Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Missed Appointment

I had an 0900h appointment which demands the use of the alarm clock owing to the imposed vagaries of my get-up times, anywhere from 0600h to 1000h no matter previous day sleep duration. Soo.. I duly "calculated" the appropriate time to set the alarm and was out by an hour as it "so happened", another all time first. The discovery was made here at my apartment some 10 minutes before appointment time, and the perps duly cranked me up to a rage state over this mental incursion, and had me boot up the PC to get a hold of the phone number. I made the call after one seeming answering machine dead end call, and all was OK and I got an new appointment time later in the morning for Oct. 31. No doubt I will be seeing plenty of goblins and the like while out, effectively diluting the oddities of the usual gangstalk freakshow I see most times when out in public.

The actual intent of the perps to have me "miscalculate" the time isn't wholly clear, but any excuse to inflict an intrusionistic functional separation of intent and action is all it takes. This is just another one of the games that goes down, and any given appointment is always assigned some kind of delay; the person is late or I arrive early often with some kind of "event" added into the mix. One recent appointment waiting area came with this hyperventilating Fuckwit who was making out that he had a medical problem, and just "needed" to breathe heavily some 4' from me. More bizarre activity around me for what?

Well, an unexpected email and then phone call with a New York Times reporter for two hours after lunch. Talk about from left field; no local rag for me. If only that were true on the job search front. I don't know where this one is going, but the shock shivers from Sharon Weinberger's story in the Washington Post are still reverberating among the TI community; as in getting burned, and not a fair shake. Today, I got to tell my story and I was even left alone to be reasonably coherent and convey it in a sensible chronological order. Usually I get screwed into recalling the story in the wrong order and need to jump around to pull it all together. This time, the story unfolded in near chronological order and hopefully, made sense. A few questions were repeats of many of current weeks; "who do you think is doing this?". I don't know, and sense that it is not the usual alphabet named spy agency as these perps operate across international borders, and can summon the local police as their front men. And the methods are very different, even plain obvious gangstalking tails; CSIS (Canadian CIA equivalent), CIA, RCMP etc wouldn't do this, ever. Never mind the ongoing masers and plasma beams all day long; I don't think these are the methods of a national "material world" spy agency.

Another few questions related to medications and their "result"/coincident events; no TI likes to hear this kind of emphasis, especially as it became the grist of the Weinberger article. Though, I did get enough countering information across, as in the FAQ posting to the right, and hopefully that will stick. It is a very odd situation to be in to convey a complex and curious story on the phone to someone new and cross one's fingers that they don't slay one in print. But let's get real; will the New York Times print an article on targeted individuals who have had their lives raped, for decades in some cases? It is either going to be the real thing, or a total fake-out or a take-out, (one or the other).

I was about to send an email off to the MCActivism on-line group for advice on what to do or say to the reporter, and then the reporter phoned back just before I got the email launched. Curious timing that, especially all the noisestalking over exactly when I send emails at any other time, and here was one ready to go and didn't get sent until I got off the phone. A two hour delay from composition to sending. What can one do, save note the commonality of current events to the past events, and the curious and anomalous nature of the association. I got the impression she wasn't interested in asking too much, though this could be because she hadn't read my blog before, and indicated she got my name from a forum. Whatever, but as I always maintain, there are no coincidences (for me), especially in this scripted existence.

Then it was tea and chocolate after the above interview; the perp's "brown event" for the afternoon. Increased noise, or a near total absence of noise, while handling and eating chocolate is nothing new; it has been going on for years. Though I note that there are more brown color games going on; more brown gangstalking vehicles are "showing up" on the streets, usually with greytone vehicles around it (white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black), and there are more brown plasma games too. Last night they put brown plasma over my black watchband to attract my attention, which it did, and I notice there is brown algae growing on the drain mat for the dishes rack. It used to be red algae that was growing (read, planted) on the drain mat, and now "suddenly" it is a brown colored species. Before the red algae, there was a yellow colored algae growing on the drain mat. And note, I clean it at least once per week, and drain off any excess water each time I remove the dishes from the rack, and "somehow" this algae grows and can even change color. Seems like a fix to me.

Finally, some excitement for the week, this above mentioned interview. And since then, I have been getting the direct-to-mind message about a imminent cessation of perp hostilities. The real answer is to lie down, and these silly stunts will pass in short order. I only mention them for the record, and I would think that regular readers will be familiar with many past like fatuous suggestions. Of course they aren't going to let me go when the entire city is pimped with strange aerials at every street corner, never mind the phalanx of Fuckwits to cater to every subconscious notion that I didn't know about. It doesn't make any sense, along with the recent "interest" in working in Alberta. It is very cold there, and I have never done a winter is such a climate. Even my three years in Nelson, BC had uncharacteristic muted snowfalls and warmer winters. I did once spend Christmas in Coronation, Alberta, and I never knew how cold it could get until there; the fluids in one's nose would freeze inside of the first 10 seconds outside. If someone wanted me to spend a winter there it would of already happened.

I was also busy earlier on the front to get disabled (har, har) benefits for software upgrade courses. This is where the responsible party blew me off with the fact that it was way too much paperwork. Later, I find out that there wasn't, only 9 pp. on-line, and I have re-visited this in an attempt to get this moving for late 2009 and early 2010. The disabled activism folks aren't replying either, so this blatant exercise in circutuitous bureaucracy is another curious bone for me to chew on, all for some sicko's benefit of adding constant barriers to getting anything accomplished. Been there, done that, go piss on your own kind.

I am getting bored again, one of the desired states for me to be in per perp dictate. The attentions of the New York Times has long passed, and I still wonder what this is all about; the mainstream press has avoided stories such as these for decades, and then they suddenly land in my lap without having read my blog? It doesn't make sense, and more intrigues are to follow. Or else the New York Times will be making the news to continue the synchronicity games that plague TI's. You heard it here first.

Not too much going on tonight, save some cleaning up of Bookmarked websites. I learned that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is running an extortion racket to shake down supplement suppliers. Again, my Blogger editor is defeatured, so the entire link to copy/paste is:

I wonder about this link creation defeaturing in Blogger; is it to force others to do the identical thing that I have to in order to place the link, copy/paste? I get noisestalked everytime I make a link, or click on one.

Who knows; a semi-eventful day today given the reporter's interest.

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