Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day of Schlepping

I have been administered some kind of dysthymic irradiations it would seem; yesterday I had every intention to do some errands downtown for today, and it hasn't happened. My only outing, truly gangstalked including the elevator act where the fuckwit attempts to get in before I get out, or otherwise blocks my egress, was two blocks away to the drycleaner. These are the clothing items that were linted two days ago, and I cannot get the lint out. Never mind that they were laundered four times afterward, without the offending towels as the putative cause, and that I tried three different de-linting tools. The woman at the drycleaners seemed positive that she could help, so I will see what happens in four days time. An long wait for drycleaning, but I reckon that isn't the first priority. More likely, the perps want to take the clothes off-site for a few days, and ensure that the usual track pants for yoga aren't availible. And it "so happens", the track pants will be two blocks closer to the yoga location.

The plasma and maser action has been hot and heavy today, and it has even reached the level of seeming gratuitous, and without any shred of putative cause. I have also been getting fake touches that are more bold; the putative object was 2' away, and the applied fake touch made it out to be that I had bumped into the handle of the frypan, when it was plainly clear that I wasn't even close. So far, at least 150 fake touches, most on the inside of my arms, and usually when I am distracted and attending to something else.

On my brief walk to the drycleaners I noted that two 20' cargo containers have been placed in the street parking stalls in file, opposite the supermarket I frequent. They are a block away from my apartment, and I cannot quite see them. And I wasn't too surprised to see that one was an off-white color, and the other a rust red, like railway boxcar color. Have I mentioned how often the perps like to introduce these colors jointly, with the white as a seeming reference color for the red color games.

On the job search front the email obstruction/games continue, now zero for three who haven't responded, and likewise for telephone inquiries. Funny how that "happens" at the same time.

I bought a silicone half mask respirator two days ago in anticipation of working on a cleaning job, and that seemed to kick off a huge round of gangstalking, and it maybe the reason they want me contained. It is being kept in a plastic bag in my apartment, and perhaps the assholes need it to have more "fallow time", (sitting around, unused), like they do for so many of my new acquisitions. After I departed the store with the half mask respirator, there were five same red colored vehicles clustered together in traffic, such that I drove toward them for 300m, and then turned the corner with this cluster stil in place. I had placed the mask on my face a few times in the store, and I suppose that was just too exciting for the perps, as they gangstalked the hell out me as I drove my parents' vehicle back to my place. In advance, the perps even fucked me out of shaving at my parents' place, by way of a forced "forget" and then choking down any supply of face cloths at my parents' place. The haven't had a face cloth there for decades, so I always bring my own each Sunday night/Monday morning that I stay over. Regular readers will know that the perps have a total fetish about harassing me while shaving, and it seems that they cannot yet model the entire suite of energetic interactions when shaving. Not my problem, so why am I getting fucked over just to shave, now over six years worth?

The perps just might have posted a science article that describes their current skin/shaving interaction problems they seem to have; this article notes that nanaparticles can penetrate the skin and end up in one's system. Who would be so utterly fucking depraved as to attempt to model such a little understood interaction on an nonconsensual human subject, without cooperation and from a distance by setting up stunts via mind control with abetting shills and operatives? Seems like the depths of turpitude to me, and it has been playing for over six years, and doesn't represent even a tenth of what they want to do.

The diesel engine noise has "decided" to make a local call and pollute the noisescape with an over-revving engine and by staying in place, not travelling through. There is something about diesel engines the perps love, more than the clatter and particulate emissions it seems. They started the "local over-revving diesel" games within the first week of overt harassment onset in 2002, and haven't let up since. Even my parents' neighbor got into the act and has put on senseless diesel engine revving in his driveway for 20 minutes or so and never drove anywhere. Another criminal at work it would seem.

And I am still adapting to the FireFox browser "degrade" to version 3.0.3, the Bookmarks Manager will not accept the last most applied sort order, alphabetic, and ascending. Just a very basic feature, and it got pulled out of the browser and was the entire basis by which my Bookmarks were familiar.

Did I say something about a predominance of red and white colored vehicles and/or gangstalkers above? Not only do the perps deliver on-street shipping containers around me (~200' away, obscured per above), but of course they like to drive gangstalking vehicles of the same colors, as shown in in the frames below. The count is three red vehicles (a Jeep CJ5 in the distance), and two white vehicles.It would appear that they are up to their anisotropic games again, running red colored vehicles from a distance, then in close from a different direction, and have two white vehicles behind another red one stopped at the traffic control as reference colors. Taken 09-16-2008, 1321h:25sec. in Kamloops BC. This was the first time I was driving the vehicle by myself on the 09-15 to 22 travel excursion, as my parents took a ride from my sister-in-law to go back to her place, and so I got all this gangstalking bait for me to take pictures while in the vehicle. (Anisotropic means different physical properties in different directions; like wood, it easier to split it on the end grain, and much more stronger across grain).

And lo, if they didn't add yet another red colored vehicle facing the opposite direction as the red and white vehicles make their left turn.

Taken 09-16-2008, 1325h:24sec., again in Kamloops. Of the white and silver-grey vehicles which I often assign as the same greyscale tone, I count five around me, and likely a sixth one through the cab of the pickup truck directly in front. Two silver-greys and three whites, four if one counts the sixth one as white. And that is it, no other color of vehicles in front of me. And a nice leave space on the right between the white and silver grey vehicle, though you will have to take my word on this.

I am getting the overhead rumbling noise as I annotate the above pictures and deal with the typo sabotage while doing so, also swearing at the assholes, as even the smallest words can take four or more attempts before I am allowed to spell it correctly. And if it is an infrequent word, like "anisotropic", why, the assholes make me mispell it everytime. I was once an ace speller, and they have rendered me to be inept at spelling now. Another mind-fuck serving imposition.

I had a bit of "away time" while investigating stereo components, but the noisescape never stopped; faint whine noises, overhead rumbling and loud mufflered vehicles from outside (motorcycles are a given about every three minutes or less). And more plasma beams are jumping off this LCD display, and impairing my vision for a second or so at a time. I also was given vision impairments the instant a new web page came up, it seems to be a high harassment moment, opening a web page. But it lookst that I am allowed to retain Bookmarks alphabetically if I reset every folder in the leftside panel, but it won't work on the rightside panel of the Bookmark Manager of FireFox.

Enough techno-rambling, and time to put this dull day away.

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