Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Multiple Threads on the Go

I spent the better part of the morning on the phone with the recruiter from Edmonton, though with an Indian email domain, and attempting to exchange emails which "turned out" to be impossible for her to send me. I was online, and sending them while on the phone and from two email sources. All that phone and play by play action, e.g., "sending it now", is just too much fun for the perps who like to have the functional components of any activity to be isolated. I do get noisestalked while sending emails, and this was a slow version of it, and doing it multiple times. She could not send me a reply even, as it too got trapped. And no determination from the ISP as to how it "happened". One can be sure the entire episode was scripted down the last blink and breath on my end. This job is potentially in Edmonton, one cold place in winter, and would be a substantial difference that this damp winter climate in Victoria. She was also to phone back, but didn't, so the next call was expected to be her, but "happened" to be my in-town brother making arrangements. The perps like to elevate expectations and then either deny them, or swap them onto another party. This was a relatively minor bait-and-switch, but serves as an example of how tight they are managing me.

After this played out, my brother finally arrived to pick me up to do leaf raking at his place, but in advance he was compelled to purchase chocolate from the local supermarket that I frequent and didn't bother with a shopping bag, and instead, crammed the 8 or so chocolate bars in either green or yellow colored packaging into the cardboard separators of a wine case, having a brown cardboard enclosure to temporarily store brown colored food. And it wasn't any surprise that I later had one of them to eat at his place, then he had one, and we shared another, to leave one last green colored packaged chocolate bar at his place. Such is the perp's brown color research these days.

As well as getting the attentions of a software recruiter this morning, I also got the attentions of a laborer contractor via email, the very first such potential employer of at least 10 attemps to actually contact me since late September. So the multiple threads continue; will the next gig be a laborer position or a software development or application support? And in Edmonton, or here? And how important is it for them to keep me broke? I suspect this is all a ruse, and that the pokey work and spend (on software courses to upgrade my skills) model will be sustained. Though, they might let me stay in the black for once.

Another vocational theme that is being kept in planted mindshare is as a heavy equipment operator. I have never been one, but in the right circumstances it might be positive career change-up. And as it "happens" I "find" plenty of heavy equipment school ads, in newspapers and online, and there is also the added element that I might be able to milk this disability bullshit for the $10k to $20k in tuition fees that it would cost. This is another vocational thread that is being obviously arranged, as I would have never considered myself as a heavy equipment operator because the perps have always jerked me around all my life to be a klutz. Even keyboarding after 35 years is still a jerkaround. Imagine me with all those levers at my disposal and all the permutations on how it could go totally wrong in some way. No, it is too rich of an endeavor for the perps to trash my existence all the more, possibly with spectacular results, say like dumping an excavator. This too shall pass, just like the oilfield drilling roughneck planted fantasy of the last two weeks. Though interestingly, the Alberta thread is still being kept alive. The perps always like to keep these multiple parallel threads going, and this round of vocational interest has been stoked for at least four weeks now under various geographic and vocational guises. Funny that both potential jobs/vocations got responses in the same week, if not within 24 hours, when I was getting nowhere since I got back from my Sept. 22 excursion and never heard from potential employers that were said to be a sure thing by my daffodil bulb picking pals.

And the perps made certain I was so sure that I purchased the mandatory safety toed boots, a half mask respirator and some heavy clothing. (Though nothing remotely for working in Alberta in the wintertime). Some times the perps let me sit back and reflect on all of the vocational games that are described above, but most often they represent them as true and modify my thoughts to seriously debate the prospects of working in one of these situations. It is all one big game, and with this town loaded with strange aerials at every street corner and the Phalanx of Fuckwits around me (extra obvious gangstalkers), not to mention installing new 30" sewer pipes for me to use last year, I cannot see these assholes sending me anywhere, save perhaps a one day trip out of town for an interview. There is simply far too much invested in me and this town for them to not continue the ongoing fuckery. If one stops and observes one thing, large or small, there is vibratory energy that is unmistakable; it applies to buildings, the sky, vehicles and anything in one's purview, and must continue all the time, and not just in my proximity.

And while being driven by my brother in his white van today, the swarms of male gangstalkers were out on ambulatory duty, doing their absurd high arm swing, like one-of soldiers in all its patent absurdity. And I even got a stare from one of them that I was talking about as an example while stopped at a traffic light in front of a crosswalk. He was well out of earshot, the windows were closed, a vehicle horn had just sounded, and the Fuckwit was doing the look-behind-at-nothing-head-spin while walking forward (what else?), and at the instant of the horn noise, he paused his head rotation to give me a subsecond stare. A directed glance is a better description, but there was absolutely no reason for him to settle on me as a subject while spining his head. On with the gong show, or perhaps Gang Show.

The perps have me in a rage-ified state owing to the planted "reactions" to their noise provocations. That this erupted for eveningtime tea and chocolate was no coincidence. And it is likely the green tea is coordinated with the preceding wearing of green plastic earmuffs for the previous hour, something the perps have also encouraged with faint but annoying noise. It is all about the colors and the substances/materials and the near infinite permutations and combinations.

I noticed at the bus stop today, when coming back from my brother's place, that the perps placed a "city maintenance worker" to piss with the pedestrian traffic lights such that the "worker" was on a step ladder and physically blocking the "Walk" signal and the green light, and moved between them to vary the relative visible portions. He in orange overalls, a common enough clothing item which I would not ascribe to gangstalkers alone. The bus came within the minute, and pulled up to the curb in front of me, letting me on first and the freakshow to come on board after me. I had my usual vehicular escort as well; three same deep metallic red colored vehicles in file preceded by two white vehicles, and followed by two black vehicles and then another white vehicle. As part of the freakshow, I see that they are adding more Asians in with brown tones in their hair; I assume this is all part of the black to brown color inculcation they are up to. That I had a Newfoundland dog for six years who has similar colored hair on his legs wasn't enough it seems, though he was black haired everywhere else. I always wondered why my ex let the dog's hair get so ratty, leaving it up to me all the time, and now I have some idea that it was related to the perp's ongoing obsession over black hair, and brown color transitions. Not my problem, so why am I getting this harassment over someone else's color energetics problems?

I think I linked to this page a few days ago; it was Carissa Conti's take on gangstalking and targeted individuals with some analysis from her perspective as a MILAB (military sponsored abductee) and abusive childhood at school. As best as I can tell, she isn't targeted to the level of harassment as most TI's know it, and she offers some interesting ideas about the "negs" (negative entities) feeding off the TI's reactions and likely downtrodden mindset. She has experienced some confrontations and then they backed off for good after that, and even had a 10 second long staring event which she eventually stared down. She also remarks on the amazing sychronicities that go on, down to the details such as I mentioned above of one Fuckwit slipping in a extra glance while doing his dumbshit head spin act in mid-crosswalk while I was commenting on his, and others' arm flinging walk. She suggests there are higher dimension beings/states where all this can be coordinated and arranged without the colossal acting and scripting that it would take. I also plead that I am at a loss to understand how so many fuckwits can order themselves exactly to be in my way or otherwise synchronize with the harassment effort which would include noises and the ever present masers and plasma beams flitting about me. My take is that the Fuckwits will knowingly allow themselves to be mind controlled for the task at hand, i.e. gangstalking or otherwise engaging in stunts. My take on it is there must be some masterful script writers and software to control all the entities for all the desired interactions with me, and very possibly other TI's and also between themselves. They even have my line of sight exactly figured out in advance at every instant, very often to hide something behind something else so I will see the object/person with only one eye at first. There is nearly always a big push to precede me with prepared gangstalkers e.g. standing in the elevator without the door opening, ready for my arrival to then open the door to find them pre-positioned, or to follow me. I have been treated to the scene where they will follow my parent's vehicle after they dropped me off at a bus stop, and it was clear, unless it was a just-for-me demonstration, that they will follow the path of the TI's vehicle for at least a half hour afterward with continued extra vehicular gangstalking in all the usual color combinations, vehicle types, formations and the rest of the show's elements. I'm a software guy, and that is my take on how the gangstalking freakshow is so highly coordinated and arranged around me, nearly always in concert wtih my thoughts, perceptions and any activities like speaking, seeing, and even down to blinking and scratching. No one knows for sure, but I sense that Carissa Conti maybe onto something that is yet undefinable in our material world. And I am getting noisestalked over this as I ponder what is written. Hmm..

I should also mention in my defence, as I see it, that one's own reactions can be hijacked and mind controlled by the Powers That Be to use Carissa Conti's term for the perps. (I have many derogatory terms I must admit). In other words, the "reaction" is being planted on me, and I have experienced many situations where my normal reaction was totally wiped out, all to be stiffed with an intensified and highly outraged response to these incursiona. I get plenty of harassment in any given day, some 500+ typos sabotages, some 200+ fake touches on my arms, hands and torso, at least 150 crackle or pop noises as if it were my joint flexing and it isn't, so there is plenty enough for me to be pissed about in the first place, day after day. But I know that I would be calmer about this if I was allowed access to my own reactions, and not this planted and controlled variant that intensifies the annoyance to a much greater level.

I take Carissa Conti's measured analysis about being targetted and harassed as an affirmation from one who knows of covert malevolent forces firsthand, and who isn't afraid to make some bold suggestions as to how The Powers That Be are able to seamlessly arrange many hundreds of persons and objects in amazing levels of synchrony and coordination around their chosen subjects (TI's predominantly), and very possibly, covertly for many of the events we see in the news, often tragic ones. I am constantly noisestalked when reading tragic events online, and it is getting to disturb me that it just may be arranged to elicit some kind of intrinsic energetic/psychic interaction the perps are hoping to quantify from a distance among those that they control (TI's) or view through (operatives, shills). As a further example, they often force me to look at my daughter's picture on the wall, some 4' away, and requiring a 1/4 head turn which is totally silly if I am busy typing away on this blog. Same thing at my paren'ts place where my daughter's picture is even further from my view on their TV.

More synchronicity; I "happened" to see in the newspaper today that there is a murder trial on, and that the murder was in the lobby of this very apartment building. I don't normally read the local paper, but it was at my brother's place when having lunch in advance of the leaf raking he wanted me to do. Sooo...; was the trial arranged for me to see it in the newspaper, was the murder in keeping with the perps long running interest in exposing me to these kinds of events, or even on the macabre side, was it one of those life giving blood samples that they seem to need every so often? I don't know, but the fact is that I have lived here for a year and a half, and it would be likely that the murder trial would take place during this interval.

The goat milk self soured (IMHO) overnight as I found out this morning, lasting all of three days in the open state in the fridge, though the expiry date was today. This necessitated another late evening visit to the supermarket in keeping with the recent number of them, nearly always after an hour or more spell of wearing my dark green earmuffs to keep the annoying noises at bay. I had my tail in the lobby, a tall Asian male in a bright green tracksuit jacket on his cell phone tailing me out the door at a quick step, and to the two pedestrian crossings, and lo, if he wasn't there ahead of me by 60' doing the Plastic Bag Man act upon my return from the supermarket. I didn't see him in the supermarket, but I wouldn't be surprised if he had been. It never fucking ends, one Fuckwit after another.

Enough synchronicities for today, time to post this and be done.

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