -5.03, insulated (non-magnetic) wire -5.91, -6.65, -7.73 when against my pants, non-magnetic objects +80, +82, +65 Gauss. The only real facts that can be taken from these measurements is that they are not always reproducible (they generally trend downward very quickly when they really should be stable) and they are highly variable, again, they should be relatively stable wherever the probe is placed on or near non-magnetic objects. I don’t expect you to be an expert on this by any means, and I only know enough to measure and compare to normal. The current agreed maximum continued exposure is .0025 Gauss (2.5 milliGauss). In other words, the readings I am finding are intolerably high by any standard, and especially that of being able to withstand the effects.

[10-13-2008 Note; later measurements were up to 200 Gauss, 400 times the expected normal of 0.5 Gauss background level. I have not been able to measure the magnetic field around me since as my three gaussmeters all "failed". I suspect the magnetic field is many orders of magnitude greater as I can see floating wispy trails and other magnetic phenomenon such as plasma beams all the time].

The effects are generalized discomfort, tingling feet and hands, ear ringing, increased anxiousness and agitation, that follow one wherever one goes in the apartment. These are continuous, though vary in intensity. Last night, from 7 pm until about 6 am today was simply too intense to stand still; -one simply paces about for momentary relief. The only sleep I had was from 6 am to 7 am when the magnetic field was tolerable.

Lest the question be asked about any organic condition that I may have, as this has occurred before (a sudden onset in 04-2002), I have seen many doctors about the problem. They are at a loss to explain how this is occurring; I have tried various medications to no effect, and can only presume this is a directed activity though I have no idea who or why, as I lead a law abiding lifestyle, and always have.

Can you please investigate the cause of this unusual magnetic intensity, particularly with reference to the consistent sources of it’s possible direction as it will cause me to give notice of lease termination. This is an urgent matter and requires immediate resolution.

Thanking you in advance,
Those were the days, not having a clue as to why I was pursued and why no one would do anything about it. Not that I am much better informed, but after six years of harassment it has reached a predictable pattern; widespread corruption of clinical personnel, continuing gangstalking by an ongoing freakshow, and utter fucking hell. Any contributing or abetting party that has anything to do with this abusive depravity will never be forgiven if I have any say in the matter, and it won't matter how much gold the Fuckwits offer. They are fucking sick beyond words, and you don't get to know all of it by any means in this blog.

A late evening tea and chocolate was just finished with a preceeding two hours about looking into Alberta oil patch jobs again, something that they like me to do. I am not terribly optomistic that such a job is planned for me, as it would seem the perps like to keep me local with all the aerials they have placed everywhere in town, and going by this summer's dafodil bulb picking activity, they didn't like me working more than three successive days as there was always some stunt they would pull, or else pull me down, to limit job duration. So no, as much as they promoted it vicariously, I don't expect to be working a 24 day in, 10 day out fly-in commute to a camp in Ft. McMurray. And nor do I expect to start at $25/hour in an entry level job, even if outdoors. But I did post my resume online, so who knows, perhaps this present working hiatus will end soon and I will actually get a response.

I have been getting the buzzy feet all day, and along with the imposed head numbing fuckery which I cannot stand, I was reminded that Mondays are the day of the week that they give me sleep deprivation, and then follow up with extra harassment on Tuesday. My theory is that there are some localized gains of remotely applied energy assay they learn by studying me at my parent's place, and then attempt to apply those same findings here at my apartment first, and then other locations secondarily. True to script, I was made to take my crap today, and for once they didn't make it a grevious hassle or mess.

Time to pack this in for the day with a PS to Rachael O. of On Gangstalking as I haven't heard from you via your last blog posting since 10-06-2008, and I sincerely hope you are OK.


Anonymous said...

an arranged power outage just for you? do you seriously think you're that important?

AJH said...

Yes, they do arrange power outages for me, and unfortuneately, I am important to this band of sickos. The reason why I suggest this is that power outages have happened in repetitive circumstances where the situation is temporary. When in a certain store and about to leave, a power outage. Then a week later, another power outage in the same store. And yet I rarely go there.

Given that the nature of the harassment is electromagnetic, it make perfect sense for them to eliminate AC current from the situation when they are keeping me in a highly magnetic environment. (It was 200 gauss in late 2002 (400x normal), and when I can see plasma and masers flickering nearly constantly, it strongly suggests that this densified magnetic environment is being sustained.) I hope that helps you to understand how large the harassment and stalking is in my circumstances, and that keeping me on a "disability" also removes any continuing employer involvement.